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  1. Yea, the author is def paying a lot for clothes. Where do you do most of your clothing shopping? I just got some t-shirts at costco.
  2. This sounds so nice
  3. some good resources on this thread. Also, was "charging ahead" a EV joke?
  4. Agree on the fueling tips regarding this topic.
  5. Welcome back to the US. Love that you want to help in places without much visitor support.
  6. This is a good resource!
  7. You'll remember next time!
  8. Is Huntington beach too far? What about this.... http://www.hbbythesea.com/ Good luck!
  9. Thanks!
  10. This is a great thread. Thank you.
  11. How do you get rid of cockroaches? Just curious, hoping I don't have to use this advice.
  12. I'm interested in this as well
  13. I agree, It is probably some kind of loose connection! Hope it's an easy fix!
  14. Sounds like you've done everything you can. I'm a worrywort, so I would also agree with not using the area for food related stuff if at all possible.
  15. I would agree with trying to cycle camera inputs. Also, is there a way you can test if the camera is getting power? There could also be something wrong with that connection.