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  1. That's what worries me as well.
  2. RV_Fan44

    Buying tires online

    This is very very true
  3. RV_Fan44

    DW wants an oven

    some good info in here
  4. RV_Fan44

    Workamper News Article!

    Great article! Sounds like an amazing trip!
  5. RV_Fan44


    I've also had good experiences with rear view safety as well
  6. RV_Fan44

    SAFETY RECALL!!! Fire Extinguishers!!

    Thank you so much!
  7. RV_Fan44

    12 Volt Coffee Maker

    Happy brewing!
  8. RV_Fan44

    When to winterize

    I agree that I think you have nothing to worry about.
  9. RV_Fan44

    Internet Help

    Thanks for this link, this is a great resource.
  10. RV_Fan44

    navigation systems apps android

    CoPilot works well.
  11. RV_Fan44

    Minimum clothing to pack

    Makes sense!
  12. RV_Fan44

    Minimum clothing to pack

    Yea, the author is def paying a lot for clothes. Where do you do most of your clothing shopping? I just got some t-shirts at costco.
  13. RV_Fan44

    Nervous but jumping in

    This sounds so nice