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  1. Just my 2 cents.... have you thought about going with the ATO2612 overdrive tranny. You could then get a 2.67 rear end and be running our engine at a lower rpm even with the lo pro tires.
  2. Have you asked Ed to make the base plate smaller so it WILL fit in between the truck rails?
  3. how many miles/km does this truck have on it?
  4. Just a quick note. The Volvo dealer, here in Michigan has told me that with the 12,500 front end and a 20K single rear, he can sell me the truck as a class 7 and I will NOT have to pay the F.E.T. Dean
  5. I am also thinking about the new vnr. My personal choice is the D11 with 425 h.p. and 1550 torque. The ATO2612F Trans w/ a 2.50 locking rear end. You stated that you will have a combined weight of 47K? What are going to be hauling? That sounds like a huge / heavy trailer. If you truly are going to be hauling that kind of weight, then by all means, my vote would be for a D13. Just my 2 cents Dean
  6. please send pics and info to dgrulke@gmail.com Thanks
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