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  1. I am also new to the forum - just joined an hour ago! (It's past my bedtime) When the recession hit in 2008 I had the cute little house I always dreamed of and a nice job working from home as a free lance bookkeeper. I saw the writing on the wall and sold my house in the nick of time. Looking back, it was the right decision. I would have lost the house. Young people with master's degrees and families were moving to my town in droves and the jobs went to them. Within two years my business dwindled to nothing. I could only find retail jobs at minimum wage. By 2013 I was 61, broke and had to go live with my mom in a 55+ subsidized apartment complex. I saw that people lived too close together and most were sick and unhappy. It seemed like the elderly were expected to take their pills, watch tv, and not make trouble. It didn't look like much of a life. For a long time I have thought about the work and expense of owning - or even renting - a house or apartment and decided I would rather spend my time and money going places and seeing all there is to see. I would rather not be tied down by "things". That made me think about living in an rv. Instead of struggling to make enough money to fit the expected lifestyle, I thought about how to live within my means and maintain a good quality of life. Years ago my husband and I bought land and lived in a travel trailer while we were developing the property. We put all of our stuff in storage and just had our clothes and a few books. I had a big garden and 30 acres to wander and I was never so happy. I didn't miss all the "things". I loved my tiny home. I am shopping for a trailer and today I got on a wait list for a camp site in a beautiful extended stay camp ground. It will be a bit of a project to sort through my belongings, but when I moved in with my mom I gave away or sold most of my stuff; so there isn't much left. Guess I'm about 60% there
  2. I would like to install a super simple solar system on my travel trailer -- one or two panels, battery, inverter. This would be for minimal use....like for lights in the evening. I would very much appreciate learning where to look for a good quality, affordable "starter package". Thank you
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