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    We will be picking up our new 5th wheel in a couple days of weeks. I've been getting quotes for full-time rv insurance and am overwhelmed with the choices of companies. I'd be interested in your input as to who you use and the must have options.
  2. We will be taking delivery of our full-time fifth wheel soon. Already took delivery of truck with B&W turnover ball hitch. We want to purchase a hitch lock, locks for the cargo doors, lock for the generator, and whatever other security measures might be needed? Would appreciate any thoughts and recommendations.
  3. We will become full-timers next Summer. We are buying 5th wheel directly from factory. We opted not to get a satellite dish. RV comes with attenna and Smart led hd tv with blu tooth player. We ordered a wifi booster to be installed. We have a roku device in our home along with att uverse. I'm confused as to what I should be looking into to get internet service so we can watch tv. Should we keep our roku to use on rv tv too? How can we watch different shows on two tvs?
  4. Again, thank you for all your posts! We visited the Augusta factory and placed our order with tentative delivery in May. So enjoyed our time with Steven Zonker who we've been working with and the other staff that worked with us to create our new home. The factory tour was hugely informative, all our questions were answered and we saw several units in varying stages of build. It's clear the employees building these beauties take their time and take pride in the final product. The plant is moving to a new location over Thanksgiving. Augusta merged with another small rv company that makes toy haulers so both will be made at the same plant and the office staff will be located at the plant as well. We ordered the Ambition 34KS. We were told the UVW is 15000-16000. The GCW is 18000-19000. The hitch weight is 3600-4000. The CCC is 2000-2200.. It's 36' long and 13'3" in height with the two low pro acs we ordered. They suggested a Ford F350 to tow. That's my next research project!
  5. Please don't stop the comments and discussion about the weight. This is our first rv and we need to know what questions to ask at the factory besides the ones we already have. We've spent years reading, researching, and going to shows so appreciate any and all advice! We just put down the deposit so we receive $5100 in options off the price. We really like the looks of the Ambition 35rs. They have a new 34ks we want to look at. We go in two weeks.
  6. Thank you! I got it and our salesman called to say if we put our deposit down now, when we visit we can pick the options
  7. Thank you everyone who has responded so far! All responses so helpful You have given us much to think about.
  8. We are going to the augusta rv factory in a few weeks for a tour and to order our first rv, the ambition. We will take delivery next summer so we can begin full-timing. On their website we can build an rv with options to get an idea of cost. We'd like opinions on some items we are contemplating. Thank you! 1. Rooftop satellite vs. one we set up 2. Keyless door entry 3. Slideout toppers 4. Day/night shades 5. Surge Protector 6. Wifi booster 7. 160 watt solar panel 8. Heat pumps on air conditioners
  9. We closed on the property with rv included. The title was torn up but attorney did a bill of sale. A neighbor to our property asked for the rv. Other neighbors lined up for it if he changed his mind. He didn't and he removed it. We transferred title through another bill of sale. Never found a vin or name on the rv. It's from the 80s. Thank you for all your ideas?
  10. Thank you all for the suggestions and possible identifications!
  11. The owners were building a tiny house so property has frame of house, box truck, and building supplies besides rv. As part of contract they are takng house, truck, supplies but not rv since it wasn't theirs. We got a great price so didn't push rv.
  12. We are in the process of purchasing land in order to keep residency in TN when we sell the house and go fulltime next year. There is a 5th wheeler on the property that was left who knows when. The current owners we are buying from are leaving it. We want it gone however don't know of someone might want to restore it. We haven't seen the inside and cannot tell from the outside what brand is the rv. Was wondering if anyone recognizes this rv?
  13. In my research based on the wonderful replies above I stumbled upon the Augusta RV company. We have fallen in love wih the looks of the Ambition online and have scheduled a factory tour soon.
  14. I want to thank all for your responses. I took them to heart and have been studying frames, chassis, insulation, etc. I've made a checklist to compare brands. I subscribed to the rv rating source recommended. I'm reading the other discussion forums. Lots of eye opening stuff! With all this info. so far we are narrowing the field of fivers to dvr, landmark 365, winnebago destination, and leaning towards New Horizons. I still have some questions so I hope you will indulge me further. Will be fulltiming in climates other than winter. 1. Steel or aluminum frame? 2. Foam or batten insulation? 3. Double pane or standard windows? 4. Insulated underbelly or not? 5. Thoughts on hot water on demand systems? 6. Thoughts on backup cameras? Just for fun I'd like to ask what is your "must have" gadget that you need with your rv?
  15. Thank you everyone for your advice and guidance! We are continuing to look. This week we found an Alpine that we liked so adding that to the mix. We were told that a heavy duty truck would be better than a dually. Any comments?
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