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  1. Length of 5th wheel

    You'll fit in most RV parks but your public park options will be limited. Our 5er is only 29.5 feet long but is 13+ feet tall and 8.5 feet wide plus a 42" slide. I have to research using every available resource to find public parks with sites that will work. If commercial RV parks are your thing you should be fine. For us, the lack of elbow room at commercial parks is a deal breaker.
  2. Profile photo problem

  3. I uploaded a photo to use as a profile photo. The upload worked but the photo got flipped upside-down. Did I do something wrong? I'm attaching the photo...it's doing the same thing. I selected the photo from an album in my iPad's photo library. When I look at the picture in photo library it's right-side up.
  4. Has anyone bought the Tadi-Brothers backup camera?

    We have the wireless TadiBrothers camera on our Lance 1685 which is about 21 feet hitch to bumper. We wired it into the rear lights rather than the backup light so it's on whenever the truck light are on. We've had no problem with reception and it's still working well after 2 years.