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  1. Interesting post on VA Health Care. All eligible? I thought when I signed up back in the 70’s this was a benefit of being a veteran. Served 6 years in USAF. Heart attack in my 40’s. Tried to sign up for health care several years back. Was told I made too much money as a public teacher in Texas to be eligible for any VA health benefits. Luckily I had good insurance through the school system. I was told that my income had to be near the poverty level before I had a chance at VA health care. Now retired from public teaching & insurance has went down hill drastically. Will have to look back into VA health care once more to see if I can qualify.
  2. BFT

    Free eBooks

    Been using bookbub for a longtime. Another one that I really like is: ohfb.com Just started using Libby to download from my local library. Enjoy my kindle paperwhite.
  3. I use a brother MFC-J4800DW to print from my iPhone. I do not have a router or wifi setup in my house. Do not even have an Internet connection at the house. Cell phone does all. This printer will print directly from my iPhone. Sorry just realized this was an old post...
  4. Thanks to all who replied. Turns out my niece has Verizon. Found out that the excellent coverage promised was too poor to pick up a connection inside of the house. Ended up staying with AT&T. Was actually able to get my bill lowered so that helps. LTE coverage not as good as I would like but I can get a decent signal inside the house.
  5. Pic link has a blank space after the slash marks. I removed the blank space & got the link to work.
  6. Thanks Vicki for starting this post. My wife & myself are in the planning process & paying off all bills. I realize I need to join Escapees now to get access to the magazine.
  7. Interesting concept. I tried using my iPhone to send my streaming content to my apple box since I don't have home Internet. Mine was too choppy & slow to use. Your 22 GB might not be an issue if you are in a rural area where there is no congestion.
  8. Thanks for the info. Never changed carriers before so was not familiar with that process. Yes I understand about coverage improving & bill going down... on the other hand I hate to lose nearly $1100 in incentives...
  9. I'm currently with AT&T. No big issues with AT&T except LTE service has seemed to be going down hill in rural area that I live in. Switching over to Verizon's unlimited plan will also drop my bill significantly. I currently am paying on my iPhone 7+ so that will have to be paid off. Verizon's switch over plan will pay me monetary incentives to trade my phone in & then have to purchase a new iPhone 7+ that will work on Verizon's network. Offering incentives also for veteran status. Has anyone went through this procedure of porting in your numbers from one carrier into Verizon's network? Any issues? My only concern is that you can read multiple stories on the Internet about Verizon scamming people & not really coming through with any incentives being offered. Of course, I know you cannot trust everything that you read on the Internet. Any comments are greatly appreciated.
  10. Very interesting reading here. Reference article of Kirk's very good reading. He tells it like it is...you live on what you have...
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