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  1. MDT VS Dodge 3500 DRW

    Great summary.
  2. You cannot receive income or benefits (like free hook ups) in the US w/o a green card. You could do something like Christopher Bill and post it on your cdn youtube page. good luck...
  3. Storage space on a MDT ?

    We are moving into long timers and planning fairly long hauls. The DW was wondering if anyone has built or buy a storage system for all that wasted space on the back of our trucks. I don't think a totter box would work... Any help is appreciated.. Ian
  4. Storage space on a MDT ?

    There is a lot of wasted space on the back...tapping into it like the honda truck did is interesting...but would have to be very waterproof.. Interesting. Thanks !
  5. Storage space on a MDT ?

    Len, I appreciated the link. I thought about it...they look good. We do have a metal fabricator locally ( he builds firetrucks / ambulances) .. he is booked a year in advance I think.. I talked to him a couple of years ago when I thought I could convert a mdt myself. What we now have above in this thread are ideas that my DW and I can thrash around which is move than we have when I asked the question. Thanks, Ian.
  6. Storage space on a MDT ?

    Len, I like but I shutter at the possible cost of replacing by back deck... not sure if I am ready for that but they are nice.
  7. Running to Texas... need advice..

    Appreciate the tips... this will be our longest (in miles and in time )that we will be in our rig. This is why we are planning in advance
  8. Running to Texas... need advice..

    Going to be class of 2018. Heading to Weslaco, Tx.. Thinking of heading there late this year. Not planning on making reservations.Heard it is friendly and has a lot of Cdns.. As well, was told by someone that there are spots in Az to avoid....Any help would be appreciated by us newbies..
  9. Storage space on a MDT ?

    oh oh.... and crud. My 5th doesn't overhang the hitch. If the boxes were of lower height than the top of the pin box, I still could be in a position while backing up where contact could be made with the trailer. Glad I asked and when the snow starts to go away, I shall be measuring. Thanks all.
  10. Storage space on a MDT ?

    Hi Glenn, The truck is in storage at the moment .. but I would think there is 6 foot between hitch and cab. Is there something off the shell or do I need to fabricate one ? I hate to resort to tupperware boxes
  11. Storage space on a MDT ?

    Other than a 5th hitch, nada. The toolbox is interesting but want something a lot larger than maybe runs from cab to the hitch. This is a really bad pic of the truck when I got it ..looks quite different now.. As long as I was under or away from the sweep of the 5th, I think I am ok.. but we don't want to block off the rear windows..
  12. M2 Headlight Upgrade

    Pug We upgraded one of our cars to LEDs about a 18 months ago...and went back because they were brighter to look at but didn't illuminate as well however, my son just bought a new car and his LEDs are amazing. The technology is changing rapidly. LEDs are still in the wild west mode where the consistency and quality vary. Locally at out 2 truck supply stores, you are looking at almost $ 200 a side for a sealed LED replacement. On line, a bit cheaper . With halogen, you are around $10 a side. And I have decent clear fog lights too.. It sounds like LEDs are worth looking into again...
  13. Tesla Semi live reveal in 11 minutes (8PM PST 11/16)

    Interesting article. My kid is an electrician and he mentioned that our power grid is not ready for a large influx of electric (or coal powered in my province) vehicles..he mentioned that a major upgrade would be required... For the truck... electricity is my soft spot but I am wondering if Tesla's numbers are real world... http://driving.ca/tesla/auto-news/news/motor-mouth-the-inconvenient-truth-about-teslas-truck
  14. M2 Headlight Upgrade

    I tried and finally went to sealed beam halogen. Cheap and effective.. regardless, we try to avoid running at night..
  15. M2-106 Shopping Questions

    In Nova Scotia, all that I am required for my class 5 is air certification. 15 dollars. I think that is the same up through class 8...as long as you are none commercial. I quite like my air brakes and if you have ever had to fix a blown brake like on a hydraulic system, you will love the fix on air. AS well, with air, you know when your brakes are failing before you put your foot down unlike the other... J-T...they didn't change the law so watch your consumption of bubbly pops while canoeing.
  16. If anyone knows, this forum participants will Looking for some info. Did Barloworld Truck Center INC out of Springdale Arkansas do MDT RV hauler conversions @ 2000 ? Thanks, Ian.
  17. That is why I started this quest. It was sold to me as a SC and I went to join the SC association. I talked to SC and they don't think it is...but SC was owned by Freightliner for a period of time so who knows. I did contact Lazy Days and the dealership they "thought" they sold it to... I know they didn't but I thought I would try. No responses yet. The problem is that Barloworld Truck Center has no idea where it went when they sold it... So I have no idea what company modded it.. and it is looking like no one else does... In the long run it is irrelevant because all parts are available.. but I spent most of my working life as a trouble shooter and I am curious.. My money is on "Freightliner Specialty Vehicles, Inc. " but having trouble confirming / disproving that..
  18. What other companies convert the Freightliners but not sell directly to the Public....and were they around at the turn of century ? I haven't had any luck finding them .. I have found a one that sells direct that was around that time .. 2l custom trucks .. This is what it originally looked like... Thanks
  19. Curiosity. At one time there were multi builders...now there seems to be only one.
  20. Interesting. The truck I am chasing was sold to Barloworld Truck Center INC out of Springdale, Arkansas . They did not do the conversion and they gave me a dealer's name they sold it to that just doesn't make sense. They also do not do conversions. The truck was initially purchased from Beaudry RV , Arizona. It was purchased and imported to British Columbia. I gather that Lazy days bought the remnants of Baudry. Next stop is to e-mail them..
  21. Canada Border Crossing Did Not Go Well

    Thanks. I will remember that.
  22. Canada Border Crossing Did Not Go Well

    I could give you a hundred horror stories about Canadians going into the USA..including my friend who was denied entry this year because of a pot possession charge in the 60s . The 60s... When I come back into Canada, I avoid the crossings in Quebec and usually have no issues. For border crossings, you have to look at what is happening at the political level. Canada is a bargain place to travel when you take into consideration of the exchange and if you keep receipts, you can get back all the sales tax that you had to pay..that is unless this have been changed recently. ..this year, we seem to have a lot of travelers from Florida and Tennessee. One this you have to remember when coming here is that we don't do guns. Yes, you can import yours but it is a paperwork nightmare .. I have a question. A previous poster said turn off the truck but don't put your parking brake on. Why is that ?
  23. HDT Acquisition Cost and Total Cost of Ownership

    You have me confused. You state " " I’m an HDT newbie. Plan to go full-time next year and still finalizing the RV and tow-vehicle decisions. I been in lots of the technical discussions on 5500/F-550 vs HDT. So, this is NOT a technical discussion on the merits of one over another. It’s an economics question. " A 5500 and HDT are not the same animal nor in the same class towing wise. And economically speaking, a MDT (5500/550/freightliner /international) is probably cheaper (for many reasons) in the long run.. In my experience, buying the RV is primary..then the rest can fall into place.. Good luck with the hunt...
  24. HDT Acquisition Cost and Total Cost of Ownership

    You are trying to compare apples and oranges. If you are looking at a 5500/550 you are actually looking at a MDT or class 5. And HDTs are Class 7/8. Both MDTs and HDTs have their pros and cons. I am getting 11's mpg with mine plus no extra vehicle is required to go to town so to speak. Good luck on your hunt,
  25. Nova Scotia

    You will need it for some of the suggestions.