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  1. Grassy

    Driving with propane furnace on

    Thanks ! The days of enjoying jumping into a cold , damp bed are waning It is 32 now and going down...brrr
  2. Folks, We will be running through Maine in November.. I have heard some people pull their 5th with the propane furnace on... Is it legal to do so and what are the downsides or problems ? Thanks
  3. Thanks all. Lots of vacancy. Tx for Xmas.
  4. Appreciate the link...this is fascinating to me ... thanks !
  5. We are only looking for 1 month...the kids will be with us max a couple of weeks.. then we will be heading to other parts of Tx then Nm and Az... Most of the pics on the web sites ..the folks are quite old so there must be some attrition there too Some web sites are great..others..no so.. Going to make decision by end of month..we are feeling the time pressure.
  6. Thanks. We are snow birds And so far, availability...we contacted a few this am and have heard from a few,,, apparently, the political climate is scaring off some Cdns from coming down so that means more availablilty for is I take it no experience with the above ? We are also interested in one outside.. Magic Valley Park, Weslaco
  7. We have narrowed it down to 6 possible locations in Texas for Christmas..and they are close to a major airport wish is import to us. I thought pull throughs would be more available here but I guess back in is the norm..which is OK as long as there is room to do so. Here is the list in no particular order. Comments (good / bad ) would be appreciated. We will have our 23/25 year olds with us. We will be in the Mission area.. We are checking availability now.. Mission Bell Trade Winds - both Trade winds and Mission bell parks Oleander Acres - doesn't have a map on it's web site Beson Palm Village RV resort Benson Palm RV Park Mission West RV park Chimney Park We cannot seem to find "family Friendly" RV parks in the area.. Thanks, Ian.
  8. You have to wonder when a manufacture doesn't put it's name on it's products..I have the manual but I suspect the writer has never laid eyes on this unit. For the USB port, all is says is to insert and play the program... We have one of the above.. have never used it but want to soon. The company has a contact us button on it's web site but when you click it.. it says it is disabled.. hmmmmm.. I tried through customer contact but no joy... It has a usb slot ... I want to run movies through it.. cannot figure out what format it accepts.. I have tried 4 now.. Any ideas..other than to toss it ?
  9. Grassy

    Looking for some help deciding on a destination

    Thanks all. We will be as specific as possible. I believe we will be. ..I have read great things about Escapees.. The park was in Prince Edward Island. Twin Shores.. it actually has 3 beaches depending on what you like. Dogs allowed on all three. From my door. to the left and this is what we saw out the back.. to the left of us.. These slots are particularity long for this area..
  10. Grassy

    Looking for some help deciding on a destination

    It is kind of funny..we just got back from a site that has 950+ plus spots. There wasn't a rig within 1000 feet in from to to our left. To our right, we had an unobstructed view of the ocean w/o a rig in site. We are going to have a lot more questions.. should I start a new thread or continue this one on ? Thanks
  11. Grassy

    Looking for some help deciding on a destination

    Thanks.. we have heard a lot Quartzite.. Already anxious to go Folks, We *really* appreciate all your help. The DW and I are now sifting through comments and links trying to get our ducks in order. First time is always the hardest Just needs to be a bit cooler here.. record high temps with humidity...
  12. Grassy

    Ram 5500

    One of my reasons for not moving to the 550/5500 was that they had the same seats in my RAM..and to get better, you really have to change out of a large pick up to a "industrial" truck so to speak....
  13. Grassy

    Looking for some help deciding on a destination

    If needing a zip...I can always use the most famous one..90210 We do have a US Visa and a US bank account in a US Bank. In Canada where I usually go to the truck stops because of dual pumps and larger nozzles and room.., I *have* to use a special Irving card.. do truck stops i the US use usual CCs or will I need to apply for a special card ? We are trying to stop all snail mail now and go electronic. We will have a house checking service and i think they do normal mail pick up as well..if not, we will do a "hold". All investment stuff will go to our investment dude.. Internet / satellite seems to be an absolutely mystery up here for Cdns in the US since companies seem to be blocking at the border.. so far, we are just going to change the sim cards in our phones. I have a first cousin in Tennessee if we need an addy.. I hear good things about the Escapees so we will probably go that route. We presently are members of GSs and CAA(AAA). Is this the best unit to buy for the larger trucks ? Garmin RV 770 NA LMT-S GPS Thanks
  14. Grassy

    Looking for some help deciding on a destination

    No, we are *not* keen on going through cities and toll roads...been there, rather avoid it from now on. We are not happy with the tiptik and are now playing with google maps.. as I mentioned, Jason is from Tx and does the run on a regular basis.. I believe the Garmin 770 is the one everyone likes. We recently had an experience if being funneled into a 1.5 wide lane road to a one lane bridge that we had to grease the trailer to get through. Once we realized what was happening it was too late (and impossible) to back up. The bridge was just a tad higher than our rig and it had no allowable weigh notations..very uncomfortable. We want to explore rather than stay long term in any park so we can explore the states. We also want to reevaluate our 5th and truck as well. Locally, we are probably pushing the limits of size but I suspect we will be small there... when we get back in the spring.. the house gets sold and we move closer to our kids. Thanks for the airport info.. my son is Army (EGS) and is based out of CFB Gagetown at the moment and my daughter is about 45 minutes from Toronto. I suspect my son will have to fly to Toronto before heading south. We appreciate you comments. Thanks.. BTW, would it be worth joining the Escapees since we can only spend 6 month is your country ?
  15. Grassy

    Looking for some help deciding on a destination

    Kirk, Many thanks. this helps a lot. One of our other members, Jason, is helping us with the route.. we have a tiptrik done and I think they have put us through every major city and toll road With this new adventure, we feel like newbies again.. Ian