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  1. Grassy

    M2 dash heat controls

    Yes.. i found the flaps not fully closing. Improved considerably. I also put a shut off valves on the hot water tubes going through the dash. When it becomes warm, I shut them off and the a/.c improved. I also installed an old style metal fan on my dash, on a board.. plug it into a 12v plug. I like air blowing on me so everyone in the cab is now happy. It also looks OEM.
  2. Grassy

    Value of Truck

    I tried that when I was looking at class 8's..trying to figure out a good price.. could not find any rhyme or reason for some of the prices. I suspect the same will be for our trucks.. you have to add a bit for rarity.. I am guessing that I have put on 10K miles in the 4+ months we have been in the US (Maine to Az) and we have seen 3 MTDs for towing Rv';s and horse trailers and one was from Canada. Cannlot figure out where they all are ?
  3. Keeps the rust away
  4. Thanks. Still no truck (I am told perhaps today) and it looks like we are going to be hammered tonight. Fingers crossed.
  5. Thanks all. We are dead in the water at the moment between "diagnosing my problem" and "fixing our buddies trucks first". For a first come, first serve, we do not make appointments, my truck seems to be spending a lot of time in the parking lot. No matter, have a rental car and haven't been kicked out of the RV park yet Snow kind of add though.. we are in Bensen Az. Ian.
  6. Thanks. We are actually here for repair.. there is a freightliner dealer in Tucson. We have done a bit of touring around but a bit nervous. We never know if the rig will start. Never a good situation. We have discovered that AAA ( Arizona) will not support the CAA package we bought. The rig goes in Monday and we will see if a rental is necessary..if so, Kartchner is on our list. Appreciate your response. Ian.
  7. So far on our trip, I have seen several 40+, tri axle tpoy haulers running with a single wheeled one ton. I will go out on a limb that they were sold on this because it can "pull" it. I assume this ids illegal and since the LEOs won't do anything about it.. will the Ins company pay out when it is in an accident ?
  8. Grassy

    M2 dash heat controls

    After working on mine, it is better.. but not great. I do believe I read somewhere that this was an issue with these rigs..
  9. We are presently in Bensen, Az. Our next stop will be White Sands to jump to Carlsbad, Nm. Has anyone traveled from white sands to Carlsbad, Nm via the US-82 or US-180 ? We have the latest trucker's Atlas. They both seem to be secondary roads.. the 82 looks like it has some *major* hills. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Ian.
  10. He thought so...but this gent is supposedly on the board.. but with this response..I am guessing no...
  11. Sorry, have been of the board for a long time..been focusing on living...so I have lost touch with the names of contributors..or it can be attributed to advancing age This gent was referred to me ..it is possible that he can help me with my hitch. Thanks, Ian.
  12. Update. Ran into a ex airplane mechanic who rebuilt my system. It is a heck of a lot quieter and heats faster now. After trying to contact the folks at cheap heat to find a dealer, they couldn't bother to respond by voice nor e=mail. I contacted several places where we are parked and most had heard of them but that was as far as I got. It looks to me that they have gone under or are in the process of... I think this is a topic I will dig further into..but not while I am on the road. Thanks
  13. I have used propane in enclosed spaces.. but in my experience, they add a tremendous amount of moisture ... We tend not to be long stayers .. we are being charged electricity where we are now at in Mission.. I have heard negatives about baseboard that is why the cheap heat interests me.. I have emailed the company with no response.. are they still in business..and I have looked for local dealers.. but no one lists them.. Thanks, Ian.
  14. Anybody hear of or use the "cheap heat" add on option ?
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