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  1. Grassy

    Is there a Roger hensley active on this board ?

    He thought so...but this gent is supposedly on the board.. but with this response..I am guessing no...
  2. Sorry, have been of the board for a long time..been focusing on living...so I have lost touch with the names of contributors..or it can be attributed to advancing age This gent was referred to me ..it is possible that he can help me with my hitch. Thanks, Ian.
  3. Grassy

    Electric Baseboard in our 5th wheel

    Update. Ran into a ex airplane mechanic who rebuilt my system. It is a heck of a lot quieter and heats faster now. After trying to contact the folks at cheap heat to find a dealer, they couldn't bother to respond by voice nor e=mail. I contacted several places where we are parked and most had heard of them but that was as far as I got. It looks to me that they have gone under or are in the process of... I think this is a topic I will dig further into..but not while I am on the road. Thanks
  4. Grassy

    Electric Baseboard in our 5th wheel

    I have used propane in enclosed spaces.. but in my experience, they add a tremendous amount of moisture ... We tend not to be long stayers .. we are being charged electricity where we are now at in Mission.. I have heard negatives about baseboard that is why the cheap heat interests me.. I have emailed the company with no response.. are they still in business..and I have looked for local dealers.. but no one lists them.. Thanks, Ian.
  5. Grassy

    Electric Baseboard in our 5th wheel

    Anybody hear of or use the "cheap heat" add on option ?
  6. Grassy

    MDT to tow 24k GVWR Teton

    Our MDT is buttery smooth..and great gas mileage.. around 12 ish... really impressed with it on our trip south..but I would think you woud need something stronger like a 112 or go class 8. A word of caution..even with the RV parks we are in.. a class 8 is big..and at home, too big. .. you have to decide where you want to park..or how you want to RV..
  7. Grassy

    Need better back up cam

    Our present sony back up cam that is mounted on the upper back of the cab is just not working. Especially is less than perfect light conditions. I saw a back up cam on a pedestal just ahead of the 5th hitch recently.. the owner wasn't around..didn't see the brand of it. Have done some searching and cannot find. Antone have any recommendations ? Thanks
  8. Folks, Since entering the states we seem to be doing a lot of winter camping ! Which means we are using our suburban 35F propane heater a lot. It the past, it was rarely used. We had problems with it and had the sail switch replaced in Lisbon Tn. I have the old the sail switch and the metal part will only go back into position occasionally. The system died again in Hot Springs Ar .a couple days later...identical symptoms..btw, the repair guy tested the board before he replaced the switch.. but we were leaving that day. We are now in Shreveport , La and it was cold last night but we have a little 750 watt heater..it works but have to unplug it if we want to use the coffee maker or toaster This is do-able but... This rig has been rock solid and wondering if this system is a lemon. We will be doing a lot more cold camping with hook ups...need advice. Oh, my son who is an electrician will be with us over xmas in Tx.. I think I would like to maintain the 30 amp connection.. I am thinking of tapping into it.. add a separate fuse box..and just put one in the main part of the rig... probably at the back of the rig. The latest discussion of this on this board was in '15..wonder if technology has changed. thanks all..
  9. Grassy

    Driving with propane furnace on

    Thanks ! The days of enjoying jumping into a cold , damp bed are waning It is 32 now and going down...brrr
  10. Folks, We will be running through Maine in November.. I have heard some people pull their 5th with the propane furnace on... Is it legal to do so and what are the downsides or problems ? Thanks
  11. Thanks all. Lots of vacancy. Tx for Xmas.
  12. Appreciate the link...this is fascinating to me ... thanks !
  13. We are only looking for 1 month...the kids will be with us max a couple of weeks.. then we will be heading to other parts of Tx then Nm and Az... Most of the pics on the web sites ..the folks are quite old so there must be some attrition there too Some web sites are great..others..no so.. Going to make decision by end of month..we are feeling the time pressure.
  14. Thanks. We are snow birds And so far, availability...we contacted a few this am and have heard from a few,,, apparently, the political climate is scaring off some Cdns from coming down so that means more availablilty for is I take it no experience with the above ? We are also interested in one outside.. Magic Valley Park, Weslaco
  15. We have narrowed it down to 6 possible locations in Texas for Christmas..and they are close to a major airport wish is import to us. I thought pull throughs would be more available here but I guess back in is the norm..which is OK as long as there is room to do so. Here is the list in no particular order. Comments (good / bad ) would be appreciated. We will have our 23/25 year olds with us. We will be in the Mission area.. We are checking availability now.. Mission Bell Trade Winds - both Trade winds and Mission bell parks Oleander Acres - doesn't have a map on it's web site Beson Palm Village RV resort Benson Palm RV Park Mission West RV park Chimney Park We cannot seem to find "family Friendly" RV parks in the area.. Thanks, Ian.