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  1. A good tire deal

    I went with Michelin.. a bit softer sidewall and less expensive than above.. I have done a couple of longer trips and a pretty happy. Running 90psi all around but will pump up a bit when we go long time..
  2. Interior Fan

    I need to change my front (under dash) interior fan. I had the right side off the dash off last year when I added a bunch of 12V plugs but don't remember seeing the fan there. Taking the truck out of storage this week.. I have looked at every available manual and on the i'net..tried to find location on another forum..location seems top be a secret. Anybody have an idea ? Thanx..
  3. Fuel mileage

    11.5 (US) mpg. .. better unloaded..
  4. FB, HDT did I miss something

    It concentrates interested and gives quicker feedback. Pictures are far easier to post as well. It is a fun board. I would almost say slightly different topics as well.. almost pure truck. Questions asked and responded to very quickly. I have met more owners of MDTs on this HDT facebook than here... it seems to be a fun group. Does it supersede this forum ? No, buit it compliments it.. Most folks should know that anything you type on any board/web forum or even in your "private" e-mail..you might as well be painting it on a side of a building. Unless you drop down into the dark web, there *is no* privacy.. same as conversations on your cell phone. There is a reason that none of our computers in our house have cameras..and the work laptop my wife has, there is a piece of masking tape over the camera. 25 years in the IT business is my experience. Am I paranoid ? Not in the slightest but I do know and understand the capabilities/possibilities and I would be foolish to ignore... I heard a comment which really describes the present kerfuffle on FB.. if you use a service for free, you are the product.. Finally, I have stopped using Google etc for a web browser...I moved to a utility that doesn't keep details or history.... https://duckduckgo.com/
  5. MDT Registered as RV in CA (possibly AZ)

    Unless the back seat folds down to a bed.... ?
  6. Escapees Roadside Assistance

    I was starting to believe that I have been the only person screwed by GS ERS. I broke down i hour outside our capital.. I had to wait 5 hours on side of the road. Repair was easy. Got a bill just under 1K. All I got was "too bad".. and that dude you mentioned contacted me as well when I started complaining on line but I didn't even get the offer for a smoke.. I was going to go AAA because of the rep and they will tow a class 5.. but since my rig still is in storage, I haven't pulled the trigger yet. Great discussion. Does coachnet have a package for for returning to origin ?
  7. Storage space on a MDT ?

    Jeepoholic, I like.
  8. Have You Named Your RV?

    Derpy and the Nursing Home..
  9. MDT (M class) vs. Ram 3500 or Ford F450

    Fortunately, not my opinion. What you buy is your own concern. You can fight with the testers on that one.. Consumer Reports" gave a Smart 28 out of 100 possible points, earning it a spot on its "lowest scorers" list...actually lowest the last time I looked. Sales figures show that the are a very low volume car. For collision testing, cars are crashed into "like" cars. The Smart did not fare well. And that was one of the considerations of buying a MDT over a HDT... that is is essentially the only car that will fit sideways..
  10. 1st time RVr

    "Just keep in mind that when quality rises, so too does the price." As an addendum, as the quality rises generally speaking, so does the weight.
  11. 1st time RVr

    Nice looking sneaker.. a quick look didn't tell me the specs.. I think I would want a minimum of a 4 ply .. stiffer ride but will handle the TT's side / side action. I went up to an 8 ply because I was hauling a 25 foot TT..
  12. 1st time RVr

    What type of tires are you running ?
  13. Insuring a MDT

    I put mine through my home insurance. ..but I live in Canada. Some will still insure you as a personal driver on a commercial truck. Just as an observation, it is getting harder, not easier to insure these TVs..
  14. 780 trans not shifting .

    As mentioned on the other board, you would save yourself a lot of grief if you went into an authorized Eaton service center and have them plug their computer into your trans.. we can guess all day here ...
  15. hdt help ontario, canada