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  1. Do you have hot water baseboard heat?
  2. I have been prepping my water system by simply shutting the pump and turning on faucets to drain pipes, which requires that the furnace (oil, hot water baseboard) be running all winter to prevent pipe freeze since there is residual water in the system. I have been wondering if there is a method for prepping a household system for prolonged freezing temps like we do for RV prep, e.g. blowing lines and antifreeze? The house is in Maine and left for six months, and I have to hire someone to go in and check that the furnace isn’t having any leaking water issues, and just not having it have to run would be one less niggling thing to think about. My furnace guy brushed off the idea. Anyone with some experience/opinion on the subject ?
  3. Check out K-100, I use about 8 oz. every 2K miles when I'm traveling/towing (Lance 1685/Silverado).
  4. Seeing signs of Escapade preparations here at Pima County FG! The fitness trail is being groomed I noticed last evening.
  5. Maybe a silly question, but here goes.....anyone needed an engine repair that was more than a couple hours, and where did you live during this repair time? As I contemplate a C vs sticking with a TT, these questions come up in my head....this living issue wouldn't be one if I didn't travel with three birds and a dog, but I'm not changing that....thanks.
  6. Thank you all, I'm thinking now that I won't tow a truck, which I would need the 6' bed to bring my birds' portable aviary, but rather figure out another way to allow the birds to get outside, and looking at a vehicle like a Chev Equinox or Jeep Compass type, since my 2003 Toyota Corolla with 250k+ of flawless service isn't worth the cost of the lube pump that would allow it to be dinghy towed!
  7. Thanks, I didn't know that was how to figure it out.
  8. Maybe a C (24') is in my future IF it can tow a truck such as a Chev Colorado with about 300# of payload. When studying specific RV specs, towing capacity is not mentioned. Is there website compiling such data? Thanks.
  9. Just the one I was perusing at the RV show, which was a 2017, the wall board was very thin, I know this because an edge had bowed out from the wall; the cushions and mattresses were thin, the mattress was more like a foam pad, any underlying wood support was all splinter rough....that's all I noticed with a rather cursory inspection.
  10. Thanks all, the Springdale that peaked my interest has been on display here at the Pima Cty Fairgrounds for the two RV shows that have been held here since last month, and while I like the layout, indeed the quality of the materials isn't there, and that is reflected in the price. I'm going up to Mesa to look at the Lance next week, it has more bells and whistles then I want to manage/pay for, e.g. who needs electric stabilizer jacks when you have a drill, and the awning mechanism is strange (YouTube video on the 2185 model) and has a wind sensor whereby it rolls itself up, another needless feature for people with common sense! Another option is the Camplite 21BHS but I can't see one of those until I get back north as there are no local dealers.....so probably that is a good thing aa it will be easier to sell my current TT in the north.
  11. Looking to get a bit more comfort/room than I currently have and pondering these two models-the Lance 2185 and the Springdale 189. I would appreciate any input from you all good and bad, regarding these models/brands overall. Thanks
  12. Huge RV show going on here now, courtesy of La Mesa RV.......oy the temptation!
  13. Pima County Fairgrounds has storage, outside, and I think I saw $35/m on the the sign at the office, 520.762.9100 x1025
  14. I was at Stagecoach RV Park in Deming NM and they had a huge/high antenna with excellent wifi as well, also very friendly and clean (plug here).
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