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  1. residential fridge install question

    It's funny how everyone has such different priorities. Our fridge in the stix-n-brix has water and ice in the door. Literally, the only time we ever used it was the test we did when we first got it. The only time we use the icemaker is when we are going on camping trips and need the ice to fill the cooler. Still, the wife would prefer a residential fridge because it's bigger. I think I could live with a smaller fridge but the wife will probably get what she wants.
  2. residential fridge install question

    Do the RV fridges like Dometic not cool ok? Or is it just the size and ice maker that people don't like?
  3. South Dakota or Florida

    What about Florida vehicle inspections? How often, how expensive and how bothersome? Do they inspect RV's and 5th wheels?
  4. South Dakota or Florida

    My apologies - didn't mean to hijack. Do you know what kind of RV you will have? From what I see so far, here are the good things about Florida and South Dakota: South Dakota - No inspections, Can drive anything without a special license Florida - No front license plate, Your vote counts for more there (effectively) What about the cost, requirements & duration of concealed carry permits? Which state is favorable?
  5. South Dakota or Florida

    No, we have an F450 with a pickup bed. Depending on the 5W we get we could be over 26k GCVW. Not sure if it's something to worry about but just trying to follow the law.
  6. South Dakota or Florida

    Good point, but I don't think it applies to us because our licenses and registrations are already split between TX and FL. Neither of those states have any incentive since they don't have income taxes anyway. I would assume it's carefree switching between states that don't collect income tax? I'm thinking it would be good for my wife to have a South Dakota license so she could legally drive everything in an emergency. And she wouldn't have to worry about passing a test. I guess she could pass the test but not sure since she doesn't have any experience backing trailers. I'd just as soon keep my Florida license but to upgrade it I would have to drive truck & trailer all the way to Florida. Mind you, we bought the truck not long ago but haven't got a fifth wheel yet. But the bother involved probably means I should just get a Texas Class A license for myself. Maybe I could switch states later when we start traveling and it is convenient. If you have a Texas Class A, would they make you retake the test if you switched to a Florida license?
  7. South Dakota or Florida

    Do I detect sarcasm?
  8. South Dakota or Florida

    Oh yeah, another thing to consider is that Florida doesn't require license plates on the front of the vehicle. Texas and South Dakota do. Edit: Also, I think I asked this a while back and nobody seemed to know. Is there any reason you and your spouse can't have licenses from different states?
  9. South Dakota or Florida

    Does Florida require you to have a special driver's license if your GCVW is over 26K? I think South Dakota doesn't, right?
  10. Arizona truck fuel tax

    Well, I just want to tell everyone up front that there ain't no way I am going to remember threads 3 years later. Ain't gonna' happen and I ain't even gonna' feel bad about it!
  11. New to this "Realm"

    Here's some people that are trying to live in a very small camper during a cold winter: http://purelivingforlife.com/windstorm-carnage-aftermath/
  12. New Califederation firearm laws impact

    It used to be legal to take unassembled high capacity magazines into California. Not sure if this is still the case. If it is, you just reassemble upon leaving the state. Only takes maybe 30 seconds to assemble/unassemble them. I would keep some of the parts in separate vehicles but that wasn't actually required.
  13. Mobley problems

    Did the guy specifically say that the Car Connect plan was unlimited data? I think that's what made the Mobley deal so attractive. Keep us updated because I definitely will get one if the Car Connect plan hasn't changed.
  14. Mobley problems

    So I went to buy one of these immediately. And here's the plans that are offered with it:
  15. Thanks for all the replies. Sounds like not that different from cooking in a regular home. I expected there to be more limitations. My wife doesn't like cooking some stinky foods now. I just thought the problem might be worse in a smaller, better-sealed space.