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  1. Insurance for F450?

    Hmm. So this is weird. The first time I called USAA they said they couldn't directly write me a policy. I called back and a different guy did an override and wrote me the policy this time. And the rate was quite reasonable. Not sure exactly what the deal was but I'm happy. The first guy I spoke to didn't sound like particularly confident or knowledgeable.
  2. Insurance for F450?

    I went through their online process and got an email that an agent will get back to me. Good Sam would give me a good rate but only if I had a fifth wheel to insure with it. I suspect that will be where I get insurance after I get a 5th but don't want to rush out and buy one just to save temporarily on insurance. Also tried USAA, Progressive, Farmers, and Safeco. Also waiting on a callback from AAA.
  3. Insurance for F450?

    Double posted...
  4. Insurance for F450?

    Don't know if an F450 actually qualifies as a MDT but this is the place most likely to have the answer I need. I bought the F450 from the classifieds but I don't yet have a 5th wheel so I'm guessing I can't buy RV insurance yet. I'm thinking we'll find a fifth within the next 4 to 5 months. Where would be the best place for me to get insurance now? I looked at the Geico site and checked their commercial rates. That comes out a bit pricey at around $1800/year for full coverage. I can do that for a little while if need be but I figured there might be a better option. I'm sure I'm not the first person in this situation.
  5. 2012 Mobile Suites, DRV

    You really need some more and bigger photos. You're trying to get someone interested enough to potentially drive hundreds of miles to look at it. Those little photos aren't much to go on.
  6. 2002 Ford F-450 Super Duty For Sale

    I got your email and replied. Want to fly out and buy it next weekend.
  7. 2002 Ford F-450 Super Duty For Sale

    If there's no significant rust or problems with the truck then we'll take it. I sent you an email.
  8. Hmm. We have our phone service through Cricket. Cricket is owned by AT&T but I'm guessing having Cricket service would not qualify as the first two devices and then get the Mobley?
  9. Removing Ad

    I know we are looking around for a 5th for full-timing. But we want something at the largest end of the spectrum. Thirty-three feet sounds really small for full timing. Maybe it's bigger than it sounds - I haven't looked at the pics in a while. Also, we want lots of windows and at least 2 air conditioners. Granted, there's a tradeoff. Having less windows probably means your trailer is better insulated. But yeah, those are the things that immediately dissuade us. We are looking for an HDT now so we aren't ready to buy a 5th yet. Just thought I would share what other people might be thinking when they view your ad. If you want more interest, the best tactic would be to take new photos and post them. New pics will garner more attention.
  10. Is it still possible to buy a Mobley? I went to the ATT site but wasn't having any luck.
  11. "Tiny House" vs. Fiver?

    I thought the idea of tiny homes is to avoid property taxes. And possibly avoid building inspections, etc. Seems like it would work better to build one inside a semi trailer. But then it wouldn't be so simple and cheap to move it.
  12. Forming LLC in Montanna

    I think an LLC also offers a benefit later when you sell the RV. You can sell the LLC to the buyer so they don't have to pay taxes or re-register the vehicle. On another note, how much would it cost to have an LLC created? And is there any limit to how many LLC's a person can own (I assume not but don't really know)?
  13. 2012 Mobile Suites, DRV

    His location is listed as "Dripping Springs, TX" so I'm guessing that's where it is. It's near Austin.
  14. Any idea how much AC repairs might run on a Volvo HDT?

    Ok, that's not so bad. I've just seen some people talk about how expensive repairs can be so I'm a little wary.
  15. I'm thinking about an HDT for sale and wondering if anyone has any experience with fixing the AC system. Obviously, I would want to fix the leak and not just refill the refrigerant. Are the repairs generally in line with car repairs or do HDT repairs cost more? I already googled this and apparently the most common place for leaks is the compressor.