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  1. 2010 New Horizons Majestic 37 RLTSS

    Yeah, I've tried to talk my wife into buying this one but she is totally put off by all the pure white. I don't mind the look and the 5th looks like it's in excellent condition! Edit: Does it have washer/dryer connections? How many AC units and are they ducted?
  2. 2011 Ford F-350. .. SOLD.......

    You should take "SOLD" out of the title or most people will never look at the ad to see that the truck is still for sale.
  3. Walmart Scanning App

    Why so low? Fifteen dollars an hour is only a quarter a minute. Personally, I think if someone doesn't provide 50 dollars of value an hour then they shouldn't be allowed to work. I don't trust the new payment methods. Everything is secure until someone finds out it isn't. I don't even like using debit cards anymore because they don't have the protections credit cards have.
  4. Garmin 55 dash cam

    We've got two of the BlackSys CH-100B cameras. It has front and rear cams that are very clear. It does audio recording but that can be turned off. You can get a gps module that shows speed if you want. And parking mode records movement. Everything can be accessed, configured and viewed on your phone via wifi. We're very happy with them.
  5. It's still listed for sale at another location but the price has been lowered to $13,500 obo. http://www.irv2.com/rvclassifieds/showproduct.php?product=12340&title=2000-f350-sd-crew-drw-diesel&cat=21
  6. Do you think you want a car to drive around and explore? Would you be willing to drive a scooter for local transport? You can carry a LOT of groceries on a scooter and I think it could be carried on the back of a class B. Just offering ideas. I'm guessing you're planning on hiking a lot based on your destinations. What else do you think you will do? Are you an outdoorsy person or are you going to sit in the trailer and watch TV? More than that, do you currently stay outside a lot or are you expecting this to be a big lifestyle change?
  7. question about coyotes

    So I got curious about coyotes and here's what I found: They can be over 100 lbs.: https://mdc.mo.gov/newsroom/hunter-shoots-unusually-large-coyote-northwest-missouri They can and do kill grown deer:
  8. question about coyotes

    Hunting is a legitimate hobby. It's seems pretty obnoxious of you to tell people what they should and shouldn't be doing. And I'm not a hunter. Have no interest in killing or eating wild animals. But reading your posts makes me want to go coyote hunting. Maybe dial it down a bit?
  9. Full Time RV Cessation

    This is going to be the friction between my wife and I. She likes beaches and warm weather. I like mountains and don't want temperatures above 80 degrees. Of course, we'll compromise but it'll be interesting to see where our travels take us.
  10. Full Time RV Cessation

    I was thinking you had said you were living in Texas before going full-time. And Barbara mentioned possibly moving in with the kids (who might, but wouldn't necessarily be in the same location). And Linda mentioned 'being back in our old community'. So it was just a general impression I got.
  11. Full Time RV Cessation

    If I understand correctly, it sounds like most everyone decided to move back to the area they lived at before going full-time? I was expecting people would find a place they liked better after traveling around.
  12. Anyone ever visited the Very Large Array?

    We went to VLA last year. It was the 20th anniversary of the 'Contact' movie that made them famous. The tour was interesting. Also, we stayed at the Datil Wells campground. We liked it too. It snowed overnight and looked beautiful in the morning. Also went to Pie Town but we screwed that up. We went and saw the pies but decided to go across the street and eat lunch first. When we came back all the pies were gone. We thought they were cooking pies and didn't realize what they had on display was all they had for the day. Oh well, maybe we'll go back sometime.
  13. South Dakota or Florida

    Exactly! It's incredibly difficult to prove a negative. Trying to prove you did not mean to be married is a crazy situation to be in. Especially when there could be a motive for you to be lying. And likely, the other person is lying about events that happened. Not only that, the other person involved will likely have an opportunity to plot and collect 'evidence' before blindsiding the innocent one. And it's not like you can pre-emptively sign a document stating you are in a relationship that is distinctly non-marital. A court would just throw such a document out. I think it would be a small risk for most people, but it does have the potential to devastate someone's life if it does happen. Avoiding common-law states seems like a reasonable bit of insurance.
  14. South Dakota or Florida

    I'm just thinking that a judge may not have proof of all the facts when they have to decide if you were or weren't married. Not to mention that 'friends' sometime exaggerate or even lie. Seems so much simpler to require the people to sign a paper so there's no doubt what was intended. And if the requirements of getting married are too difficult then the people involved aren't terribly keen on getting married. I thought the process was pretty darn simple.
  15. South Dakota or Florida

    No, I think I added my wife to my accounts just by mailing in papers with our signatures. A twelve-year-old can forge a signature, especially if they have access to signed papers they can use as an example. Of course, someone shouldn't be living with a such an aspiring criminal but lots of people make bad decisions when it comes to relationships.