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  1. Domicile Question

    Just transferred my driver license to Texas and 2 weeks later found out that because my motorhome weighs over 26,000 pounds, I have to take the same written and driving tests that CDL truckers have to take. A guy at a rally told me that he got a $275 ticket for having a Class C license rather than a Class B. So now I have to take the 2 CDL tests - what a bummer. No one recommending Texas as a domain state ever mentioned that.
  2. What would proper wifi cost a park?

    Wifi sucks. I think "full hookups" should include an ethernet port next to the 50 amp outlet.
  3. Full Body Paint

    If it is a fiberglass RV then painting it is just for looks and is ridiculously expensive and your only option may be with outrageous swirls and decals. Given a choice I would go with raw fiberglass.
  4. Transferring an LLC

    You cannot transfer LLC's from state to state. It will always be a NC LLC. You can register it to do business in MT but you then would have to renew it each year in both states. Best to shut it down and create a new MT LLC.
  5. Satellite receiver has to be rebooted often

    Does "powered down" mean pulling the AC cord from the unit?
  6. Satellite receiver has to be rebooted often

    I like your answer much better. Unplugging while driving would totally negate the benefit of the in-motion feature. I don't watch it while driving but it records programs while I drive. But is it true that a momentary power failure would require a system reboot when powering back up?
  7. I had satellite installed just 3 months ago with Directv for fulltime traveling. My in motion antenna auto repositions as needed, but when settling down the the day, I often have to reboot the receiver to get any channels coming in. Is this normal?
  8. RV Insurance for Registered LLC

    So the point is, you insured a vehicle that you did not own - as a lessee.
  9. The current RV Industry

    I think the Class C's look rediculous. Looks like a travel trailer crashed into a pickup truck. 3 doors in a 20 foot unit when 45 foot Class A's have only one door! General design could be greatly improved.
  10. RV Insurance for Registered LLC

    But isn't it common for people who lease vehicles to get insurance in their name although the vehicle is owned by the leasing company? I lease my RV from my LLC.
  11. RV Insurance for Registered LLC

    I gave up trying to insure my motorhome under an LLC name so I just claimed that I owned it and Hartford accepted me.
  12. Best Montana LLC

    I use $49 and they are fine. But for that, they do not like getting any mail other than about the LLC. If you are going to get other mail like vehicle registrations and insurance, they may want you to buy a mail forwarding service for another $99. Also, they handled my initial RV registration which was $500 including all Montana state fees.
  13. First Timers, diving in head first

    There are 2 types of fulltimers. Those who stay put in one place nearly all the time and those who travel nearly all the time. Preparation is much different for each type of fulltimer. So which are you?
  14. I can tell you one thing for sure about Texas. When you register it, they will ask for proof how much sales tax you paid. If the Texas tax rate is more than you paid, they will charge you the extra and if you paid no sales tax with purchase then they will charge you the full Texas sales tax rate. The good news is Texas does not charge property tax on the value. However, they do charge a fee based on weight, which is much less than value tax.
  15. Wiring a cpap machine