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  1. I am thrilled when people (and especially children) ask the question rather than just assume they can approach the dog. It obviously gives the option to say No. Some dogs do enjoy meeting people. Enjoy getting the attention. For the more social dogs it is a pleasure to let them enjoy the attention of courteous people of all ages. Since my dog is out in public with me, interactions of all types are part of life. For me as well as my dog.
  2. I have run into this where the write up on the Escapee's page is not what the park honors when you call them. I do send a note to Escapee's but that doesn't necessarily mean they change the listing, unfortunately.
  3. In case anyone is looking for a spot, I got this today: Hello Camp Hosts, May has many wonderful opportunities to host in a Virginia State Park in one of the most beautiful times of the year! Please let me know if you can help, even if it is for part of the month. Grayson Highlands Equestrian Camp Host (full hookup) Occoneechee Camp Host Campground C (full hookup) Pocahontas Camp Host site 41 (full hookup) Twin Lakes Camp Host (full hookup) Kiptopeke Maintenance Host (full hookup) Grayson Highlands Retail hosts (water & electric) Feel free to share this with your networks. Thanks! Andrea Hasenfus Camp Host Program Manager VSPCamphost@dcr.virginia.gov (804)887-8930 (o) (703)232-3162 (c)
  4. I have contacted them more than once for help with my car. Other than a long wait sometimes when I was in a remote area, there has not been any issue getting the car handled
  5. Roadtrek1- I have a Mobile eye in my RV and it does many things but not recording. Mine is 2 years old so perhaps that has been added. What mine does is "read" signs to check if I am over the speed limit, notices if I am wandering out of my lane, getting to close to the car ahead. At slower speeds it also watches for pedestrians crossing my path, etc. Especially travelling alone, I appreciate the extra set of "eyes".
  6. My 2 cents - the web page is NOT always correct. I start there to see which ones are listed as allowing General Delivery. But I still call to check, having found some listed as allowing this,that really do not. I always tell them I am trying to set up a one time mail drop for when I pass thru. I have found that the 30 days they will hold it is not universal either. Some it is 15 days.
  7. Appreciate all the discussion. I had seen the per pet per day fee in a western region going back to when I started. It seemed at the time to be focused on the high attendance area. And yes it was per pet so my indoor cat counted too. When I got to a real person to talk about the water fee for a site with no water (for that had to make the reservation, let her file the issue with another area and then they issue a refund for the water) I asked her about the utility fees. She said Forest service has been doing this. Most parks appear to be reviewing their fees and are separating out the utilities. The only one she knows that has not been doing this is COE. But these break out fees apparently will be more common.
  8. My most recent attempts to reserve sites on recreation.gov are showing what feels like high utility costs when I apply my senior discount card. $20 a day site has half of that listed as an electric fee so the discount only ends up being $5 instead of $10. Last night I hit one that not only had an electric charge but then added on a $4 a day charge for water hookup (in this case the site doesn't even have a water hook up so I am on a "longer than expected" hold to see if a person can sort that out.) I do understand that the discount never did apply to separate utility charges, I had not seen these actually show up until now. Wondering if others are seeing this. Is it perhaps that I happen to be hitting places where a concession is running the park but the web page is no longer telling us that? I know those never did seem to come out to a 50% discount. Or has there been a general change to how the parks are priced? p.s. after 12 minutes waiting for my call to be "handled in the order it was received", the call was dumped with a recording that the reservation line was not available and call some other time.
  9. I ended up going to the Villages to get my paperwork done. Took in my PA papers to be redone. Will, Medical POA, living will. Living will she said was already worded fine. The other formss she did up for me based on the copies I brought her. I know I was way less than $500 but don't have anything complicated. I just wasn't finding someone I wanted around Bushnell. I first tried to use someone in Leesburg but they cancelled and then the assistant wasn't getting back with me about a new appointment after my calls. Another person at the Escapee's campground had just used Susan Dean and liked her, so I went there.
  10. not sure the best place to put this so sorry if this isn't it. wondering if any of you have had a problem with transferring your AAA membership to TX. I have been a member for 50 years and moved a number of times with no problem. When I sold the house in PA last March and hit the road, I sent them my change of address info. Did not think about the end of year too much until the battery in my towed car was dead in early Jan. Oh oh lapsed. I started contacting AAA to find out why I had not received any renewal information. I have spent weeks at this with TX continually trying to send me back to PA and PA confirming they had sent my stuff to TX when my address changed. I am on the road and won't hit Livingston till March. I got the national AAA folks involved. I have now received an email from TX that if I want to contact the new membership people about a "potential" transfer I can do that. Just wondering if the Escapees address creates a reluctance to accept our membership. AND no - I am not asking to know. If you have had good luck transferring - I am happy for you. If you have had problems continuing your membership when you changed to an Escapees address, I invite you to write to ipaulino@national.aaa.com and share your experience. yes I do have the roadside assistance thru Escapees and I do know it covers the towed car. But the reality is AAA has far more service contacts in many more places. To get someone to me for the car battery - the first provider was going to take three hours to get there. After two hours the provider actually called back in and cancelled their service so they had to find a second one to help me - two hour wait for that one. I was glad to get the help but I know there were closer places that could have given me a jump start. When I first got the RV, PA did not offer RV coverage. So I have kept two coverages. Not to mention of course that AAA had other services like maps and trip tiks that I appreciated. Sorry it has come to it that my 50 years of loyalty to AAA didn't count.. Sorry I have dragged on here. I am just hoping that if there is any kind of issue in TX that national can be aware and perhaps cause some improvement by hearing from folks
  11. Thank SWharton. I have tried that site as I end up off the beaten path often. Didn't think about adding for this guy. ** Edit. Turns out you cannot post on that site if work was not done. Can't post a warning about not showing or their not meeting appt commitments.
  12. Frustrated again. Getting work done is certainly a challenge. I am at the Bushnell park for a few weeks. Made an appointment with the mobile repair that I am told is here a lot. Today they were to be here between 10 and 12. Nope. Woman called at noon to say they were behind. She asked again about the items we had on my list. Then she say "of course they won't do it all today". Not what I understood when I made the appointment thru her. She said they would be here within the hour. Nope. No call, nothing. Showed up here after 4:30. He wasn't here to work of course but I could tell him (again) what I wanted so they could see what they could do when. The real clincher - not that he seemed sorry about standing me up - he told me this is how it goes. When he is at a place, people will come over to see if he can fix theirs too. He says he will take care of those people because if he doesn't they won't call him. What?!?! So people who have waited for their appointments have zip for priority? So did I want to show him my stuff. No. I pointed out he had just told me that I could not count on him showing up to do my work while I am here no matter if we make another appointment. He said that is how this business works. Claims to have been doing this 35 years. Amazing to me. But certainly getting repairs done by people who don't show up or don't get the work right is a major and not unusual frustrating situation living FT in the RV. Not sure when I will find the next chance. Is this really how business is done no days?
  13. Velos I also got the Paperwhite - deciding the back light would come in handy especially for bedtime reading. One thing though - you mention books through the library. Check which readers work with the library's system. When I became a Bushnell resident I discovered the Paperwhite was not one that worked on their system. Through Kindle it would have had to be a Fire (other types of options available too). I do use the listings for free books from Amazon. Realize these are often new authors or just one from the series. The point being to 1) up their "sale' numbers and 2) to get you interested so you buy the other books in the series. Mind you I have lots more books downloaded than I might ever get through nonetheless.
  14. I don't know how the rest of you are doing but this "new" system is a joke. (Yeah I cleaned that up). If you use the filters in your search you get stuff that doesn't apply and don't get parks that should have showed up. At the end of the cart timer, it didn't know how to release the campsite. A park that had damage and closed camp loops - no indication of that on the site and no email sent out to notify me that my 12 days worth of reservation was closed for the season - let alone a refund. Try booking for 14 days - and all 14 days have to be in the booking window now not just the beginning of the stay. All the Saved trips have disappeared. Etc, etc. Absolutely frustrating to try to use the new site. And of course the chat, phone and email go to recreation folks who have NO control over the mess happening with software. How was this company chosen and by whom? Obviously they don't have a grasp on what all the software needed to do.
  15. Just another side - I had found an A that I adored. But as I started looking at my plans for it to go into National Parks and my #1 plan - to spend lots off time on the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline drive, I had the first Ah Ha moment in that starting that drive from the north end you would very quickly come to an bridge that many Class A's are too tall to fit under. I also was not thrilled by seemingly everyone pushing that 8 1/2' width limit. I happened upon the Phoenix Cruisers and found my best match. Just over 10 feet tall and 7'9" wide - I liked those measurements much better. Lots of choices in each build including to have sliideouts or no slideouts on each model. Yep you lose the basement storage but I wasn't planning on taking the whole house on the road so I adapted. For myself I did go with one of their longest but many folks FT in the shorter ones. If you want to get off the beaten path they even have a 4X4 option. From their web site you can see an owner's forum that lets you learn more about what people are doing with them.
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