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  1. I believe you are right. Most of the charm is the look and the name these days. Most of our interest I think primarily was in the restoration of an old one, but we are learning it may not be the ideal fit for us due to lack of storage space.
  2. Good suggestion. We probably are just going to use what we have. We live the space in ours, and still have some space to put things. We're halfway into our first year and so far most of it has been pretty smooth. I think anything smaller would just be too much for us. We all have different levels of what we define as comfort.
  3. Yeah, that's what I have been doing. For the most part I am not disappointed with the rv. My wife just really likes the look of airstreams, and so do I, but we would probably live more comfortably in the one we have. Everything has it's pros and cons. The main reason I want to remodel one is that I will have control over all the materials that go in. We went into the rv museum in Amarillo, and the true wood and materials used then didn't have all of the voc's(including formaldehyde) that is in most materials now.
  4. We just jumped into everything this fall, and still have a lot to learn. We pretty much decided to go on the road in September, and was ready to go by the end of October. We have never weighed it, or done much to improve the handling. We are towing a Honda fit with a tow dolly, which is something we would probably not do again. There have been some windy days that have made traveling rough, but I also notice that going downhill it feels like it would be easy to lose control. We chose this one because there weren't many options at the time. I was traveling all over the state of Michigan looking at rvs, and it seems the better ones would sell by the time I could get to them. We are going to do 6 more months in it and probably sell it. I will have to weigh it next week when we get back on the road. We checked the tire pressure a couple months back and filled them. We are due to do that again. We are traveling light, and have pretty much used up a good part of our storage space in this, so I can see how it would be an issue in an airstream. I also find it struggles going uphill even though it is a v10. I think a lot of that is due to the car. We are towing a Honda Fit, which is a pretty small car, and we only keep a couple of gallons in the tank on travel days. We are more or less learning as we go. Thanks for the suggestions.
  5. Thanks for the reply. My dad had an airstream that he stayed in on the weekends, and one of the things he said was that they had limited storage space. It's incredible how much space a slideout can open up considering that they don't even go out that far.
  6. Thanks for all of the helpful information! We remodeled a house when we lived in it full time, now that we live in an rv full time we are looking to remodel one. It seems like they probably handle the road better. Every time we drive to a new location I feel us getting blown around a lot.
  7. My wife and I are thinking of remodeling an old airstream, but are wondering if it gets cramped since we are used to having slide outs? We also have two dogs.
  8. It's a question I don't ask, and really don't get asked much. Since I am in my 40's and my wife is 30, people always assume we don't have the means to travel long and will say,"Enjoy it while you can, " or "You're going to do it until the money runs out." Travelers are usually more interested in talking about places and experiences. With most people it doesn't matter what you do or did, and we all seem to be on the same level. I asked people that question a lot when I worked as a barber to make conversation, but generally don't on the road unless it is something that they seem like they want to share. Sometimes I say I am a writer, other times I just say I'm looking for my nitche.
  9. Thanks for the link! We have been to quite a few places that got high reviews on yelp, and when we got there the places were nothing like what they advertised and the half the amenities were out of order. 6 months on the road it has been hit or miss for us.
  10. Welcome, Although I am also new. We also just started 6 months ago and have received many blessings on the road. Whether you move a lot, or a little at a time, or not much at all it is a great lifestyle. Plus you get to spend more time outdoors in beautiful places.
  11. Here is where we stayed out there. Namon, the manager was so nice and helpful we sent him a gift basket after we left. It's a nice little town, nothing fancy, but on the streetthe rv park is on you will see a couple of campers on private land. I think there is actually some land for sale, but a, not 100 percent sure. http://bayoudarbonnecamp.net
  12. West Monroe LA. I have seen rv's on private land on the same street as nice houses. I have also seen trailers on the same street. I really liked West Monroe. I saw a guy with a lot of property on the Bayou D'arbonne in a small rv. This is also the same West Monroe that was made famous by the Robertson family in Duck Dynasty.
  13. Does anyone have any suggestions for cheap, temporary health insurance? I am going to avoid all debates and avoid explanations because I find things can get sticky on these forums fast.
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