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    Wife & I are looking at going full time later this year.
  1. Thank you both, When I bought the Brave it came with the Toyota,trailler & full inventory of supplies.So I never thought about their being a problem. I guess I was lucky drove to Fl,twice & then took a 60 leave & the wife & i went to CA & had a wonder full travel experience. Now we are ready to go full time, I just need to find the right unit & do this the right way.We don't have a lot of money so can not afford to make many mistakes. I will keep you informed as we go.I am sure I will be looking for more advise. We have a house to sell & lots of stuff to get rid of. Happy Motoring George
  2. I am shopping for a 30-35ft class A motor home. Plan on going full time.My question is I am driving a 2011 Ford Fusion, is this too much car? Should I get something smaller? Ten years ago we had a 1994 30ft Brave & pulled a Toyota with no problems at all. We were not ready to go full time & my wife's 5 kids all wanted to use it,so I sold it. Sorry I sold it but knew it would not last long in other's hands. I have learned a lot from this group & look forward the road ahead. Thank you & Happy Motoring.George Lewis Charlotte NC
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