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  1. We did it!!! We are now officially full-timers. The closing on our home was Friday the 15th. So we are now 5 days in as FTers. We have to stick in the area until I am done with treatments, along with other doctors, dental and eye appointments. Then we are free to go where the wind blows us. Can't wait. 😊
  2. Congrats NJTroy. I'm still purging stuff. We hope to list our home by the end of next month. As soon as it sells we will be FT'ers also.
  3. Sounds enjoyable. Can't wait for our turn. Have fun.
  4. Congratulations. So happy for you both. Hope you get over your colds soon. Where are you heading first?
  5. I'm interested in knowing what approved sources are. So far we have only used water from our well which, I love the taste of. We also filter it before it is put in the tank and under the kitchen sink. We also start our trips with a pitcher of filter drinking water. We will be going ft next year and we will want to be able to drink the water in the tank without worry. Thanks
  6. Great thread and advice. Many of the suggestions I had not thought of, but make sense. I think I will make a check list for bad weather like I have for setting up and tearing down. When we have a lot going on we have a tendency to forget the obvious. I would remember the awning and lawn chairs but forget the antennas, etc. I also would not have thought to know what county I was in. Again, good advice. Thanks
  7. Yes, time is getting closer but it still seems so far away. We are continually going through all our stuff. We laugh at some of what we have found from years and years ago. We will be putting our home up for sale the beginning of 2017. Kathryn
  8. We took our 1st adventure on the weekend of the 13th. We went to Mackinaw City, MI where it was very cold. That gave us the opportunity to test out our furnace. So glad it worked fine. This long weekend we have much warmer weather and get to try out the air conditioning, hot water and a few other things. We are still experiencing problems with our auto leveling jacks. It looks like another trip to have it looked at. I am so glad we got our motorhome this year so we can get all the kinks out before we go ft next year. Can't wait.
  9. Greenfield village and the museum are both very interesting and worth visiting. Plan a day at each.
  10. Thank you everyone for the great advice. We are thinking seriously about taking her out for our 45th anniversary in May. Perfect 1st trip in her. Our honeymoon was in a tent at Mackinaw under the bridge. You can't do that now. Anyway, I totally agree, need a trip before taking the Triplets.
  11. Kirk, sorry to be a pest, but this is all so new to us and I don't want to mess it up. So, I should unplug the electric from the house, wait 24 hrs, then check and see what the reading is? Plugged in it reads from 12.5 to 13.5. If the battery is good, how long should it hold a good charge not using anymore than an occasional light? Thanks so much for your help and patience.
  12. Thank you for these responses. It is just what I wanted to know. We are in Michigan and I have made reservations at the state park by our home for memorial weekend. I could not get a site with electric, as they were all taken. I believe quiet time starts at 8pm and generators are prohibited after that. I don't know what condition the battery is in. I have been plugged into our house electric for the couple weeks we've had it. It should not be freezing cold at that time,but in Michigan you just never know. If it was just us I wouldn't be too concerned but we are taking the 3 little ones and I want to make sure they are comfortable. Thanks again. I am slowly learning how our soon to be full time home works.
  13. I forgot to mention that we will not have electric hookup. Also I cannot find anywhere in the manual above on how to operate furnace. Thanks again.
  14. Thank you Pat & Pete. I really appreciate your quick response.
  15. We are anxiously awaiting warmer weather so we can go on our first outing. We will be taking our 3 year old grandkids with us and I know the nights will be cold. I figured out how to start the furnace, but I need to know if the generator needs to be on along with the propane. I feel overwhelmed with everything we need to know. I can't find anything on the furnace in the information that was given to us. It is a suburban shd-2542 furnace. Thank you.
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