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  1. This is very helpful information. Thank you. I'm going to order the Unite Explorer. There is an unlocked one available for $50 less than AT&T price. It will be a few weeks before I have it in hand due to shipping and remailing. If the JefaTech cooperates, I will probably get a USB to Ethernet adapter and stay on the current home network with a wired connection. I did see JefaTech now has a USB version that is new. That way, as you said, if there is good wifi available it's an easy switch over. I'll keep the Verizon as back up with Verizon when necessary. Thanks. Deb
  2. Thanks for all the info! Aggie- do your iPhones back up? Smitty - Can you explain what you mean about connecting directly to a Unite? Without the router? Blue Lightening - Yes, the JefaTech is a repeater, I guess I worded that wrong. It creates a home network that I have named and password protected. If there is an Xfinity hotspot (or similar) I connect that to the JefaTech then connect our devices to our home network. There is only one connection to the park or xfinity no matter how many devices I connect to my network. I guess that's the repeater part? It is a common Linksys G router that they have altered (flashed??) and it now repeats a wifi signal all thru the coach. It works completely wirelessly (except power) and has 1 incoming Cat 5 connection and 4 outgoing Cat 5 ports that I've never needed to connect to. No USB. I only use it wirelessly. I think the model is WRT54GL and it's the only one they sell marketed to RVs I think. There are 2 antenna ports, one in, one out. The out one has a rubber duck antenna. The in uses either a rubber duck or an antenna mounted on the ladder and connected by coax cable. I haven't used the exterior antenna in 6 months or more because it hasn't been worth the trouble. But when I have had good park signal, yes, every device works perfectly on the home wireless network. Lately, I've just used the router only for the network printer. That's a 2 step process if I'm printing from the internet and a cumbersome procedure. JefaTech says the reason the iPhone hotspot doesn't connect well is because it times out before it connects. I don't really think that's the problem but that's what they said. They also said it will connect to a hotspot but I can't see what the difference would be which I think is what you are saying also. If the iPhone and iPad see the hotspot as a wifi network, I don't think I'll need the repeater anymore. I would just move all the devices to the new hotspot network. As I reread the answeres, I think I need clarification on the Unite Explore before I buy it. Do only 5ghtz devices connect to it? How do I check my devices? Do all the devices on the Unite network need to be the same ghtz? If they aren't all 5ghtz do I use the router? Blue Lightning- thanks for the other option info. I think I should get the newest device that will work. They get old so quickly. And the end of month backups make sense too. I have a Verizon Jetpack that I used once with a prepaid card. I might be able to get an AT&T SIM card for that. Thanks again, I really appreciate the info. Deb
  3. Hi all, Hopefully, I'm not asking too many questions at once. I'm getting ready to add a hot spot device to my AT&T plan and am not sure it will do everything I want. Here are some of things I don't understand. Both my iPhone 6s and iPad Air 2 can only be only be backed up when "locked, plugged in and connected to wifi". There is no option to back up on cellular data and everything I've read states that is true without a jailbreak. So I haven't backed up in months. Again! Will a hotspot device be seen as a "wifi" for IOS backup purpose? My JefaTech router connects my printer, kindle and Chromecast to an internal network. I can connect the phone or any other device. But the router isn't connected to the internet. Occasionally, if there is good wifi available, I connect the router to the wifi, put the phone on the network and everything works great together (and the phone backs up). I can print from the internet with a click, etc. My goal is to make that happen on cellular since good public wifi isn't often available where I am. The router can't connect/maintain a connection with the iPhone personal hotspot. Any reason to think it will with a standalone device? Or will I not need the router and use the hotspot as my router? Either way, I think to print I will need to switch my phone to the hotspot or the router? On the east coast I'm happy with AT&T and the signal is usually pretty good. I have unlimited data. What I mostly need help understanding is how to back up my phone and print from my phone the easiest way. I may be making this more complicated that it should be but, as you can tell, I am not very technical. Thanks in advance for your help. Deb
  4. Just an update: We decided not to purchase the Motorhome with the popping floor tiles. It also had other issues. Your comments about the dealer and the condition of the units for sale made us think more carefully and played a part in our decision. Thanks! We are looking at another unit that we like as much and the difference between dealers is like night and day.
  5. Thanks, Kirk. We called several of the inspectors this morning. We have a few details pending with the dealer but once they are straightened out will probably go with RV Inspection Connection. We would like to do the oil analysis before paying for the inspection but that may prove to be too difficult. This has been very helpful information. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks dontrump. Will look into that product. We are looking at coaches approximately 10 years old that are listed in the $100-125k range. We are very surprised at the dealerships we've been to so far and what they are NOT doing and what they haven't done. Agree 100% the dealers should have these coaches ready to show. So far that is not what we are seeing. We realize the units are older but it is still a lot of money. We are beginning to think that we have to do a lot of clean up and some repairs ourselves. Unfortunately, we want to trade in our current unit so we have to shop at a dealer. Thanks!
  7. Thanks, Kirk. Very helpful. We had a pop up in the 80s, a very used Class B until about 5 years ago and now a Class C bought new. We don't consider ourselves very knowledgable and not at all when it comes to the complications of a 10 year old DP. Fortunately, we will be at Boot Camp in July. My background is construction and I've had experience with many types of flooring but only in structures that don't move. Sometimes floor tiles pop due to something as simple as a bad mix of adhesive or freezing temps. But in an RV I suspect the stress of driving could also be a cause. We have that checklist and will be using it next week when we return for a test drive. Once we are satisfied that the obvious defects can be resolved, we will have an inspection. Do you know of a good I nspector in the Ft Worth area? I was hoping the RV inspector also did the engine but from your comments it doesn't sound like it. Our SIL is a diesel mechanic but he is in NJ so we probably need to find someone local. The engine is a Cat C9 and would appreciate any suggestions of inspections. Again, thanks for the help.
  8. Thanks so much for the replies. That is what we thought also. The dealer has agreed to a new windshield and 8 new tires. Their shop doesn't do tile but they will get an estimate from a local outfit on repair and a complete floor replacement. We will have to pay for it if we purchase. There are 3 tiles (or partial tiles) in an area about 2' x 3' that are popping. I think they can be lifted without breaking so searching for matching tile wouldn't be an issue. The rest of the tile floor appears to be in good condition but we would have it all regrouted. The pen knife idea is good. If there had been water damage, would it have come from above or below the subfloor?
  9. Hello all. We are new to the site and to full timing. We are ready to trade in our Class C for a diesel pusher more suitable to full timing. We have been looking for quite awhile and know the features we want. We are looking at a unit that meets all our requirements. It needs a few things which the dealer will take care of except the one that concerns us most. The ceramic floor has cracked grout and a few loose tiles. We don't see signs of water damage and would probably have an inspection done. Would you run away or is this sometimes a reasonable repair? Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
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