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  1. Yesterday, during a TV news interview, USAF Vet demonstrated how the mental health lifeline for potentially suicidal Veteran's does not work. Called the hotline..."I'm have acute mental health issues , I need help now" ...call forwarded to "help" .... rang , rang, rang, numerous times... no answer. They finally hung up. I thought they fixed that ? Looks like time for more letters to McCain. Sad. In follow up, VA says they will re-train ER personnel . Charles
  2. MSG and Derek... I just read your posts to my son. All input was recognized as important and met with "thanks" , "I got this Dad" Your take is appreciated. We will proceed with appropriate attention to detail. Thanks. Charles
  3. Dick, Thank you. My son has a tendency to do disservice to himself by downplaying the current symptoms. I believe he definitely needs guidance thru the maze by "pros". I will share your posting. Charles
  4. Thanks men... I'll let SP4 Laine lead this formation. Options appreciated and forwarded. Charles
  5. Thanks Joe... will pass on the rec. .... we do not own membership tho' . I let him check it out. Charles
  6. Thanks for the reassurance Joe. I haven't used the VA in 30 years so my frame of reference is very outdated. Son has developed Tinnitus with high frequency hearing loss.... only took four years in the field.... as he has a perfect audiology exam at entrance physical. We noticed by the frequent use of "what ?"...in every conversation. He was unaware. We hope he gets the care to which he is entitled. Phoenix VA has taken some hard knocks. edit...thank you Stanley... have forwarded your response and link. Appreciated. We need to get him out of the mindset that his issues are somehow "minor" .... minor at 23 turns major at 40. Charles
  7. My son , recently honorably discharged from U.S. Army is navigating the maze to see if he is eligible for VA disability for documented shoulder impingement , documented knee damage, and documented hearing loss (Infantry). He is utilizing the VA here in the Phoenix metroplex. (yes, that one). All his evaluation "appointments" have been outsourced to civilian care providers. That causes me concern , as it is my experience that they (civilian sector) lack the understanding of the appropriate noun-verb-nouns to ensure he gets whatever he is entitled to receive. But, I may not understand current procedure. Any advice , recommendations , or "watch - out - fors" are appreciated. He has maintained excellent record keeping (and copies) of his medical records. My biggest concern is his "accepting" whatever they (civilian) say as Gospel. Thank you in advance. Charles
  8. Mark, I grew up in the Imperial Valley (California). The run from my hometown (El Centro) to San Diego , (and back) had grades of 6% for stretches of about 16 miles that take the driver from below sea level to about/over 4100 feet. This run involves some "summits" and some interesting switchbacks around Jacumba. When big rigs lose it on the final stretch down to the Imperial Valley they do not get a do-over. Very strong cross winds. Frequent over heated vehicles. The runaway truck ramps end is a big pile of sand . Even having lived there for my first 18 years it still gets my attention every time I make the trip.... The length of those 6 % declines can be surprising to the unexpecting driver. The last time I towed the run I was very thankful for good tires, and the tow /haul grade braking. A bit un-nerving to see the skeletonized vehicle frames laying at the bottom of the bouldered canyons. Charles
  9. Mark, Good thoughts..... I tend to get mesmerized when reviewing in lab test data comparing apples to oranges. Subjectively, (and anecdotal) it appears both camps are happy with the performance of the tow/haul grade braking in real world application. I'm thinking that matching RV weight to the TV capabilities is probably the crucial factor. I can say I saw a Duramax /Allison duelly with a tri-axle toy hauler blow by me on the 6% downgrade and, that driver did not appear to have any control issues. Then again, I tend to drive like a nun entering vespers. Charles
  10. Roger, Cheers ! Having lived in Colorado I am glad to hear of your towing satisfaction on the down slopes of the Rockies. It is my understanding that those DRV's are born hefty , and only get heavier from that point.... sounds as if you have the perfect engine / tranny combo for the job. Good choice. Charles
  11. Bill, Interesting technology... I imagine a few iterations from now we will just direct "Siri" to maintain speed at 62 mph regardless of grade .(or just correct as needed). Roy, I'm trying to get this current TV to the 20 year mark...I'm guessing the tech increases in the next 7 years will lead to some major changes in truck capabilities. So... I just need to learn to be satisfied with the current configuration. It does seem to be capable. Charles
  12. David.... Excellent explanation. Thank you . I'm guessing the first time you relied on the brake system (on a steep decline) it took a some faith. Traveler... Have not towed thru Utah yet. Will make sure the TV is at optimal when attempting that run... Those switchbacks require radio off attention ...no alpha waving. Charles
  13. Hybrid.... Nice rig. Looks like you didn't bring a pocket-knife to a gunfight. Just for clarification... is a "jake brake" tied in to the exhaust ? Do you have to activate it or is it full-time or on the fly ? Mark..with my rig... cruising speed / towing rpm lives at 2200. 6% incline hovers around 4000 rpm, 6 % decline with activated tow haul grade braking at about 55 mph... locks in around 3000 rpm. To be honest, I haven't mastered the braking at that first stop light after grade braking... occasionally triggers the dreaded wife-comment/correction response scenario. Apparently, I am still "a work in progress". but, I'm sure I'm the only one here with that status. Charles
  14. Not exactly sure of the "how" it works but do enjoy the result. This past weekend had the pleasure of driving a few 6% grade declines on I-17 between Flagstaff and Phoenix. Some moderate twisty - winding curves included and an intermittent gusting tail wind. Using grade braking with just the occasional truck/trailer brake assist was really able to feel "in-control" at all times. Much verbage is spent here on the getting up-the-hill aspect, seems the downhill performance is under appreciated. I know, no big deal, but, just wanted to tip the cap to the engineers that married the Allison to grade braking. Tranny temp gauge never budged.... checked all hubs, wheels, tires for signs of heat...none. Also, no aroma from the cab or brakes. Often we complain about the little things .... TV performance on grade declines is one of the big things we rarely hear many cheers about. I've never experienced a "jake brake" but if anything like what I have now you owners must be well pleased. What sayeth the platoon ? One of my mentors use to drill into me... "they pay us for the landing not the take-off." Charles 2003 Silverado 8.1L (496 cid), 4.1 rear end, Allison trans. 2013 Arctic Fox 29 5T, Silver Fox Edition, CAT scale (loaded) 12,600.
  15. You are welcome Dick. Some gave all.... Uncle (SGT U.S. Army )... Normandy. Shortly after he was KIA, the German forces on this front surrendered in droves. Proud of his service. Dad never found out until back stateside (for morale purposes). As far as we know, marker only , fate of remains unknown. Dynamic battlefield situation. 34 years young. Charles
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