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  1. Traveling through Ontario Canada

    We've crossed from the 1000 Islands bridge into Ontario on our way to Mosport (Canadian Tire Motorsports Park). We had no issues (but YMMV).
  2. On Board Diagnostics

    Be aware the scangauge has issues with some 2008 (and other years) volvos. When I plugged it in it caused a traction control fault. They said it's a known problem and they can't fix it.
  3. Bobtail mileage

    I get 6.5 towing and 9-10 bobtail on the highway.
  4. Rear Tire Pressure

    I went from 110 to 80psi in the rear (we are dual axle). It made a huge difference in ride comfort, especially over really bad bridge joints. I do have axle weights with the trailer on, and could run as low as 70PSI according to the tire manufacturer's charts but that seems really low so I haven't tried that yet.
  5. How do you know when shocks are shot?

    I just realized I never posted a follow-up. We got 4 new drive tires installed in March. We're not singled, and the shop set all the drive tires to 110 PSI. Dropping the drive tire pressures to 80 totally changed the way the truck absorbs bumps now. It's still not a super smooth ride but it's nearly like a new truck.
  6. Found this today: https://truckyeah.jalopnik.com/we-found-out-if-a-used-big-rig-could-replace-your-picku-1686364410
  7. odd tire wear on Continental HTL2 tire

    I met with the regional Continental Truck Tire rep today. We're off to a good start. He's collected some data and pictures and is going to talk to resources within Continental. One thing he suggested is that the Conti HTR2 might be a better tire for high scrub applications as the HTL2 is focused more on low rolling resistance. He may be able to get me one to try out. For now I'm going to move the HTL2s to the center axle and see how they wear while we figure out the next step.
  8. Freightliner FL70

    I had a FL60 with a 5.9 Cummins (230HP) and a 6-speed manual transmission. It was good, but not enough power (and not enough gears to keep it in the power range). Compared to the Volvo, it was quite a bit louder and less comfortable on the highway. A class-8 truck will be a better ride with more power.
  9. odd tire wear on Continental HTL2 tire

    Yeah. I also realized that in getting out of my neighborhood I have to make 2 tight left turns, both of which require me to back up part-way thru to make the turns. My tires must hate me.
  10. odd tire wear on Continental HTL2 tire

    Doh. It's been a long week. Maybe I should try 1/4 of a 720 degree turn instead?
  11. odd tire wear on Continental HTL2 tire

    It's roughly total length. My spot might be one more towards the 'top' of the photo, not sure off the top of my head. In terms of space between my row and the row opposite us, the space is about the same length as the Volvo, so I can't imagine getting the trailer to start turning in that distance. The lot is really tight--we're forced to have less than 2' on either side of each spot, so I'm concerned about hitting something :-) The axles on the trailer are closer to the end than the middle, so it seems like the trailer is very slow to start moving. Plus I've only got a year experience parking the thing. I'll try to grab some photos of the lot next time I'm there.
  12. odd tire wear on Continental HTL2 tire

    That's a good idea....I am probably doing this 18 times a year, give or take.
  13. odd tire wear on Continental HTL2 tire

    The photo is out of date. There are trailers and trucks parked across from my spot, so the only way to get in is to back in....i updated the photo a bit:
  14. odd tire wear on Continental HTL2 tire

    The trailer's going in for a look in a week. I checked bearings for play when I had it up on a jack and it didn't seem to be a problem. I spoke with the rep from Continental today and he's going to meet me next week to look at the tires. He said he'd have no problems replacing the tires if need be. I keep wondering if it is scrub-related, as the inside of the RF tire shows some similar signs. When I park, I have been doing a 360 degree turn in a cul-de-sac, and then backing in. The truck and trailer are at a 90 degree angle for a good part of the turn, and the tires are scrubbing quite a bit. I think I'm going to change up to a 3-point (or multi-point) turn to get turned around. One of my parking neighbors is has a low-bed tri-axle (and another tri-axle) and he said that has worked ok for him. In this pic the red line is my path to get turned around, and the blue line is where I back into the parking spot:
  15. odd tire wear on Continental HTL2 tire

    Ouch. That hurts. Our trailer doesn't move much, as we only use it to move race cars every 3-4 weeks. The tire didn't catch my attention before our last trip, but did this time as I was performing regular maintenance. Are you saying this tire will go at any minute?