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  1. jeffw

    Removing VED12 EPG shutter

    Without the EPG the truck could be slower to warm up, and may struggle to stay at temperature for extended idles in cold weather.
  2. jeffw

    Tires Hot?

    I have a TPMS with temperature, and the inside tires are always a bit warmer.
  3. jeffw

    Splitter woes

    It was still failing after the TCU was replaced. They had cleaned the range valve and replaced the O-rings in it, but not replaced it. I insisted and it solved the problem.
  4. jeffw

    Splitter woes

    Interesting data points. The actual problem on our truck was the Range Valve. Swapped that and it was solid for the drive on Saturday.
  5. jeffw

    Splitter woes

    The mechanic called today and said it was the transmission control unit. 😞 $1300 for parts.
  6. jeffw

    Splitter woes

    We have a 2007 780 (D12) with a 10-speed Eaton Fuller Ultrashift rto-16910b-dm3 On the way to the race track today, the splitter would sometimes not work, and the transmission wouldn't be able to switch ranges. The gear display would alternate between showing F and a gear. For a while it was stuck in low rage, when meant 20MPH top speed. I pulled to the breakdown lane and checked the diag display which showed: Splitter High actuator (VAHS) Electrical fault inactive (7 events) MID 130 SID 35 FMI 5 Splitter High actuator (VAHS) Mechanical fault active MID 130 SID 35 FMI 7 I also retrieved the fault codes from the transmission (2 or 4 key turns) and got 41 and 43 I drove for a bit in the breakdown lane at 20MPH and eventually it shifted from 5th to 7th and I was able to limp it to the track. The track folks called a local shop they use and they're going to come look tomorrow. I've got a video of the problem at: https://www.dropbox.com/s/69s0l1ujmz25cvj/ultrashift fail.MOV?dl=0 Any ideas what it could be?
  7. jeffw

    Volvo running warm

    Have you replaced the radiator cap? Have you had the system pressure tested?
  8. jeffw

    Engine Brake Volvo D12

    If you start the truck with low air in the tanks, you should also hear the exhaust brake come on as air pressure builds after you start the engine. The Volvos use the exhaust brake to help the engine warm up faster (and stay warm at idle).
  9. jeffw

    Tire Pressures

    We have 17.5"s as well. Starting at 125 we'll see over 150psi on long trips on hot days.
  10. jeffw

    Cruise control revisited

    I would hope the computer diagnostics would be able to say where the brake application is coming from. Has anyone investigated that?
  11. jeffw


    Thanks for sharing. I'm sure it's hard to do, but it's good for us to learn from others, for sure.
  12. jeffw

    780 trans not shifting .

    You should try to pull the codes: https://www.zf.com/usa_canada/media/zfmig_united_states/zfmig_corporate_replacement_parts_1/zfmig_service_portfolio/zfmig_class8/TP01110.pdf
  13. jeffw

    AIR LEAKS-I give up!

    Keep in mind the engine brake uses air too. It's a place where you could end up consuming a good amount of air.
  14. jeffw

    HDT Tires

    I've also got Kelly drive tires. They're the side brand of Goodyear. My mechanic uses the on their fleet and has had good luck with them.
  15. jeffw

    Traveling through Ontario Canada

    We've crossed from the 1000 Islands bridge into Ontario on our way to Mosport (Canadian Tire Motorsports Park). We had no issues (but YMMV).