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  1. On my 2008 DynaQuest 360XL, the only way I can find to access the Fresh Water Tank is through the shore water hose which is on a hose reel. To introduce a sanitizing solution into the fresh water tank, I use a small brass "siphon mixer" (invented to siphon and dilute fertilizer/herbicide concentrate through a water hose). The dilution rate is 1 gallon of sanitizing solution to16 gallons of water. It also sanitizes the shore water hose. "
  2. Occasionally have difficulty plugging and unplugging 50amp male from various female adapters/sockets. Most suggestions involve the application of brute strength, repeatedly plugging and unplugging the connection. Recently discovered a supposedly dielectric dry lubricant called "Strike Hold" http://strikehold.com/strike-hold-cdlp/ Does anyone have experience with this product -- or -- any suggestions on how to overcome this problem?
  3. Check the date of production imprinted on the sidewall of the tires Conventional wisdom is to replace tires after 6 or 7 years regardless of treadwear Michelin recommends a MAXIMUM of 10 years -- most other Mfg's recommend less Rubber oxidizes from exposure to air, ozone, ultraviolet, etc. (tire rot) -- the tires are full of air @ 50-60 PSI Even with the best of care, they will deteriorate from the inside out Take care -- your life may depend on it I speak from experience
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