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  1. I went with this one seems very well built https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01LAHCOQ4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  2. Just emailed the AZ Senators and Congressman Dear Senator XXX, I understand that the federal government is proposing changes in the National Parks system that reduces or eliminates the benefits to seniors who have purchased a “senior pass” to enter the parks. I am asking you to oppose any moves that eliminate this small but very precious perk to retired Americans. Please protect our senior pass benefits! Thank You, Your Name
  3. Just got back from the shakedown run, I prefer the carport but 1st quote was 5 grand 🤑 waiting on another bid also my setbacks might be a problem Thanks for all the input
  4. Well it will be parked next to my house and we camp all year pretty much, the one I was looking at has a lot of tie downs. https://www.nationalrvcovers.com/s2expedition-rv-covers/Travel--Trailer/24.html
  5. Just popped for a 2020 Transcend and was pricing carports to keep out of Az sun but they are expensive. Does anyone use a cover if so what type and recommendations .Thanks
  6. OK, thanks guys I will cut down on keeping them overcharged. Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving will be at Alamo Lake trying to catch some fish
  7. I have 2 6 volt batteries and the negative wire grounded to the chassis, but now I am seeing rust start up and what looks like battery corrosion under the battery tray. should I have the negative wire grounded to something else?
  8. I went with the Nexgrill 2-Burner Portable Propane Gas Table Top Grill in Stainless Steel, but it flamed up way to much cooking burgers and steaks so I sold it and got the Weber Q 1200 in blue and then picked up the griddle for it, Very pleased with it and loving the griddle. Seasoned the griddle well and cooking eggs and pancakes with no sticking. Thanks for the input all.
  9. I just got about 20 emails with the same ,Help
  10. not sure if rv ac's have a codensation line like other ac but they do get clogged sometimes .
  11. Costco has Yamaha A-IPower 1600W Running / 2000W Peak Yamaha Powered Gas Inverter Generator for $499. I have a honda but for that price might of went Yamaha
  12. I got the Oxygenics fury and am very happy with it, also after a year the hose connection got a crack and they sent me a new one so also pleased with customer service.
  13. https://www.sanidumps.com/locationmap2.php?id=7817 https://www.sanidumps.com/locationmap2.php?id=14859 These are close to Parker not sure about other rv parks that let you dump. We swung in to Bouse Community Park all are about $10. Hope that helps
  14. SCClockDr ,they are in Rimrock, AZ they were on our neighborhood Facebook page.
  15. thanks all for the info, think I am going to pass on this
  16. Some one in the area is selling a solar panel that is 4x2 and for 12 volt but thatvis all they know,is there any way to figure wattage on this by the size of the panel or would there be anything on the frame? This is the photo of it.Thanks
  17. Not even sure I would install the horst , was just wondering if they worked which it seems that they do. Will more than likely just keep an eye and ear on the tanks and let them speak to me 😁
  18. Except see level are more costly than the Horst See level are more expensive than the horst , penny saved
  19. Wondering if anyone here has installed these and if so how they worked, seems like a good idea. http://www.rvprobes.com/home.html
  20. I have friends that we camp with and they just picked up the Grand Design Imagine and it looks pretty well built and solid with some nice features. Got my wife wanting one, https://www.granddesignrv.com/showroom/2017/travel-trailer/reflection/floorplans/313rlts
  21. mesa

    FR 611

    https://goo.gl/photos/zSsgnNnaLJK7ewYy9 See if this works.
  22. mesa

    FR 611

    I have a video but I doubt I can upload that much on this site.
  23. mesa

    FR 611

    Found a great spot on FR 611 near the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. A couple pics from our campsite. A big storm that came in was very cool to watch.
  24. Just to throw my 2 cents in ,I picked up 2 Trojan 105s and I can go 5 nights without the generator possibly more since our battery level is still reading 2/3 juice left,but 5 is usually what we do dry camping. We practice energy efficiency but we still will watch TV for maybe a hour a night. Plus I will take a shower about every other day so the pump gets used. I picked up mine for $93 a piece so it was a no brainer to get them. Meanwhile our camping friends are running there gen, early am and late evening.
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