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  1. This is very different than what I understood as the rule for telecommuters. Unless Michigan has a special rule for telecommuters, my understanding is that states cannot charge permanent out-of-state employees with in-state income taxes. The rule you describe is most likely for employees who physically live in a no-income-tax state (for example New Hampshire) but commute to company in an income-tax state (for example Massachusetts). For telecommuters, it's mainly about where you are physically working from and I think there's a rule that the company does not have a dedicated space (office, cubicle) for you in the company building. This is just my experience telecommuting for many years, YMMV.
  2. Yes, I think so... that's why I was thinking to either pick up at the BC dealer or have transported to BC so I can imported into US. It's negligible customs and duty taxes (something like less than 2.5%)... thanks to NAFTA
  3. Thanks, I will contact those companies if we end up still buying with the ultralight trailer.
  4. Yarome, these are great options.. thank you... are you in RV sales? The R-Pods look great.. but just not big enough to compare. The Nash 17K looks solidly constructed... I'm just doubting the weight numbers based on the materials used and multiple dealers posting different numbers weighing up to 4400 lbs dry. ?? it would be awesome if it really came in under 3900lbs. What about the Airstream Sport 22FB ?
  5. Thanks, can you suggest anything else like a 23ft TT weighing around 3500lbs ?
  6. Thanks Michael for the suggestion. After watching a few episodes of Shipping Wars, I get pretty scared to have these guys transport anything
  7. The travel trailer I'm interested in buying is in the Quebec area.. the west coast dealer says it is too costly for them to bring it out to the west coast. They ask if I can go there to pick it up... which is too hard for us with a dog and baby (the whole point of me buying a RV, so we don't have to find pet-friendly hotel each time). Can anyone suggest how to get a 23ft trailer to Vancouver or anywhere near WA, OR, or CA ? Could this be a gig for someone on this forum? or better to hire a professional company to do this?
  8. OP, I'm new and planning to do RVing soon. I work remotely for an Alaska company that has some hotels and restaurants... not sure if that's of interest... PM me, if so. We're planning to do a RV trip to Alaska this year when the weather is better... I've never been there but figured that RVing is a good way to show up physically at my company.
  9. Hi, newbie here... not sure if this is the place to post, so please help redirect me, if necessary. I saw a bunch of new startups centered around telecommuters touring the world staying at a foreign destination 1 month at a time. However, due to our family having a dog and children, we wouldn't qualify. I was wondering if there are RV travel groups centered around telecommuting families traveling the lower 48 and Alaska? If not, it would be nice to see if there is interest in traveling to different areas of the country as a group to help facilitate specific issues like: Internet connectivity, homeschooling, day trips for children to visit landmarks, safety, etc. Thanks!
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