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  1. macintyre

    Good or Bad Idea?

    The comments you all gave are much appreciated. It is easy to see that we all have our own thoughts on whether we can use our propane appliances while being on the move. I take each opinion you presented seriously and I thank you for taking the time to answer. The Forum is a great place to get informed by those that are RV users. Safe travel to each of you.
  2. macintyre

    Good or Bad Idea?

    Has anyone had their propane furnace operating while moving down the road. I have not seen this addressed in prior topics. Leaving from cold climate in January and heading warm, thought about putting furnace on an hour or so prior to stopping. I am pulling a 5ver.
  3. macintyre

    Bird Poop

    The key to the owls is to change their location every few days. It won't take much but 2 or 3 feet makes it spear they are leaving and returning.
  4. macintyre

    Bird Poop

    Depending on which birds are the poopers, you could get a known predictor bird and put it near your truck. Artificial owls work wonderfully foe many birds.
  5. Ready Brute Elite tow bar with surge brake, legal 50 states. Used 5 years of occasional camping. Asking $550.00? Located in West Branch, Michigan.
  6. macintyre

    A Brand Newbie

    Take a look at agingonwheels.com, Carol has a situation Simular to yours and puts out a great blog. I think she would communicate with you and put your mind at ease.