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  1. Good point about repairs. Wonder how long these have been on the market.
  2. Just woundering if any one has used either the Generac or Briggs generators. I was looking at the Briggs P2200 with parallel capability and from the lititure looked good.
  3. I like the flames. We just our sign and graphics company and we did a few flame jobs, but never on a semi. The cameo is a 35fd3. We also belong to the carriage forums, haven't been there in awhile.
  4. Truck is all stock, still has the 144CI straight six with 3 on the tree. We have more fun with this than the muscle cars and harleys we have had in the past. Stopping to get gas or groceries we have to add 20 min to the trip for the pictures and people wanting to stop and talk.
  5. Thanks Alie & Jim, I was using a small tablet and looks like not all of the task bar shows up. Switched to a desk top and see a lot more options are available. Also have never used Google photos but will start learning about it. Thanks for the tip. I edited my original post with a better picture of the econoline.
  6. I do, but am having trouble getting photos to upload.
  7. This our new to us 2009 Carriage Cameo. We may have to upgrade the old Ford or get some helper springs. John..
  8. I have owned a sign shop for the last 13 years and have done a lot of stripe and graphic replacements on RVs. The best way we have found to remove old stripes was using a heat gun and plastic scrapers to first remove the vinyl and then go over the left over adhesive with rapid remover. This stuff works the best of anything we have found. I have included the description from our suppliers website. The stuff comes in quarts and gallon sizes. Our cost for a quart runs around $20.00 and a gallon runs $65. A typical 35' Montana 5th wheel would use about a quart of product. I am not selling the remover just letting you know the cost involved. Maybe check with your local sign shop to see if they have any for sale. Just my 2 cents. An environmentally friendly product, great for removing adhesive left by decals and vinyl graphics. Rapid Remover is a non-toxic, water-soluble methanol based solution with a mild citrus odor that breaks down and removes adhesives fast. Spray it on, wait thirty to sixty seconds, and easily wipe it off with a plastic squeegee, with no damage to painted or bare metal surfaces.
  9. I too was having difficulty this summer with getting fuel at a couple of truck stops. One was a Speedway and not sure the other name, but I pulled up to the pumps for trucks and had to go into activate pump and they asked if I had an account, said no I just need fuel, they stated that the pumps were commercial accounts only and that I had to use the diesel pump at the auto island. There was no way that I could make the turns at the auto island with a 36' fifth wheel. Is this typical?
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