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  1. Scrap thanks for the info. #1 does not have Hill Assist. I have the build sheet for three of RDO's trucks (730) and none have it. Also just found out #1 was smoked in so I dropped that one, but they have another more, but the next cheaper one has all the same above but only 505k mileage. Next one after that is at 486k, then 426k, then 401k. Of course price goes up about 2k each step. The issue I have with #2 is they have no maintenance history at all, they state they are a Volvo dealer so I would think if the truck was serviced at a Volvo dealer it would show up. Not sure what SmartWay is, but I do intend to take off commercial hitch and make a bed. Also planning on keeping it for awhile. I suspect once I am done I would be selling to an up and coming HDT owner. Thanks
  2. The original 730 I was looking at was smoked in. They have a few just have to pay a bit more. Thanks for the 30 day transit permit, that helps. Bob
  3. A bit more information. Both have iShift. #1 Was a gain hauler 13,200 front Axle 38k rear axles Located at RDO Truck Center Fargo, ND Build Date: 02/24/2012 In Service Date: 03/30/2012 Waiting answer on maintence records I know some members have purchased from RDO and have been pleased with their results. #2 Hauled dry van trailers 13,200 front axle 38k rear axles Located at Dave Syverson Truck Centers in Albert Lea, MN Build Date: 08/15/2012 In Service Date: 09/21/2012 They have no maintenance records Thanks
  4. Both are 2013 730 about the same price, but there are some differences that I'm not sure really make much difference. I included the Volvo Code for some in parentheses. Let me know if you think that the differences on #2 make it that much better. #1 Has: D13 425HP Eco-Torque 2100RPM 1750/1450 LBFT EPA10 (But dealer has stated this is been reprogrammed to 500HP) 505k Mileage 229 Wheelbase 2.47 Rear end Light Weight Package (924001) Not really sure what this is. Electronic Viscous Fan Clutch (208025) Both Driver & Passenger have National Comfort Air Susp W/Back Cycler Non Cancelling Turn Signals (Really?) #2 Has: D13 455HP Eco-Torque 2100RPM 1750/1550 LBFT EPA10 440k Mileage 233 Wheelbase 2.47 Rear end EPA Smartway Compliant Fuel Economy Package (927001) EPA Smartway (B2BA1x) Kysor On/Off Fan Clutch (208021) Hill Start Assist Transmission Eco-Roll, Enabled in Stalk Position "A" Volvo Transmission Eco-Roll Control, Stalk (Part of above) Comfort Seat, Suspension (32G8) (Driver side I am guessing) National Seat (35D1) Both have Trans Performance Mode with auto return to economy. Thanks
  5. Yup 571k, 730, iShift. They have a few of them. Last I saw was these were grain haulers, not sure if that's good or bad. I will have to start to gather up all the items and place them in a list so I don't forget. Maybe their cost for parts and pay for labor. Don't know how much dealers are willing to wheel & deal. Thanks
  6. Did a quick search on harness leaking and saw that Jack Meyer had his replaced on a 2015 D13, looked like he had to pay for it, but I would have thought a 2015 in 2016 would still be under warranty. Also saw posts on D12 & D16 with a similar issue so I would also have thought Volvo would have fixed this by now. So it appears to affects all years and engines. Thanks
  7. Roger, Thanks for the input. It's a 2013 so not sure if the harness is an issue, I'll do a search and see what I can find. Was planning on having them take off the commercial plate, I'll see if they will change all fluids/filter at their cost. Was also looking to have them so some ECU changes, no speed limit, no idea shut down, configure to owner operator, slowest speed for cruise, starting gear to 3rd, etc. So did John have a third party inspection done? Did they single it for you also? Thanks, Bob
  8. Found a truck and need to have it inspected. Anyone know of any inspection services/places in the Fargo area? Truck is at RDO Truck Center, they have a dyno nearby so that can be taken care of but just need a physical inspection done before I fly up to look at. Thanks
  9. Here's an example: http://www.rdotruckcenter.com/inventory/trucks/details/847/u130348/2013-volvo-vnl64t730/ Here' another: http://www.truckpaper.com/listings/trucks/for-sale/7802447/2013-volvo-vnl64t730 As far as which iShift not sure.
  10. I see a lot of the 730's with D13 currently on the market with 2.47 rear ends. Is this too tall for most of the users here? I did some searching and saw a video Greg (RV Hauler WILSON Intro Model 730 ishift with 2.64 rear end ratio) did on a 730 with 2.64 gearing but is 2.47 just too tall? I understand that there are a lot of variables here and that there maybe several different iShift models with different gearbox ratios. Currently looking for a 730, adding Smart on back with 36-38' 5th wheel just not sure about this tall of a rear end. Any one here with this rear end?
  11. Just FYI, I was looking at this post for the iShift Warranty information and I also found this in a Volvo brochure. Just thought I would pass it along. Not sure if the warranty is transferable past the original owner. "The I-Shift transmission is backed by a warranty of up to five years or 750,000 miles (whichever comes first) on parts and labor."
  12. Thanks everyone, we are looking for used not new so that limits the search. I am willing to modify, in some cases removing the second couch and building desk/media center and replacing the existing couch with media seating, so that's an option. So maybe finding the best kitchen layout and then modifying the TV/media viewing area. Anyone tried this? Thanks
  13. Hi, We are looking at some options. We are currently looking at either HDT/5TH Wheel to be able to load a Smart car and HD motorcycle or a used DP towing an enclosed cargo trailer to haul car/motorcycle. There are two areas we like about 5th wheel floor plans, kitchen counter space and storage and TV viewing arrangements where there are two recliner directly across from a large screen TV. Most DP we see you have to sit on couches and turn toward a TV usually above the driver/passenger area not great for TV viewing. So my question is does anyone know of a DP model that is more like a 5th wheel floor plan? Also who here is towing a large cargo trailer behind a DP with a car, motorcycle, etc and how well does that work for you? Thanks
  14. RickS and bmzero, thanks for the pictures, both great looking trucks. The picture I posted was just to show the cabinets replacing the upper bunk as an option. By replacing the upper bunk with cabinets you gain storage but will have to use the workstation for both table and bed, as the workstation/table is not really usable when the upper bunk is down if using the upper bunk for additional storage. In our case not a big issue (I think) as its only DW and I, well two small mutts too. So the extra storage gained by cabinets is a plus.
  15. I have seen some pictures of 730's with cabinets in place of the upper bunk. So if I do end up with a 730, I was thinking of either finding the Volvo cabinets or building some. Just not sure if we would be missing anything else with a 730 over a 780.
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