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    Love to drive, travel. Just sold my house and leaving in September 2016 to live full time in 19ft. trailer with my two dogs and parrot.

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  1. Rats crawling into my engne

    just googled "can you spray peppermint oil on a truck engine" and came up with a video, they guy soaked cotton balls with the oil, placing all around the engine. Said it works great, so that makes more sense to me, rather than spraying it.. thanks for that tip!
  2. Rats crawling into my engne

    Hi Jim, What I'm wondering about that peppermint oil is, isn't peppermint kind of sticky, since it has a lot of sugar in it? I'd be concerned about it on the engine, and different parts under the hood. I guess if you haven't had a problem, it's probably fine, but now that you've mentioned it, it's a good question next time I'm at the Ford dealer. Thanks for that barbara
  3. Rats crawling into my engne

    Funny that of all things to know about Rv'ing, understanding rats is one of them,,,, I saw a lady alone camping where I was last week, and she had her hood up. I almost stopped to ask her if there was something wrong with her truck. I bet she knew about the rats! I think I'm going with the lights. .For some reason, I'm hesitant to leave the hood up. Too much risk maybe with someone other than rats messing with my truck... I know, small chance, but a chance just the same. Right now I'm at a nice place with three cats roaming around.. Not the first time I've seen "campground cats" so I think I have little to worry about here. I appreciate the dialog here and knowing what you all do. Funny though, up till last week, I''ve never seen anyone with their truck hoods up. Maybe they've just been lucky Barbara
  4. Rats crawling into my engne

    I like the idea of the mothballs, if I don't put down the light strip. If I left the hood unlatched, knowing me and how sometimes I'm in a rush, I'd most likely forget, suddenly remembering when I'm on the freeway doing sixty... But I see all this as learning experiences, and I went to some very remote places in Wyoming and Colorado, and being alone, my gut told me not such a great idea.... I'm pretty gutsy, but common sense told me it wasn't smart. Will get moth balls and a light strip, since I'm heading through the mountains in West Virginia next summer. I'm sure there's lots of rats up there!! thanks again Barbara s
  5. Use flashing LED lights as rodent deterrent

    A ha- Didn't see this thread, I just asked the same question. I wonder if just putting one string of lights running from front to back under my trailer will work just as well, rather then having a longer string all around. I wondered why so many RV's had lights around them, now I know! Barbara
  6. Rats crawling into my engne

    Thank you Chirakawa, hadn't thought of that! I've learned a lot about living in my little trailer over the past year, and for me, I like staying in campgrounds where my phone works, and internet, people nearby if I need them for something. I've met some wonderful people who have had me for meals, fixed stuff without my asking, and just generally nice people. I tried boondocking, not for me. too remote, in case something goes wrong, like this Hi Bob, yes, was told about the lights, and wonder, is that why people string lights all around their RV's? Can try that also. I think this is just one example of things we don't think will happen when we're out in the middle of nowhere. I thought driving an almost new truck, I'd be all set, but wrong on that! Thanks Kirk, will look for it. thanks everyone Barbara
  7. Rats crawling into my engne

    I'm wondering if any of you know how to keep rodents away from our truck's engines? I had an incident this summer camping next to a lake and small brush nearby. My almost new truck, 2016, wouldn't start, and gas spewed up from under the hood. Had it towed to Ford, and they found a gas line chewed almost in half by some kind of mouse or rat. Cost me four hundred bucks. Someone mentioned lights underneath at night, but not sure how to do that. Has anyone here had trouble with rodents destroying your trucks? I have a towing service, but it took work trying to get someone to come rescue me as I was pretty remote. Not fun being stuck, Thanks if anyone has any ideas, Barbara
  8. silicon valley full timers

    I can relate to this for two reasons. First, I lived in Mountain View California, just a few miles from Palo Alto back in the eighties.. I paid a grand total of $140.00 per month for a very comfortable one bedroom with a laundry room, courtyard with beautiful gardens, and a swimming pool. I was only twenty five supporting myself, and doing pretty well. So last year for some reason I decided to look at Mountain View real estate, and to my surprise, there was my same apartment. Now called a condo, it was available to rent for $2,800. I was shocked.. The other reason I can relate to this, is because at my age of sixty two almost, paying a large mortgage payment each month on a house that needed work and was too big for me, as well as lost equity, buying a travel trailer and trying out this lifestyle was my best option. It's a very affordable way to live, and in time will purchase another home. I grew up in an amazing coastal town in New England, and now I know I can never go home.. Just to purchase a condo I'd need at least $300K for a one bedroom, no yard, surrounded by neighbors, No thanks I feel for these people, knowing that they can barely afford to live where they grew up.
  9. Is anybody here down at Rainbow Plantation?

    I suppose by now the storm has reached you, and hope all is well in the morning. It was a wise choice to load up that trailer with water. Take care Barbara
  10. Is anybody here down at Rainbow Plantation?

    Hi again Greg, I just read your latest post on your blog, good that you have a safe place just in case also. I was wondering, I'm not sure how large your Rv is, can't tell from the photo, but I was wondering if you parked it somewhere more out of the wind, near a building, or close to other Rv's? Not sure if that would make a difference. I have never been in 70 MPH winds before, but I think it was smart of you to weigh it down as you did. My little twenty footer would probably be gone in a wind like that. I was just up in Kansas and a storm came from out of nowhere.. I though a tornado was coming, so all I could think of was to hitch the truck back up, hoping that would help Turned out it wasn't a tornado, but the winds were gusting pretty fierce. A bit scary, Hope all is well, Barbara
  11. Is anybody here down at Rainbow Plantation?

    Thanks so much for letting me know Greg- Since I'm from New England, hurricanes are not something I'm familiar with. Having Rv's down there, of course, is not like living in a solid home with more protection, so I'm glad everyone went to motels. Hopefully the season is done in a few weeks when I get there, but when I googled hurricane season, it mentioned it lasts through the end of November.. I'd be the first one to get a motel room if another comes! thanks again Barbara
  12. I'm on my way down there for the winter, and thankful that I changed my plans to get there a bit early. Is anyone here down there? The radar models show hurricane Nate to be heading straight for you all, so I'm wondering if you've left, decided to stay, or anything else you can share. . I"m quite sure you've all found a safe place by now if you have decided to leave, as tonight is when it's supposed to reach land. I"m not due to be there for a few more weeks and I hope hurricane season is over by then, Hope you all have a safe place to wait it out, Barbara
  13. Homesick, Help!

    Thank you Greg. I appreciate your help very much. I plan to travel up and down the east coast, saving money for another house near the sea. This is clearly a very tight knit group of folks here, some of whom spend hours and days on here posting, from the looks of it. I'm just on here for information and have ignored the unnecessary responses, especially Kirks. There are folks who just need to insert their own comments for personal gain, and it's not worth my time to pay any attention. This thread, with the exception of the few who understood and helped me, was like something that happened a while back. I asked someone where the nearest Verizon store was, and she said, "Well, there's AT&T right across the street. Okay... Funny, Thanks again to all who were so very helpful. Barbara
  14. Homesick, Help!

    Thanks to Big Greg, will check out that scuba place. I really don't want to respond to all this back and forth banter anymore. I asked a question, got my answer. Thanks again to those who helped me so much. Barbara
  15. Homesick, Help!

    Hey MP, all I can say is, it's easy to be critical of someone else. You must have a life that always goes in a straight line, with no issues that pop up, no tragedies, no problems of any kind, good for me. I have had recent experiences and loss that I will not mention on the forum, so if you wish to add you two cents of criticism, go for it. I'm short on time and wifi, and heading south to where I may not get online for a while. What I need to say is thank you God for the people that understand my situation. I woke up this morning glad to be heading south east. For those of you who cast judgement, karma has a funny way of coming round. Wait till you've been through what I have, which you will never know, and see if you care to criticize then. Again, thanks so much for the help I have received from the kind people on here. In closing, I would like to remind all of you of my initial question, where to stay for the winter in the south east. I did not ask for an assessment of my mental state, my life or my emotional situation. You all dragged that into the equation, for your own personal reasons. IT was a simple question, which I am thrilled to have received the help, After trying to assimilate myself out here, despite growing unhappiness and yearning for the east coast, it became clear what my situation was. That's fine if most of you don't understand, but please understand that you were pushing your own personal views on me, and that is because of your own personal need. Again, thanks to you who helped me. I'm thrilled and am starting back today!!!!! Barbara