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    Love to drive, travel. Just sold my house and leaving in September 2016 to live full time in 19ft. trailer with my two dogs and parrot.

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  1. w Well, opinions galore here. Oversharing? According to who? Yes, this is an RV forum, and two folks here were confused at my situation, so I shared a bit. Not looking for foreclosure advice or a life coach. I should not have said "dumb" but when I read that answer I thought, where is all that coming from? The foreclosure crisis is all around us, and thank goodness for the alternative lifestyle like RV living. As I said before, I feel fortunate to have my trailer, saving for my next house. The best reaction would have been no reaction, which I will do next time, And yes, I am a nice lady. Barbara
  2. Hey Sehc, first, I don't consider brokers nasty, nor blame anyone for my circumstance. I planned this. I am happy to get this monkey off my back, and am no longer responsible for the mortgage. Not sharing more than that. You need to realize that giving advice without knowing the details is rather dumb, Barbara
  3. Hi Tumbleweed, I looked back to find a post where I said "enough" and don't see it. I sure wouldn't have said that to be offensive and if I did I sure didn't type something right. I've received very informative responses and also appreciate yours. I didn't even think about insurance, and you're right, that would surely be a problem. Thanks LG, for finding that video! Barbara
  4. noteven, if I can ask you another question, how much propane do you use as an average? I don't want to hook up to my tank on the trailer, but just use the little cans at Walmart. I think they're good for about 4-5 hours, but I read somewhere that just leaving the pilot light on might provide heat? Of course, once I use it I'll figure it out, but curious what you do. Thanks Barbara
  5. Thanks, Noteven- Walmart here is stocking them already so I think I'll grab one before I leave. Maybe cracking two windows open on opposite sides of my trailer will give it enough cross ventilation, and of course, not run it at night. Thank you Sandy- I have a bunch of quilts I made which is one of my hobbies, so I'll have those! Also will put down throw rugs, and get some thick blankets to cover the windows at night. I'm not sure if Bob has dogs, but they help too! Barbara
  6. Hi BigJim, yes I'm aware of that. Last winter I spent a few months going back and forth between three Rec.gov campgrounds because they were so cheap with my discount. I called the campgrounds today I booked and confirmed that I could do the same. There's about five I like the looks of, and I like the idea of not having to drive too far from New Hampshire to spend the winter. I also asked about my two dogs, after seeing one park that does not allow pets. I think that the park was more of a sanctuary for wildlife, which makes sense to not allow dogs. I'm not aware of the two-week maximum stay, didn't experience that last year, but Acadia National Park in Maine will only allow two weeks total per year at their two campgrounds, so I book two weeks at both to stay a month. Thanks Barbara
  7. Thanks, Optimistic, I started watching it but that guy gets so off track and rambles on without getting to the point I got frustrated and shut it down. And yes, check it out, many parks are open. Do you think I didn't know that? Thanks, P&P. I don't care about my house, was only upset about my horse. I've always been a pretty resilient lady, and it will all work out in the end. I'm all packed in case I have to get out of here, reservations already made. I'll be up here again in the spring and to Acadia National Park. Love it there. Look forward to fresh lobster!! I learned a lot from so many of my experiences. I had to get out there and drive all over to see what it was all about. I learned a lot about myself (how independent I really am and facing different circumstances, like getting stuck in the mud in the middle of nowhere. As for heaters, I'm reading conflicting reports on the catalytic and Mr. Buddy. Apparently the catalytic uses less propane but creates more humidity? Then another review says it doesn't. I wonder if Mr. Buddy can heat with just the pilot light on to save propane? I also learned I love to live in small spaces, didn't know that before. In my little twenty footer, it's so cozy with my queen bed and, L shaped couch, tiny kitchen, and bathroom. I can see how someone can get used to a big rambling house, not realizing how much is really wasted space. I'm glad I learned that about myself. Thankyou RM for your kind words, Barbara
  8. Since you're so curious, I tell you why. Tried to sell my underwater house three years ago, had two offers, but the inspection reports came back with so much to repair it scared them off. Continued to live here then found escapees, and thought wow, what a great way to live. I was so impressed with all the blogs I read and the posts here about living on the road, shipped my horse to Texas to live on a retirement farm (raised him from a foal and he was with me for twenty years.) So with my house still on the market, hoping it would sell, joined up here and took off for Texas. My plan was to make sure he settled in, and live out west boondocking, returning to Texas every so often to visit my horse. Just as I was almost there, tragedy struck and I can't go into details but he was killed. I broke down pretty bad. Thought I'd stay on the road but was so upset and my house still empty, came back to regroup. Since I was upside down on a mortgage that will never recover, not in my lifetime, I started to think, at my age, why am I paying this mortgage? So I quit, and went back out on the road last year. The bank was supposed to foreclose but nothing happened so I moved back in again. I've been living here for free saving a ton of money. An auction is scheduled soon, which may be cancelled again, I have no idea until that day. So if it does take place, I'm heading back out, then next fall with have enough money to buy a tiny place up in Maine. There, that's my story. I wasn't going to share it, but since you're so curious, I dont' mind. I was shocked at how many homeless are living in RV's out west, especially Silicon valley. I used to live in Mountain View Ca, and how sad how people who grew up there can't afford rent anymore. Thank God I love New England where it's cheaper. So I was talking about staying here in New Hampshire throughout the winter but see that even though it's an ambitious idea, it might not be the smartest. I just found some nice state parks in Deleware open all year, so I'm pretty happy about that. I also hope to visit Assateague Island after the hurricane. RV'ng is the best lifestyle for me to save money for my next house. I have seen plenty of this county and know now after I've tried it that it's a good short term solution, but not for the long haul. I'm glad to get rid of my house and put this all behind me. I've read about a lot of people who bailed on their morgage, and for me, it was the best choice, especially at my age. I am now debt free, with a nice bundle to put down next year on a tiny place on a lake somewhere. Meanwhile, I like my little trailer, and am pretty sure I'll like the state parks in Deleware. Winter can be pretty brutal and unpredictable, so I decided last night to go down there. Hey, can anyone recommend the best propane heater? Is a catalytic heater the best choice? Again, I didn't mind sharing this. I consider myself fortunate that I have an RV to live in. Many people facing foreclosure have nothing, or need to rent to stay near their work. I have no commitments and can live anywhere. Barbara
  9. Hi Noteven, yes that's the one I was looking at. I'm up in New Hampshire so buying fuel won't happen, it's everywhere. However, for now, I think I'll go with a Mr. Buddy when I'm without power next spring, but still want to look into that cute little stove later on. I think also that guy up in Alaska was pretty stationary, I can't see driving on the freeway with that smokestack sticking up! Yes everyone, I love New Hampshire and the snow. It's not a big deal to me to go outside and walk to the bathroom. I have to walk my dogs anyway. I"m from here, and love the cold. I was in Alabama last year, tried the Escapees campground and stayed all but four days. Was not what I hoped. Also was in Texas and all across the Us, and what I learned from traveling all over the country was how homesick I was. I actually posted about it last year on here. We are all different people, with different backgrounds, experiences and preferences. I'm an outdoor lady at sixty two, and not the sit around type. Love the snow, the outdoors, and all it entails. I love the crisp fall days here in New England that is almost here, and the scream of the wind on winter nights. Sure, it will be a challenge, but my two dogs will help keep me warm! If anyone is interested, I'll post about it this winter and what happened. Thank you for all of your responses. Some great information which I appreciate. Barbara
  10. Thank you, John, however, I'm not comfortable sleeping with a propane heater unless it has a temperature setting. Maybe propane heaters don't have them. I love my cheapo Walmart electric heater because it has that, but I won't have it when I camp without electricity. I looked at the cozy cabin heater on the link you gave, and it recommends not to sleep with it on. Maybe it's just me but sleeping with a propane heater would make me nervous even though they have a safety shut off. I guess I feel more comfortable with the mini stove because I've had my wood stove here in the house for many winters without a problem. I'm pretty confident that if I could have that mini stove installed in my trailer correctly, it might just be the answer I'm looking for. If I do, I'll be sure to come back here and let you all know! I guess my only alternative is the propane heater and find the best one.
  11. My question was about the mini wood stove. I am well aware of clearance requirements and firewall backing. I have heated with wood for years. Was simply curious if any of you had done this, or know someone who has. I did see the video of the guy up in Alaska. It is installed properly and works great, but too big for my little trailer. Please don't overthink my situation. I am staying at a campground with hot showers, laundry, and electric. I am not putting water in my trailer. I hate the south. Always did always will. The only issue will be the snow load on my roof which I will have to keep off with a snow roof rake. Did it on my barn for years. Knoxsmith, can you tell me which propane heater would be the best choice? I have a Mr.Buddy but you have to either have it on or off, there is no thermostat control as on my electric heater which I will have at the campground. I will only need to be without electric for March, April and May, which will be the warmer months. It will still be cold at night, but not as bad as Jan. and Feb. If I did get the mini stove, it would have to vent out the side and up past the roof, which I would never do myself. It would also have to sit on a metal bracket of some sort which I"m not sure I have room for. Just thinking of possibilities here, and curious for knowledge. I was down south in the Mountains last winter, and had electric. One morning woke up to a foot of snow and my trailer was toasty warm using my cheapo Walmart space heater. I only need to figure out, again, for those three months without electric. Thanks Barbara
  12. I'm getting ready to leave my home in New Hampshire for good, and don't really want to go down south again, so I found a spot up here to stay all winter. One reason being all the places I so carefully booked ahead of time are now right smack in the path of the hurricane, so I fully expect them to be closed for some time. I was planning on staying a month on Cape Hatteras, but that idea is shot. So I found a nice spot up here but they close in March and campgrounds won't open till the end of May. I found two that stay open, but no electric for my heater, so I had an idea. I heated my house for twenty years with just my wood stove. It was cheap and nice when the power went out. I saw a video a few weeks ago about someone with a tiny house who had the cutest little woodstove, the things must not have been more the twenty inches long, that heated up their place quite nicely. So I wonder what anyone here would think about a tiny wood stove in my trailer? I was thinking of venting it out through the vent by my propane stove, but the pipe might get too warm against the side of my trailer. I know there are propane heaters but I don't think I"m comfortable sleeping at night with it on, and also I haven't found one with a thermostat setting. I'm going to google tiny woodstoves to see if I can find that one but thought I"d ask here to see if anyone else has ever tried it. Before anyone says oh why are you camping up there in the cold, please know that I absolutely love it here, and running around in the snow with my dogs is one of my favorite things to do. Just found one, cubicminiwoodstoves.com I look forward to any responses!! Thanks Barbara
  13. Thanks, Birdman, will look into it- Free is always a good thing.
  14. Thanks, Dutch, I'll look into that Amazon Fire Tv stick. Also, Birdman will check out that app mirror. TV is really not a major part of my day or night, but I'll have a six-month commitment with Direct TV left on my contract when I leave my home next week to live in my trailer again. So I could suspend the service, as I plan to buy another house next year, or if there was a simple and relatively cheap way to continue with it on the road, that was my question. Funny thing, I noticed when I came back to my house this spring, I started watching TV a lot more, including really stupid shows that were just time fillers. Last year on the road, since I love to read, I was amazed at all the great books I found on Amazon Prime. I am not as technically inclined as most of you here, so anything too involved would most likely be too frustrating to bother with but I appreciate all the feedback. Thanks, everyone, I didn't have internet for about a week so was unable to respond till now. Barbara
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