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    Love to drive, travel. Just sold my house and leaving in September 2016 to live full time in 19ft. trailer with my two dogs and parrot.

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  1. Re-packing wheel bearings

    Question for Devil- Why is that? Some people here in New Hampshire leave their RV's out in the weather, although I chose not to. I actually just took it out yesterday and it's sitting on the snow. Even if I did put boards underneath, wouldn't the wood soak up moisture, especially if it rains, and even keep the moisture in the wood? curious what your reasoning is,,,??? thanks Barbara
  2. Re-packing wheel bearings

    So many great responses. Georgia, my concern exactly. Worse nightmare would be leaving here this fall, and a major accident happens because my wheel fell off. I'm going to print out all this information, so that when someone helps me, I at least know what to look for and ask. To me the wheels are the most important part of the rig, except of course, the hitch. Thanks so much everyone, so much help!!! Barbara
  3. Re-packing wheel bearings

    Thank you Becky, wise advise. It will take some worry away from being able to do this right.
  4. Re-packing wheel bearings

    Hi Pak, I think we just posted at the same time. Thank you as well- It will probably take me fifty times longer then you fellas, but again, I'm learning and want to figure this out. Am making my list of tools! Barbara
  5. Re-packing wheel bearings

    Hi Remoandits, thanks so much! I still have questions but I think I'll wait till I get started. Will also watch more videos to learn as much as I can. Absolutely I should know how to change a flat! I think (hope) we just had our last snow storm, and it's starting to get a bit warmer, so maybe in a week or two will take it out of the barn. I love being independent (and saving money) my worst fear is not putting it all back the way it should be. What I don't see online in videos (yet) is how to put a new cotter pin back in. Will google that. Everyone I've watched so far looks like they really struggle to pull it out. I also suppose that, like a car, if the brakes were bad I would have noticed hauling it, which I didn't. Lots to learn, thanks again!!! Barbara
  6. Re-packing wheel bearings

    Thank you Daryl and pack- I'm going to go for it- I'll probably be here through most of the summer, and I guess worse case is I'm not sure of something and can always either/and ask questions here and at auto places around. I'm in pretty good shape, having had horses for years, lifting hay, ect...... so that part won't be a problem. Don't mind getting dirty either, will wear clothes I don't really care about! Maybe I can post photos with questions? And yes, it's in the barn, great time to buy a ladder and check the roof. Any suggestions other then simple reseal with the silicone sealer? My trailer is a very low end unit, but it served me quite well all last year. .Even in the cold down in North Carolina last month, (got down to twenty at night) my little space heater kept my dogs and I quite warm. I read somewhere that these cheap trailers are no good for full timing, but for me, I think as long as i keep taking care of it, should last me a few more years at least. It's paid for, so that's one reason I love it. When I bought it two years ago, (might even have some old posts back then on here) I knew absolutely nothing about RV'ing and just took off. I learned so much it was amazing. I was even quite nervous about how the battery worked, my solar, and all that, but now it's old hat. . So, this is my new project. Thanks so much for your response. . barbara
  7. Re-packing wheel bearings

    Hi remoandaris Thanks for responding. I like the idea of learning how to do this, however I'm a bit leery of doing something so important. I have watched quite a few videos and some just show some guy squirting the grease into the wheel, while most of them take the entire wheel off to check the brakes. (which I think is vital to do) So since I know nothing about brakes I'm wondering if I'd be overlooking that part if I did the greasing myself. I do have plenty of time so I'm tempted to try it. As soon as the weather warms up, I plan to take it out of the barn and park it on my front lawn to do some upkeep stuff on the inside. There's quite a few auto part stores downtown I suppose I can ask questions also. I guess I'm just worried that I might get it all apart and then not be able to put it all back together again, but really want to try. I'd be curious how many of you do it yourself, but I suppose those of you who have larger rigs probably don't. In a way this is good, because I don't even know how to change a flat! Lucky for me I never had one, so now that I have the time, this would be great for me to figure all this out, Do you think anything else should be checked out as general maintenance? Thanks so much barbara
  8. Re-packing wheel bearings

    Hi everyone, I'm back at my home in New Hampshire for a few months at least, and have put my travel trailer (20 ft.) in my barn to keep it out of the weather. At some point I'll be using it again, and have been looking online about re packing the wheel bearings. I tend to like to do things myself if I can, and am wondering if this is one of those things I can do, or should have it serviced. The wheels were done last spring before I drove three thousand plus miles last year, but especially since it's not going to be used for at least a few months, just sitting in the barn, I do realize it will need to be done again. Since it's just one axle, I figure it can't be all that difficult. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks so much Barbara
  9. Does anyone know open campgrounds on east coast

    I just wanted to come back to this and thank all those who responded. I consider myself very lucky, now home in New Hampshire.. First, I didn't realize there would be such a huge storm up the coast (just got here a day ahead of it) Wanted to take the most direct route, and found open campgrounds along the coast. Was terrified to go through New York city but didn't want to waste time going around it, got stopped at the tool booth for the tunnel since I had propane and didn't know that wasn't allowed, so got a police escort. Then, coming up through Mass, was terrified to see a car coming down 93 in the fast lane the wrong way towards me, a huge tractor trailer guy turned and stopped whoever it was. I think he saved my life I'm glad I'm home, at least for now. I'm also glad I tried the RV lifestyle, but know now it's not for me. I'd like to write more about what I learned (about life and myself) by going out west alone and handling different challenging situations I have to say, I saw a lot of very poor people in this county I had no idea of, especially the Indian reservations out in South Dakota. I have gained much more appreciation for the things I have. Anyway, thank you all, now that I have time to come back and thank you. Barbara
  10. Does anyone know open campgrounds on east coast

    Thank you so much everyone! I have lots to map out now. I figure I can drive five hours a day, my dogs don't seem to mind but still it isn't fair to them to keep them in the truck longer then that. I also noticed some state parks along the coast are open all year as well, so I can consider them if they don't take me too far off the route. It's nice that so many people popped up here to help. Much appreciated!!! Barbara
  11. Does anyone know open campgrounds on east coast

    Thank you Matilda's Mate! Things are looking up now with places to call and check out.. All I need is one stop over and I think I can drive it, I appreciate it Barbara
  12. Does anyone know open campgrounds on east coast

    Thanks so much, will go there and see I appreciate it.
  13. I'm wondering if by chance anyone knows of any campgrounds open right now on the east coast. Right now I'm at Myrtle Beach SC, and need to get back to New Hampshire as soon as possible. To drive straight from here, google maps says fourteen hours but I know full well pulling my trailer will take even longer. No way can I do that. I don't want to stop at Walmarts, did that before once and didn't feel comfortable. Does anyone have any ideas where I might be able to stay for just a night (with elect..) to at least cut this drive in half? Worse case, I'll have to wait till warmer weather, but I need to get up there now. . thanks so much if anyone can help, Barbara,
  14. This Is Going To Sound Crazy!!!!

    I appreciate you sharing that- Right now I'm in South Carolina and it snowed last night. Tonight it's going to be below twenty. My twenty foot trailer does not have duel pane windows, and is not a high end type, so I lose a lot of heat from my space heater. Will get some to try it out thanks Barbara
  15. Rats crawling into my engne

    just googled "can you spray peppermint oil on a truck engine" and came up with a video, they guy soaked cotton balls with the oil, placing all around the engine. Said it works great, so that makes more sense to me, rather than spraying it.. thanks for that tip!