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  1. i am turning off the notifications for this thread and it will be a long time before I return. Have a nice Sunday.
  2. i live outside the USA. Every year, I receive a form from SSA that asks if my marital status or citizenship have changed. It also asked how much many hours per month I worked, if any. The penalty for not filling this out and sending it in on time is that they will stop my social security benefits. Maybe this form is only applicable to people living outside the USA. I asked the local Federal Benefits Office in the country where I currently live and they told me I would have to fill this form out for the rest of my life. I assumed everyone did. Evidently not. I was not back on the forum immediately because (a) I really do not appreciate smart mouthed responses like the one lecturing me as if I were a small child and (b) it takes too long to log back into this site. For some reason, i have to reset my password every time I log in, even though I reset it to the same password I used the previous time. It appears that i will have to contact my local Federal Benefits office again about the annual form. Thanks to everyone about the 1099 info. Consider this thread closed.
  3. If I set up one of these online accounts, can I obtain my annual Social Security 1099 online instead of via the mail? Can I also respond to the annual questionaire (change of citizenship/marriage status/time worked) online or will I still have to respond to a paper form? There is no answer to these questions on the SocSec website and I don't want to spend 3 hours on hold calling them if I can avoid it.
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