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  1. affordable LED light

    thanks guys for your tips! You provided me with useful information. Yeah, the battery is weak. I am afraid I will not do without its replacement. I will try to drop to my mechanic, maybe he will help with the test. The LED shopping is more complicated than I thought… I also want to install it by myself not to hire the electrician. Well, in the kitchenette I would like to install a tray fixture with three 12 Watt LED heads. It has 2661 lumens. For outdoor lighting I found this lamp https://www.mrosupply.com/lighting/lighting-fixtures/sensor-light-fixtures/1431490_stl360_rab-lighting/ Surely, it will be in use only during stops in rv parks with hookups. Otherwise it will drain my battery.
  2. affordable LED light

    I am a new owner of a travel trailer. this summer we had just one trip with my family. It was great. The only disadvantage that I noticed is not powerful battery. I'm afraid that I can not afford to change it now. I saw that many RV onerw use the LED lamps. Does it help to reduce the electricity consumption? How much money should I budget to change all my current light to LED (approximately)