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  1. We are full timing in a 2002 Fleetwood Southwind 37U. our Norcold 1200LRIM fridge just quit cooling yesterday and after some reading, we have decided that repairing this fridge would be money better spent on replacing it with a household fridge for both better performance and safety. I am reasonably competent at DIY but don't really have time to tackle this quickly so we are looking for a place to have the job done in the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area. Ideally, we would shop the fridge ourselves to catch any sales. Does anyone know of local places that handle this type of job and would be open to us providing the fridge? Michael
  2. Just an update. Measuring between hot and ground returned 110v at all outlets on the chain thereby confirming the issue was a neutral wire connection somewhere in the chain. After killing all breakers except the one in question and working through all outlets in the coach, I found that there was one outlet in the bedroom apparently intended for a bedroom tv that was actually the first outlet in that circuit and that outlet read 110v across the board. After disconnecting and reconnecting that receptacle, I had 110v restored to the entire chain. The receptacles in this RV are obviously cheap and the connections are accomplished by pressing the wires into v slots and closing a back cover that ostensibly holds everything in place. For now everything works but I plan to replace all outlets with better ones featuring screw terminals in the near future. Thanks for the help.
  3. Kirk, My coach is 30A. I have been measuring between hot and neutral. I'll do the other measurements tonight.
  4. OK, some have some clarified information but still not sure why i'm not getting 110v. I do not appear to have an inverter at all. At least I can't find it. The CONverter is under the fridge and is not a combo converter/inverter. I'm now know the outlets in question are running off the 120v breaker box. The breaker in question is protecting the outlets in the entertainment cabinet and the outlets in the cabinets above the dash board. All of those outlets are showing 100v tonight. When I put a meter on just the wire leads yesterday they read 80v. Those readings are with no loads running. I'm not sure how to put a load on the circuit since nothing I plug into the outlets powers up. Any additional ideas would be appreciated.
  5. Thanks, Kirk. I did not think about the inverter as a power source but that seems like a likely culprit. now I just have to find where it is...
  6. My wife and I are new to full time RVing and recently bought a preowned Fleetwood Southwind 37U. We are working through identifying and corrected the inevitable maintenance issues. The day we picked it up I discovered that items plugged into one of three outlets in the entertainment cabinets right behind the passenger seat would not power on. It took a couple of weeks because issues with the water heater took first priority. So yesterday I started tackling tracking down that issue. I discovered two data points: The outlets in question are live but are only showing 80Vac. And they are on a seperate circuit from other outlets in the RV as I had previously determined which beaker the rest of the outlets are on and had that breaker off but still had voltage at the target outlets. I removed some interior panels in the cabinet to trace the wiring and located the incoming wire from the harness. I disconnected all outlets and measured the voltage across the hot and neutral wires directly and it is only 80Vac. Any ideas would be much apreaciated!
  7. I was having some difficulty connecting to this forum for a few days, so apologies on not updating earlier. Jim, thanks for the list tip. I'll look through the cabinets for that. Regarding the leveling, we got it going after a text from the previous owner. He noted that he had found that the ebrake had to be a bit short of the full pedal travel and that you had to activate the control panel within a short time period of starting the ignition. Did those and the panel started right up! So there are a couple of tricks to add to the trouble shooting process! Thanks for the help! Michael
  8. Thanks, Kirk. i am not sure how to tell what version I have. The only identifying info I see is the name Power Gear on the panel itself. Is there a place where model number or some such might be found? That said, I found a manual that shows a control panel that looks like mine with just the on light and jacks down light. That Manual gives these preconditions for turning on the control panel: engine running, gear shift in park, emergency brake set. I did all of those to no avail. I saw several references to needing to have 120v power. So I'll try that tomorrow. Also, I saw a reference to making sure batteries were online. I do have a multimeter so I'll break that out and see if there is power at the control panel.
  9. My wife and I are brand new RVers and just bought a preowned 2002 Southwind 37U. it had two previous owners and the manuals did not survive the previous owners. Reading through the forums has already confirmed the difficulty of finding detailed manuals for all the installed equipment in one place. I am pretty good at finding specific information via google as long as I can get to some basic identifying information for the equipment. For example: I know the jack system is Power Gear. but how do I find specific model/year info? I found a manual online but it is for a system with at least some differences. I know because the control panel in the manual and the steps to trouble shoot etc refer to indicator lights that are not present on my control panel. Mine has only two lights: panel on and jacks down. So I am trying to determine if there is a problem with the panel or if I am simply missing a step to get it to power on. This is the first use for us, but when we were evaluating it, the previous owner operated pretty much every system for us so we knew they were operational. That was 2 days ago. now the panel won't come on. What would be helpful would be a step by step walk through of what to do before you push the panel "on" button. then, what to check first for trouble shooting. Thanks! Michael