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  1. Here ya go! https://www.cordcuttersnews.com/att-plans-to-end-their-satellite-directv-focus-on-streaming/ AT&T to end satellite directv
  2. Not so.....I’ve been in extreme remote areas and with a cellular booster and high gain yagi antenna I’ve never not had service with one of my hotspots....Tmobile, AT&T or Verizon......yup, you got to have choices in provider
  3. Directv Now has all these channels and local channels and a fantastic program guide. I have 150 channels for $35 a month. I’ve been using it for near two years and love it. i also have Amazon Prime Video for movies, documentaries, special tv series and Amazons own series and broadcasts. This is included with a Prime membership. Amazon is voice search. Push the button on the remote and say what you want to watch. It will find it somewhere on the net. i also use Pluto TV which is free and ImBD for movies, also free but a commercial every half hour or 45 minutes. There is so much free streaming TV right now that you couldn’t watch it all in a hundred lifetimes! if you buy an Amazon Fire Stick or a Roku stick, ( under $50 each and no monthly fee) it includes hundreds of streaming channels pre programmed. Everything from TVfor your cat to the Porsche channel, fishing channels, on and on and on.
  4. DirectTV Now has a good program guide. Amazon Prime had an amazing search engine. You are streaming any content you want. You don't need to watch a program at a predetermined time. With most streaming drives you simply say what you want to watch and like magic it appears. Unlike DSB, you are in control of what you watch at what time. For broadcast channel streaming there are dozens of apps to see a schedule of programming.
  5. Exactly....ALL for streaming TV. Charlie at Dish has stated numerous times at industry meeting that current satellite infrastructure is unsustainable when it competes with streaming services.
  6. More food for thought...or wood for the fire...why is Dish Networking going to spend billions on wireless and why did they spend billions a few years ago buying wireless spectrum.... https://finance.yahoo.com/amphtml/news/dish-network-nearing-6-billion-181803509.html
  7. Sorry, I’ve been away helping folks realign their dishes after the bad wind we had.... BTW, in 50 years of driving I’ve never used my spare tire or had an accident. Therefore flat tires and accidents never happen.... Sorry, I'm just feelin randy today.....😀
  8. The infrastructure constantly needs bucket trucks, ladders and installers. None needed with streaming services. Dishes constantly go out of alignment. This is even more of an issue with cable companies. Unsustainable at today's wages and lack of quality employees.
  9. You should have seen early automobiles....Terrible. Didn't even have roofs!😁
  10. Rural America might not have good internet service but this is exactly the region that DISH/DTV legacy satellite TV is losing money. There are simply too few subscribers to carry the infrastructure of satellite service. Cost would need to go up substantially to carry this region into the future. And as thousands of subscribers a month switch to streaming the cost gets spread over fewer and fewer subscribers. The only solution is 600mz cellular (extreme long range performance from a cell tower) and low orbit satellite.....Period! There is no other option.....
  11. I remember seeing an advertisement back in the 1900s that said don't give up your ice pick these refrigerators we'll never make it.
  12. It's just a matter of time before everyone will be streaming video https://www.multichannel.com/.amp/blog/at-t-needs-to-kill-directv-to-save-it
  13. Yes, SOC of 75%.....at first I only had two 140 watt panels and on a cloudy day I would not get batteries back to 100%. One more 140 watt panel made a huge difference. If you have roof room, I always recommend more solar as frdt line of attack. It's cheap and great ROI. Be sure, when these batteries expire, LIO will take it's place.
  14. I keep going back and forth on these Battle Born batteries. Currently I have two AGM group 31 Duracell batteries that I bought at Sam's Club for $189 each. I bought these batteries over 4 years ago and they are still going strong.I charge nearly exclusively with 420 watts of solar. I just returned from a 9500 mile trip and the batteries are still working perfectly. I take them down to about 75% every night. I travel January, February and March and then every other weekend. I boondocking 100% at various shooting and motorcycle events. Have not used my generator bin years. To replace them with nearly $2,000 worth of lithium ion batteries doesn't seem to make sense on the surface. Granted if I need two more AGM batteries I won't get them for $189 each like I did during that Sam's Club special. so I'll keep reading great threads like this waiting for my batteries to expire and then hopefully the cost of lithium-ion has come way down.
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