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  1. I needed a utility trailer and what better time to build one that during isolation......Here is an article I published to my web page with lots of pictures. Hope you enjoy it. http://rvbprecision.com/rv-projects/tent-trailer-to-utility-trailer-a-covid-project.html
  2. Within the next 18 months to two years we will all be streaming TV from Elon Musk’s satellites. I recently returned a box full of cable TV boxes and I’m now steaming all video content. Comcast Cable internet at home and AT&T and TMobile hotspots on the road.could not be happier. Hated paying that huge cable bill every month. wrote an article on my web page shout streaming video on the road www.rvbprecision.com
  3. This fellows web site and his forum are easily one of the best places for all things solar and LIFO batteries....you could learn a bunch visiting
  4. Reminds me of the quote...."The difference between two wheel drive and four wheel drive....is four wheel drive gets you stuck in worse places!" They make "Land Anchors" to use as winch attachment points if there is nothing else to attach to. Thery look an awful lot like a Danforth boat anchor. They work great except when you are on a hunting trip in Montana and the temperature has been zero for over a week. And you can't dig a hole to bury your land anchor! Don't ask me how I know! The best winch for a large motor home might be the type that uses a hydraulic motor run off your power steering pump. Huge pulling power and can run as long as the engine is running. Electric winches use huge amounts of electric current that most alternators can't keep up with if you need to winch over a relatively long period of time. Serious off roaders will have dual alternators and multiple batteries just for winching. There are 120V winches but they are usually 2000 pound max.....There are chainsaw motor powered winches, but again, nothing that could retrive a 26,000# vehicle. Most winches are not using steel cable any longer. New Super Rope is lighter, stronger, smaller and won't spring back and cut you in half if it breaks......The only way to go now. Hydraulics is the only way you would get that kind of weight unstuck......That's what the tow truck will have when you call him!
  5. And WHY you ask is this a game changer?
  6. I HIGHLY recommend this very inexpensive suitcase system. Amazed at the performance so far! http://rvbprecision.com/rv-projects/adding-more-solar-to-existing-system-portable-panels.html
  7. I just bought a new laptop and didn't want to pay a yearly fee for MS Office. This laptop has "Open Office 4.1.6" It opens and manipulates all MS Office documents and has a VERY similar look to MS Office So far it has been a great replacement for MS Office and no yearly fee
  8. I spend three months a year in the Southwest. Boondocking 90% of the time. The rest of the year I’m at various gun clubs competing in cowboy action shooting. Rarely ever ne’er a big city. i have NEVER been without streaming TV services. Never! i wrote http://rvbprecision.com/rv-projects/tv-in-a-rv-a-how-to.html A couple good unlimited internet plans, a WeBoost cellular amplifier and sometimes a 16’ mast with a high gain antenna.......an app on your phone to show where cell towers are located. its a little bit of work.....but a happy wife is a happy life
  9. Tents....tent trailer.....a whole bunch of truck campers......all used as a means to an end. Never did any campground camping. RV was used to attend events....motorcycle, car racing, shooting..... few years ago I got involved with Cowboy Action Shooting. These are mostly weekend events all over the country. The truck camper was just about perfect. Towing a motorcycle trailer. And then my wife decided she wanted to participate in the sport of CAS. She would not even enter the truck camper. No toilet, no shower, no bathtub. So I needed a trailer.....a toy hauler.....but not too big....with a tub.....the a Forest River 19rr was perfect! Lots of solar, a few other mods and it is a great experience. In five years I’ve put over 50,000 miles on it. It has gone to Phoenix from Massachusetts every year. Been down some trails it never should have. went cross country to San Francisco and up to Oshkosh and down to Georgia. I still love motorcycle tent camping and have done a few 11,000 mile trips....including the haul road in Alaska. A month ago I bought a rooftop tent for my truck. Leave the trailer for a few days and a REALLY do some off road exploring. See all the madness here.... www.rvbprecision.com
  10. Are you suggesting that one 100w panel satisfies all your electrical needs? If so, good for you. You are indeed a minimalist. Not a bad place to be. i didn’t obtain “no hookup nivana” unltil I installed 420w and two 110Ah AGM batteries. And even then, on a series of cloudy days or if parked in a forest with too much shade, I need to start the Honda 2000 for a few hours. we all have different “needs” and wants. My wife and I use a lot of internet while traveling and the TV is almost always on for new, sports and movies. If you don’t need any of this while traveling, you might be much better off. thanks for a great post.
  11. This has got to be the buy of the decade. Low miles and looks to be in excellent shape! I need to buy a lottery ticket!
  12. Quick question......Been watching a few videos on the RAM 1500 with 3.0 ECO DIESEL and Ford with the small POWER STROKE Both of these trucks get 25-30 mpg when not towing When towing 7000 pound trailer they get 11-13 MPG as witnessed by a number of testing videos on youtube It seems to me these engines are blowing their brains out towing. Going up hills they are doing upwards of 3500 RPM Huge difference in fuel consumption...... In comparison, My 2006 RAM 2500 with 5.9 Diesel would get 18mpg non-towing and 13mpg towing.....And my new RAM 2500 with 6.4L Hemi gas motors does 18mpg non-towing and 11 mpg towing (both towing same trailer @ 7000 pounds) What say you.....Will these little diesels last with that type of use?
  13. My Toy Hauler has two Duracell 110Ah AGM batteries. They are 5 years old and are never brought below 75%. Using 420w of solar and/or the PD 4-stage on board charger/converter, I always bring them back to 100% by 3pm the next day. Some days I need to run the generator to accomplish this. After 5 years, these batteries are still working fine.
  14. Thank You! Scared me there for a minute! Looks like I'm good to go with a three stage smart charger starting off at 20A. At 75%, the charger has "looked" at the battery and is only delivering a max iAMP input of 11-12A for the bulk charge, it will then taper to absorption charge and then float.................that is what the owners manual states https://servicenet.blackanddecker.com/documents/English/Instruction Manual/90104835,VEC1093DBD.pdf
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