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  1. Laptop replacement

    My understanding is that some plans have data limits when using a phone as a hotspot. But no limit when simply using the phone by itself to access data. if this is the case, I can understand how the OP is running out of data when using phone as hotspot for laptop.
  2. RV park digital cable

    Do a search for ZySYNC This is a stand alone QAM tuner for TVs that do not have QAM capabiity.
  3. REAL ....HDT

    Saw this on local Craigslist https://nh.craigslist.org/hvo/d/2015-peterbuiltwb-with-mods/6359044788.html
  4. Internet Help

    Actually, I think I misspoke. Isn’t the Mobley plan 22g and then possible throttled. Although I’ve used well over that without any degradation of service.
  5. TST 507 TPMS...UGH!

    Twenty foot, dual axle toy hauler trailer. Monitor mounted above rear view mirror with no cap on truck. Pretty clear shot to the trailer. Rarely lose a sensor, but when I do it can take an hour or more for it to come back. Already talked to TST and they were great and sent me two new sensors and a new monitor no charge and didn't ask for the old ones back. Certainly can't complain about service. I just think it is a bad design from the get go.
  6. TST 507 TPMS...UGH!

    Terrible engineering! I've had a TST 507 for a couple years now and constant issues. Batteries on some senders last over a year, other last a couple months. Drps sensors and then will be fine for months. Once a sensor is dropped it can take upwards of an hour to find it again........ But the biggest issue is the terrible design. Came home from a camping trip. Driving for 5 hours. Everything was fine. Truck remained hooked to trailer and I leave the monitor on 24/7 because it can take upwards of an hour to find all the wheels when initially turned on. Not good! Today I unhooked the truck from the trailer. Was away from the trailer for 1.5 hours. Monitor still reporting trailer....showing all was good! When I got home I removed one of the trailer sensors to see if it would show a deflation. NOTHING....still showed tire in good shape. It has been over a half hour and nothing has changed. Still showing the tire as good. Totally unacceptable........ Any idea if anyone make a better system that updates immediately or within a minute or two. Hours just doesn't get it!
  7. Internet Help

    Yes I did....moved the SIM to the Unite Explore
  8. SOLAR help needed

    I disconnected the three panels on the roof…. Readings are: 20.3V….3.94A 20.0V.…4.01A 19.8V….4.57A When connected back together 19.2V….Couldn’t measure amps as my meter only goes to 10A and it burn out a land on the circuit board. (I took it apart and soldered a bridge to fix it) Interesting that the panel reading 4.57A was slightly better positioned to the sun as the camper has a round roof and that panel was facing sun more than the other two. The spec on the panels I’m using is attached Doesn't seem that these panels are putting out as advertised or is it simply because they are not oriented optimally to the sun?
  9. SOLAR help needed

    Just got off the phone with Bogart Engineering. He had me run a number of tests to determine if the 2030 charge controller and the TriMetric was operating properly. Everything checks out OK. I then when up on the roof and disconnected the three panels and checked voltage 19.9v 20.0v 20.4v The 19.9 panel has maybe 5% of the panel shaded by the AC unit. Just a little bit in the corner. Comments?
  10. SOLAR help needed

    Red wires are "+" and black are "-" The + is connected to the in and out plus on the 2030. The ground goes to the shunt and all loads are on the other side of the shunt. I don't think it matters what side is load and what side is "feed"....
  11. SOLAR help needed

    Bogart just contacted me and set up an appointment for a phone call tomorrow to walk me through the whole system to be sure all is good. He thinks I’ll losing something somewhere.
  12. Internet Help

    I work out of my travel trailer and I've been from Massachusetts to Arizona and mostly on outback roads and boondock camping. Mountains of NM to AZ dessert. I've never not had cell service. I have three hotspots, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile...one of the three ALWAYS works....I have a WeBoost cell booster and a 16' extension pole with a MiMo antenna or a long range YAGI, whatever works. Using various apps to find cell tower locations, within ten minutes I'm up and running. The AT&T Mobley SIM in a Netgear Unite Explore is $20 a month for 30g The T-Mobile sim in another Unite Explore is $30 for 6g and unlimited DirecTV Now, Curiosity Strean,Netflicks and others The Verizon is $70 a month for unlimited data Not hard to be connected on the road, just takes some work sometimes.
  13. SOLAR help needed

    So, at sun-up I was at 70% (not sure the voltage) and by 6PM I'm at 100%/13.5v....Wish I knew at what time it hit 100% My trailer is a means to an end. We do not use it to actually sit in all day using electronics. We attend shooting , motorcycle and sport events where we are in it for breakfast and back sometime around 4PM for the evening. So my observation is that it works great! I've not used the generator except for the air conditioning a few times this summer and my wife's hair dryer. This system has been in place nearly three years now. No matter the weather, by 4PM it is always back to 100%. This past weekend with three days of overcast skies was the greatest challenge it faced and the first time I ever saw the batteries below 75%. Last February, in Phoenix, the batteries were at 100% by noon! Love the high sun angle. The panels sit flat on the roof of the trailer which I am well aware is not optimum. You can read about my entire install here: http://rvbprecision.com/rv-projects/solar-install-grey-wolf-19rr-toy-hauler.html
  14. SOLAR help needed

    Yes, Parallel.......420w @ 12V
  15. SOLAR help needed

    Thanks, I also asked the same question of Bigart and they want me to use a different meter as they think my clamp on meter is inaccurate at these lower amps. I'll look into that trouble shooting guide.