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  1. Arthur, great post! And here you are on an Internet forum rather than sending all of us a letter or a telegram.......
  2. I found that I can't get local channels on my iPad because my iPad does not have GPS. When I attach my Garmin GPS dongle to my iPad I can then receive local channels. I guess the network wants to be sure you are out of your home area so it isn't competing with cable services?
  3. Every single one of those shows and thousands more are available streaming. With the right equipment I have never not been able to get good enough cell service to stream video. Stay tuned for more info on this.
  4. Last summer space xlaunched acrocket that deployed multiple,low orbit satellites from a single rocket. Huge advantage. They need to launch 6500 mini, low orbit, decaying orbit satellites. In fact, they actually launched one from a fighter jet that was at so 70,000 ft when it fired a rocket into low orbit.
  5. In part 2 we will discuss this. It's important because in a few years satellite broadcast will be going away. Streaming is the future.
  6. Strange, not sure what is happening. I just edited the link. maybe it works now.
  7. I wrote a quick part one on how I've been streaming TV into my trailer for nearly two years now....When I'm boondocking, lots of folks come and ask how I'm watching TV without a satellite dish...Here's how www.rvbprecision.com http://www.rvbprecision.com
  8. With Musk’s low orbit satellites, AT&T mini cells going on thousands of telephone poles and TMobiles 600mz channels and the deployment of 5g......get ready. Sat dishes and cable is over way sooner than you think. This is great for the RV community as the goal is to have full, high def streaming “on the go”.....this means everywhere. I just returned from a cross country, 9400 mile trip and I had streaming video everywhere. Including many places that I did not have service last year. Up in the NM mountains, in the valleys and in the desert. Great service with either AT&T , TMobile and Verizon. its not about the number of satellites in orbit or how long they will last. It is about what millenials are willing to pay and they will not pay $300 a month for tv entertainment. At around $50 a month the funds are simply not there to support the infrastructure. Streaming is long term much less expensive for the providers.
  9. Last year in a discussion about the future of streaming video, I suggested that small satellite dishes days were numbered. This article was in this weeks “Broadcasting Cable” magazine https://www.broadcastingcable.com/news/at-t-gets-serious-about-sunsetting-satellites
  10. Don't have a Cummiinns any longer . Hemi now...😀
  11. Heated tanks! No, I'm in a budget trailer. I travel to Southwest every year and return to New England in March. I've never seen it this cold, this far south, for this long. Where is Al Gore? What a pin head!
  12. " Go south young man...go south!"
  13. Made it to San Antonio and blew out all lines, drained tanks and no leaks....41 degrees .....I think I dodged a bullet. Taking the south and east of the Smokies route home......Should be warmer...
  14. This year Phoenix was cold as heck! Snow, Hail, Wind, Thunder......like nothing we have ever seen!
  15. Lets hope so. Supposed to be 41 degrees this afternoon in San Antonio....
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