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  1. Update.....now that this thread has turned into a bonding thread.....I return you to the original program...... Im at a cowboy shooting event in Vermont. Two other friends are here with the MicroAir installed and we have all been running AC all weekend on one Honda 2000i. (That's each of us on our own generator. Not three AC units on one 2000i) on Monday, there will be a run on these devices.........everyone wants one!?
  2. I have two TVs in my camper. Amazon Fire Stick hooked up to each of them ($39). These Firesticks use WiFi to connect to my hotspot. Easy Peasy! The ATT Mobley ($20 a month)has unlimited streaming as does the T-Mobile hot spot ($35 a month) for streaming DIRECTV Now, Curiosity Stream, Netflix, etc. so far, have not found a place where T-Mobile, ATT or Verizon with a WeBoost did not work. Loving Streaming TV....
  3. Yes, I made up a bonding plug.
  4. I would like a USB version. PM sent
  5. i thought you could set facebook so videos don't run when simply reading content?
  6. Yes, the 3 ton model..... I'm running the Air Conditioner and the AC to DC converter with zero issues right now. It's been running for over two hours. If the compressor is not running, I can run the Microwave also. But if compressor tries to start with MW on, the Progressive Industries will sense low voltage and disconnect. No big deal, I almost never use the MW and if I do, I'll shut off AC for the 2 or 3 minutes the MW heats up something. I can run TV, lights, cell phone chargers, WeBOOST and WiFi Booster with AC compressor running with no problems. Temp is 85 degrees with high humidity and I'm 25' above sea level.
  7. I have a Forest River 19RR with a 13.5 AC unit. I want to be able to run the AC on one Honda EU2000i generator in ECO mode. Currently, when the temperature is above 85 degrees, it takes two EU2000 generators running with ECO Mode off to get them running. Once running I can switch to ECO mode but when the compressor cycles, it trips the low voltage shut off on my Progressive Industries EMS. https://progressiveindustries.myshopify.com/products/ems-hw30c-pid Running with two generators and ECO off is noisy and uses more fuel. Got to be a better way... First thing I did was install a aftermarket start capacitor. I did this installation when the temperature was 60 degrees and it would start the AC on one generator, but not in ECO mode. I could run the AC in ECO mode with both generators. But once the temperature got above 85 degrees, see above! Research led me to a small company in Allentown NJ (Not PA). They make a device that looks at a few different parameters of your electricity draw and adjusts with some kind of magic and supposedly you can run an AC unit like I have on one 2000 watt generator. https://www.microair.net/collections/easystart-soft-starters I happen to be going down to Cape May NJ this past weekend and would be going right through Allentown NJ. I called them and asked if I could stop by and pick up the device I needed. I mentioned I'm a member of the Forest River Forum and they offered me a $40 discount! The "factory" is a very small building in a beautiful farming area of NJ. A very nice lady took care of me and I was on my way. Once home I took the cover off the AC. Removed the start capacitor and installed the Easy Start. Took all of 20 minutes! Four wires and you are done! I mounted the Easy Start to the front of the AC unit , under the cover. Buttoned it all up, and ran a test after starting the AC five times on shore power as the instructions tell you. You need the Easy Start and the AC unit to understand each other before you go to generator power Temperature was 86 degrees during the tests. The generator was in ECO mode throughout the test. I let it run for over two hours to be sure the AC could cycle while the generator was in ECO mode. AMAZING! It works! Nice , quiet, one generator in ECO mode and a nice cool trailer. Now I ask, why don't they install these units in the AC from the factory. For under $300, you are saving your ears, your neighbors ears and your second generator! Highly Recommended!
  8. Why on Gods green earth would anyone thatvtravels want sprint?!! I have a Sprint hotspot and it works nearly nowhere. Certainly doesn't work worth a darn where RVs like to travel. Two year contract is up next month....Hallelujah
  9. I have been streaming exclusively since January. Using AT&T Mobley and T-Mobile hotspots. Travel all over USA and have been extremely pleased. Haven't found a place yet where I can't get service although I do use a WeBoost and sometimes a MiFo outside antenna in very fringe areas. i stream Netflix , directvnow, curiosity steam and history vault. Plus lots of amazon prime. this is the future!
  10. A couple days ago, a single rocket was launched that deployed 10 LEO satellites at one time. Get ready for amazing technology in the next 18 - 24 months
  11. Following.....
  12. Did you see the news post on TV a few nights ago about Virgin using a 747 to launch satellite carrying rockets. The 747 takes care of the first 40,000 feet....
  13. Already here in a limited version of streaming video.... Huzlu, Netflix, DirecTV Now, Curiosity Stream, History Stream.....I've been using streaming services all over USA since January and couldn't be happier. T-mobile Hot Spot for $30 a month and AT&T Mosley for $20 a month and I have coverage everywhere I've traveled so far. Even out n the middle of nowhere in AZ and NM add to low orbi satellites the telephone pole nodes that AT&T are deploying in my city as we speak and high speed, broadband is here....
  14. I've been riding and racing motorcycles for over 40 years. And loading a motorcycle into my toy hauler scared the S out of me . Especially if the road was wet, that front turf hit the tile floor and it was like being on ice! The ramp was way too steep. I modified my ramp with an extension and now loading is a breeze. You can read all about it and see pictures on my web site www.rvbprecision.com
  15. I've had DIRECTV now since day one. It has steadily gotten better. With a good internet connection it is just about perfect. Much better than my Comcast cable back home. Just completed a 6231 mile trip and used it every night with no issues. Using Verizon and T-Mobile hot spots and an Apple TV device to receive it. Also used it on IPad mini with no issues. In my opinion, one of the best entertainment values for RVers