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  1. Friends of Georgia State Parks camping and park discounts

    Well, I PM'ed the Friends of Georgia State Parks on Facebook and they wrote back immediately: ME: Greetings. I am in the Carolinas traveling south and would like to purchase a Friends membership. If I purchase online, will I be able to immediately use the membership to get free entry into state parks, plus a free campground night and 10% discount on additional nights? THe website says my memberbship card will be mailed to me in 7-10 days, but I am from Maryland and will not be going home before coming through Georgia. FGSP: Great question! Our website is accurate - online purchases will be received in 7-10 days from purchase. However, our memberships are sold at Georgia State Parks across the state so if you need to purchase and use immediately, we recommend purchasing locally at your Georgia State Park. Hope that helps but please don't hesitate to reach out to us via phone during normal business hours with any questions. Our office number: 770-383-8900 Safe travles and thank you for supporting Friends! Kirk, feel free to give them a call and tell them they're doing it wrong!
  2. Friends of Georgia State Parks camping and park discounts

    Not this one. They're happy to take $80 cash money as a form of financial support and thank the donor with a few niceties. Even the State of Georgia suggests you become a member in order to get an annual pass (see http://gastateparks.org/ParkPass ).Kind of like becoming a member of your local PBS television station: you provide financial support, they give you a Rick Steves book, come back in a year and do it again, but if you want to volunteer to answer phones at the next pledge drive that's also cool. Soooooo, back to my original question....
  3. Georgia State charges campers a DAILY park entrance fee in addition to campground fees. I found the "Friends of Georgia State Parks" on line (see https://friendsofgastateparks.org/civicrm/contribute/transact?reset=1&id=1)and a membership gets you a free night at a park, free entry into parks, and 10% camping reservations. After a few nights, your membership investment is paid back. Has anybody done this? I'm wondering if I purchase a membership online will I be able to use the membership immediately? The State of Georgia says that the annual pass takes 7-10 days to snail mail to your home address. I'm currently in the Carolinas heading south, expect to transit Georgia sometime after the T-Day holiday.
  4. How to read tire load table?

    Ok, single wheel then, two on each side. Thanks, Jay. But the original mystery (to me) of how to read the load chart only deepens, because the suggested PSI for 2300 lbs single wheel is 55. BTW, for anybody interested, here's the link to Goodyear's RV tire info page: http://www.goodyearrvtires.com/tire-inflation-loading.aspx
  5. How to read tire load table?

    For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to read the attached table which I downloaded from the Goodyear website. We did SmartWeigh last summer and came up with 2300 lbs for each of our 4 fifth wheel tires, which are Goodyear G614 RST LT 235/85 R16s. So, going down the left side column of the table we find our tire and configuration (D for dual), which I highlighted in yellow on the table. Now for the confusing part: The minimal weight that corresponds to equal or greater than our 2300 lbs per tire is at a PSI of 65, which sounds absurdly low to me. The tire inflation sticker on the fifth wheel says 80 PSI, but it assumes OEM-installed Load Range E tires. My Goodyears are load range G's, which suggest a PSI on the sidewall of 110 and, in the table, the final column for my tire is bolded and says "G". Does the bolded table cells mean that load range G tires must always be at least 110? We bought our fiver used in a private sale, and the previous owner installed the Goodyears. He said he ran them at 80 PSI as per the inflation sticker on the RV.
  6. Replacing the trusty pedal flush Thetford (original equipment in our 2006 Arctic Fox 5th wheel) with a Nature's Head composting toilet. This toilet is complete, is easy to plumb in, and has no corrosion or degradation of components. Weighs 25 lbs. I'm located in Silver Spring MD for another 2 to 3 weeks, and am trying to keep this item out of the local landfill.