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    I use a propane powered ceramic brick heater that DUMPS humidity into the motorhome. I always leave at least one window cracked open about half an inch and a roof vent cracked the same amount. Keeps most of the condensation out of the rig. Dual pane window do help but even they occasionally get condensation. In your case, recommend you keep a roof vent cracked all the time. Just breathing adds humidity inside the rig and then add cooking and showering your bound to have condensation. Lenp
  2. lenp

    Life remaining in Trojans

    I am certainly not an expert but I would think a battery monitor system would be very helpful in determining remaining life. My system (three Trojan T1275 12 volt batteries and 750 watts of solar) with a Pentametric battery monitor tells me the efficiency of the battery bank. Going on seven years of service they still show 96% efficient - about where they were when installed. I have never dropped the SOC below 60% so I expect I still have a few years left on them. The Trimetric TM2030RV goes for around $150. Might be cheaper than new batteries and always helpful in knowing where your at with your batteries. Lenp
  3. lenp

    rent or sell the s&b house?

    Initially we chose a house sitter the first four years we full timed. Couldn't have asked for a better situation. Unfortunately she had to move on so we decided to rent for a few years (four more). No issues to speak of with maintenance other than a drain field replacement that was due regardless. Decided we wanted to sell the place in 2008 so asked the renters to vacate. We did not use a rental agent but would highly recommend doing so. To avoid capital gains taxes we chose to once again have a house sitter for three years and officially call it our home base (we paid utilities and such). This house sitter was a second cousin and it was not a good situation. They didn't trash the place but close to it with dog stains all over the carpet and holes in the freshly painted walls where pictures had been hung. We ended up keeping the place and moving back in after eleven years of full time. Glad we kept the place as I now have my shop back and ten acres of pasture to keep me busy and healthy! Lenp
  4. lenp

    Texas Hill Country w/ Motorcycles

    The Lone Star Corral SKP park in Hondo is pretty close to the hill country and rates are great! Lenp
  5. I have a Garmin DashCam 20 that DOES record speed (can it be turned off, I do not know or care). Like you said speed can be determined other ways. On you point about where to place the camera for good visibility....I recently installed a two camera INNOV K2 system on my Harley that comes with two bullet cameras that are waterproof. They could be mounted anywhere on the front of your rig. Cable lengths might be a problem but I suspect that could be overcome. Google INNOV and take a look. They are not cheap but seem to work great. Lenp
  6. lenp

    Fulltimer moving into new rig?

    We have upgraded three times when full timing and each move was at the dealer lot. Lenp
  7. lenp

    Towing Ford Fiesta or Edge

    I tow a 2013 AWD Edge with no issues. Only requirement is to run the rig five minutes and shift into D and R before towing and every 300 miles. I did add a charge line to keep the battery charged as the aux braking system will run the battery down over time. Not all Edges are towable though. Do your research. Lenp
  8. My rig will loose about 1/4 of the tank out of the overflow while driving IF I am in hilly country. It does not loose any sitting level. Previous fiver also lost significant water in the hills. If your not seeing a puddle of water under the rig while parked I doubt you have a leak. Lenp
  9. I did the same for an older two door dometic several years ago. The refer door broke and a simple piece of aluminum flat stock worked great Lenp
  10. I used these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ARADQR2/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 two on the frig and two on the freezer. attached with: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CC146DM/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I tried the bungee and Velcro but found they did not keep the doors tightly closed on corners. Mine is a RF197 but basically the same door configuration. The freezer door "self-lock" feature did not work well on corners either but he RF18 may be better. Lenp
  11. lenp

    Best Penetrating Oil?????

    Best stuff I ever used was the purple liquid the Navy Non Destruct Test (NDT) guys used looking from cracks. Stuff was so thin it would soak through your skin! Had a small bottle that lasted me twenty plus years. Probably still used but not for us civilians. Sorry,, don't know what it was called. Lenp
  12. lenp

    How to winterize residential frig

    I simply connect the input (suction) side of the pump into a jug of RV antifreeze, turn on the pump and ice maker and let it sit until I see pink ice (slush). I have to do the same for the washer/dryer until I see pink water in the machine. Of course, the water heater is in bypass mode. Lenp
  13. lenp

    Fulltiming? What Regrets do/did you have?

    We started full time in 1999 and stayed on the road for eleven years and loved it! Fortunately, we did not sell our house - had house sitter and renters the whole time. When health issues hit us both we moved back into the house in 2010 and traded the fiver for a MH and travel south every other year. We had even bought into two SKP Co-ops with plans to sell the house but later sold them. Looking back I am VERY glad we didn't sell the house as I now have my workshop back and enjoying it along with being very active with the local VFW post. Just keep your options open if you can. Lenp
  14. lenp


    House batteries at 11.5? Sounds like they are not in good health either. Your inverter panel may be "seeing" low battery voltage and refusing to function. Try charging the house batteries and see what happens. Letting them get down to 11.5 is not good for them and it may be time to replace them as well. Lenp
  15. lenp

    Best place to register new Airstream

    Oregon works for me. Originally from Oregon and own a home there so no issues with residency requirements. Oregon has an income tax that can be around 9% but they don't touch my Navy retirement because it was all "earned" prior to 1991. Plus my VA agent orange related disability (what little there is) is not taxed by the state or federal. Establishing residency in Oregon may be a problem - I think you must own property and pay local property taxes. No sales tax (yet). Oregon does have a lifetime free vehicle registration or ONE vehicle for disabled veterans. I use it for my MH and it saves me significantly. Other vehicles are about $80 for two years. In addition, they have a property tax exemption of about $40k for disable veterans (over 30% is memory serves correctly) and the State Park system offers 10 free nights a month to disabled veterans (regardless of residency). County park I am currently has ten night per year free if you have the Oregon disable veteran pass. I probably would not have stayed here if it weren't for the tax situation. The only income I pay taxes on is what I draw from my IRA and I try to keep that low! Lenp
  16. lenp

    OT - Coronary Artery Disease

    Randy, Are you a veteran? Did you serve in Vietnam or any adjoining countries where agent orange was used (Thailand, Cambodia or even Korean DMZ)? If so, you need to get a claim filed with the VA. Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) is a presumptive disease from agent orange along with several others. What you describe sounds very familiar to my experience back in 2010 that resulted in a 95% blockage that was fixed by stents. I am same age as you but mine hit much earlier. I did go to the ER and they diagnosed reflux - wasn't until I got back home a month later that my GP sent me to cardiologist. Sometimes the ER doesn't work well either so don't give up if you continue to experience chest pain/pressure! Lenp
  17. lenp

    Forum Behavior

    I usually click on UNREAD CONTENT and then scroll through and if I see a thread I want to read I RIGHT click and select "open in a new tab" then after selecting all I want to review I go through each tab. Works for me. Lenp
  18. lenp

    2000 Suncruser Basement Air?

    I think I have the same unit (Colman Mach) as you. Mine operates similar to bobsallyh's unit with following exception... When the set point is more than three (3) degrees higher than room (ambient) temperature BOTH the heat pump and the gas furnace will come on. I like to use the heat pump only as much as possible so I added a switch in the line from the thermostat to the gas furnace that must be closed (ON) for the gas to work. With this added switch I can force the heat pump only mode. Mine does a good job of heating down to around the 38-40 range also - takes a little longer but still works. I am not sure at what temperature it stops trying to produce heat but I have had it freeze up in really humid climate in the low 40s. Lenp
  19. lenp

    33 yrs with no disability pension

    John, I don't remember you from earlier times but welcome back anyway! Your story really hits a nerve with me. I am an active member of the VFW and always talking to veterans here in my home town in Central Oregon as well as when we are traveling. It ceases to amaze me how many veterans are unaware of the benefits available to them. In the last year I have encountered four Vietnam combat vets with agent orange ailments that had no knowledge of the fact they were entitled to any form of disability or treatment from the VA. One had prostate cancer and the others all had coronary heart disease. Needless to say, soon after I met them they were filing claims! A little over two years ago I met a new neighbor who was very hearing impaired and found he was a flight deck fuel crew and his berthing compartment was right under the #1 catapult. Two months after I introduced him to our county veterans service officer (VSO) he was rated at 100%! Turns out he was totally deaf in one ear and over some % loss in the other. He had been this way for years and had previously been denied VA health care due to his income level. Regardless of VA healthcare qualification or not, his disability should have been claimed years ago but the VA had refused health care so he figured that was the end of the line for him and the VA. A dear friend has been trying for years to get VA health care but he could not produce his DD214 and was told it was lost in the "fire" so he was out of luck. He lives in Arkansas and I encouraged him to keep trying and he finally found someone who helped him obtain his DD214 (so much for that old line about the fire) and he is now receiving treatments! I guess the moral here is "don't give up". Should the VA be doing a better job of keeping veterans informed? Or is it the responsibility of the veteran, service organizations or the doctors who treat us? Or all of the above? We see the ads on TV for mesothelioma and various other subjects where a lawyer wants to take part of your benefits for helping out. Why not some ads by the VA or VFW or American Legion touting our benefits? Lets look into the future and think about what the "burn pits" of Iraq and Afghanistan are going to do to those veterans in a few more years. I started a conversation (via my daughter) with a doctor who runs a company providing continuing education for doctors (I understand they MUST have some form of continuing education stuff every year) and suggested they add some form of veteran specific topics in their courses. Things like agent orange ailments and potential burn pit issues with younger veterans. He had never heard of the burn pit issues! How can your doctor help you if he/she isn't even aware of the issues. Even the doctor running the education program admitted he knew nothing about agent orange until he did some work at a local VA hospital recently! Sorry to hijack your thread John but I couldn't help myself. We have to figure out a way to better inform our veterans! Lenp
  20. lenp

    Battery/Electricity issue

    What exactly did your father do to "fix" the fuse? The plug on the end of your cord "looks" like a 220 volt dryer plug but it IS NOT. it is 120 only. If your father rigged a dryer type 240 plug for you chances are several things got fried including your converter. Check the voltage on the plug your plugged into and make sure your connected to 120. Read across the two flat connectors.
  21. lenp

    Abiquiui, NM to Farmington, NM

    Have taken 550 in both 40' fiver and 40 DP and would do it again. Lenp
  22. lenp

    Tricare suppliment

    Assuming your medicare and tricare for life - YOU are good to go and should not see any out of pocket as long as your using medicare approved providers AND the services your receiving are covered. Your wife (assuming she is not medicare eligible) can get a supplement (or at least I did years ago) from various insurers. Unless things have changed significantly when I had only tricare (not tricare for life) there was an out of pocket maximum per year of $3000. My premiums for the supplement (through the Fleet Reserve Association) was close to $1400 a year so i elected to self ensure and take the risk. Not sure what the maximum is today. Lenp
  23. This is getting out of control! Barbarok, I have three Trojan 1275 12 volt (450 amp hours) batteries in great shape (Panametric battery monitor tells me they are 96% effecient) and they will extend the slides and level the coach just fine without the engine, generator or shore power. However, the voltage WILL drop and current increase thus, I choose to run my engine to minimize low current issues. Hey, it only takes 2-3 minutes, Additionally, even if I plug in as soon as I back in, I will not have power for 3-4 minutes due to the delay of my Sureguard. Everybody has their "method" - let's let it rest. Lenp
  24. Barbaraok, My batteries are fine. Please understand that a fully charged battery (at rest) will have a maximum of 12.67 volts available. Sure, after initial shutdown of the engine, that voltage will be much higher (13.4 to 14 volts) but that is only a surface charge that is quickly dissipated. As soon as you start lowering jacks and extending slides WITHOUT the engine running the pump will drop the battery voltage well below 12 volts. That pumps needs a certain amount of power to run. If the voltage drops, the current MUST increase. This means heat and excessive wear on the motor. By keeping the engine running, the voltage is maintained closer to 13 volts, thus less current (and heat) required. The same thing applies to any motor - 12 volt DC or 120 AC - that is why many AC compressors fail due to low line voltage. It is called HEAT. I WILL run my engine when leveling and extending/retracting slides. For 20 minutes - I don't think so. Perhaps five minutes but it takes close to that long to air up anyway. Lenp