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  1. I am not familiar with the Magnum equipment but a quick review of the ME-RC manual shows an additional unit (ME-BMK battery monitor) is required to measure SOC. Page seven - https://www.magnum-dimensions.com/sites/default/files/MagArchive/64-0003-Rev-D-ME-RC.pdf If the Magnum is anything like my Bogart Engineering Pentametric system there is a parameter that can be set to determine when 100% SOC is achieved. If I remember correctly it is set for the point when the voltage reaches 14.4 volts and charge current drops to 9 amps - don't quote me on those numbers but they are close. Does the Magnum SOC have anything similar? As noted above, if your applying solar charge to the batteries at the same time your running the generator there could be some false reading. Lenp
  2. Thanks for letting us know the root cause!! Many of us were watching. Lenp
  3. lenp

    Louisiana US 90

    US 90 is not too bad from New Orleans until you get near Lafayette where it gets a little congested and the last few miles in Lafayette are very busy and narrow lanes. Still no big deal - we often travel that route. Lenp
  4. Only have about 45,000 on my 2012 and the only problem was a catalytic converter had to be replaced under warranty. I have not towed with it but have flat towed it behind MH for about 30,000 miles in addition to the 45,00 on the clock. I have not heard any horror stories about them. Lenp
  5. Carlos, You are 100% correct but that still doesn't mean a range extender wouldn't work for the OP. I use one and don't even notice difference in speed or latency. Lenp
  6. A $90 range extender might do just as well Lenp
  7. Had the 3000 in my International 4400 and hated it! It only had 275 HP so I could never find a good gear on a hill. With the C12 it might work out better for you. Can't say I am real fond of the 300 behind (or should I say in front) of the ISL I have now either but lots better than the old 4400. Lenp
  8. Maggie, what toad brake system do you have? The Prodigy brake controller is typically used in conjunction with a trailer with electric brakes. If your toad brake system is a RVI or similar system it may not need a controller. My RVI brake works without ANY device in the motorhome - strictly an inertia brake system totally contained within the toad. It does have a remote mounted in the MH that allows me to "test" the brakes on the toad as well as monitor what the RVI unit is (or isn't) doing. The prior owner may have towed a trailer and used it with the prodigy. There may be some toad brake systems that utilize a cab mounted controller but I believe most are like the RVI unit - correct me if I am wrong here folks. Suggest you read the owners manual for your toad brake system (or contact the manufacturer) and (1) tell us what model you have and (2) tell us what you find. Lenp
  9. Or if you have lots of time drop down to Freeport and go across Galveston Island and take the ferry to Point Bolivar and up to I10 at Winnie. We always enjoy that route! Lenp
  10. dmcb, I too, have problems starting the rig, intermittently though. Tough trying to figure it out when it only happens occasionally. The wiring diagrams from Sparton (I know your on a Freighliner but perhaps wiring is similar) show multiple relays/solenoids in the starter "path". One is controlled by the Allison to lockout the starter if not in neutral. You really need to get a wiring diagram and start tracing wires (and I need to do the same!). Friend with an older Allegro with starting issues had to replace the Allison touch pad to correct his start problem. Was not cheap! Good luck and let us know if you solve the problem. Lenp
  11. AND DIAMONDS!!!! Lenp
  12. And don't forget the Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) of your pickup. As noted above, weight the truck loaded as you would for a trip (fuel, people, dog, toys, etc.,) and subtract that from the manufacturers GCWR to determine how heave the trailer can be. I would not want to be over 80% of the GCWR. Lenp
  13. lenp

    Blue Water Navy

    US Court of Appeals ruling....... https://www.militarytimes.com/news/pentagon-congress/2019/01/29/court-rules-va-must-pay-disability-benefits-to-blue-water-vietnam-veterans/
  14. I have six of them located around town displaying community events and veterans information (http://vfw12141.org/SC/SCW.html). Nothing special with what they are doing and displaying but I did connect a keyboard to one of them to set it up. Pretty simple and easier to use than the on screen keyboard. PM me if you want to talk via phone. Lenp
  15. lenp


    I use a propane powered ceramic brick heater that DUMPS humidity into the motorhome. I always leave at least one window cracked open about half an inch and a roof vent cracked the same amount. Keeps most of the condensation out of the rig. Dual pane window do help but even they occasionally get condensation. In your case, recommend you keep a roof vent cracked all the time. Just breathing adds humidity inside the rig and then add cooking and showering your bound to have condensation. Lenp
  16. I am certainly not an expert but I would think a battery monitor system would be very helpful in determining remaining life. My system (three Trojan T1275 12 volt batteries and 750 watts of solar) with a Pentametric battery monitor tells me the efficiency of the battery bank. Going on seven years of service they still show 96% efficient - about where they were when installed. I have never dropped the SOC below 60% so I expect I still have a few years left on them. The Trimetric TM2030RV goes for around $150. Might be cheaper than new batteries and always helpful in knowing where your at with your batteries. Lenp
  17. Initially we chose a house sitter the first four years we full timed. Couldn't have asked for a better situation. Unfortunately she had to move on so we decided to rent for a few years (four more). No issues to speak of with maintenance other than a drain field replacement that was due regardless. Decided we wanted to sell the place in 2008 so asked the renters to vacate. We did not use a rental agent but would highly recommend doing so. To avoid capital gains taxes we chose to once again have a house sitter for three years and officially call it our home base (we paid utilities and such). This house sitter was a second cousin and it was not a good situation. They didn't trash the place but close to it with dog stains all over the carpet and holes in the freshly painted walls where pictures had been hung. We ended up keeping the place and moving back in after eleven years of full time. Glad we kept the place as I now have my shop back and ten acres of pasture to keep me busy and healthy! Lenp
  18. The Lone Star Corral SKP park in Hondo is pretty close to the hill country and rates are great! Lenp
  19. I have a Garmin DashCam 20 that DOES record speed (can it be turned off, I do not know or care). Like you said speed can be determined other ways. On you point about where to place the camera for good visibility....I recently installed a two camera INNOV K2 system on my Harley that comes with two bullet cameras that are waterproof. They could be mounted anywhere on the front of your rig. Cable lengths might be a problem but I suspect that could be overcome. Google INNOV and take a look. They are not cheap but seem to work great. Lenp
  20. We have upgraded three times when full timing and each move was at the dealer lot. Lenp
  21. I tow a 2013 AWD Edge with no issues. Only requirement is to run the rig five minutes and shift into D and R before towing and every 300 miles. I did add a charge line to keep the battery charged as the aux braking system will run the battery down over time. Not all Edges are towable though. Do your research. Lenp
  22. My rig will loose about 1/4 of the tank out of the overflow while driving IF I am in hilly country. It does not loose any sitting level. Previous fiver also lost significant water in the hills. If your not seeing a puddle of water under the rig while parked I doubt you have a leak. Lenp
  23. I did the same for an older two door dometic several years ago. The refer door broke and a simple piece of aluminum flat stock worked great Lenp
  24. I used these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ARADQR2/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 two on the frig and two on the freezer. attached with: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CC146DM/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I tried the bungee and Velcro but found they did not keep the doors tightly closed on corners. Mine is a RF197 but basically the same door configuration. The freezer door "self-lock" feature did not work well on corners either but he RF18 may be better. Lenp
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