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  1. When we started full timing 3 years ago, we changed our permanent legal address to 140 Rainbow Drive, Livingston, TX 77399, utilizing the mail forwarding service. All vendors, etc and Scottrade were informed of the changes immediately after our home in New York was sold and Livingston became our "address." There was no reaction to this change at the time, or since that time. Recently , we had reason to open another, new brokerage account with Scottrade. We were told that research showed that our Rainbow Drive address was not legitimate as a "home" and that the "Patriot" Act required that we demonstrate that we had a physical address. My response was that we lived on the road in an RV and that the State of Texas has determined that our address was good enough that they would, and did, issue driver's licenses, motor vehicle titles, and voter registrations, just to mention a few things that we are able to acquire through our legal address in Livingston. The response of Scottrade was that they were unable to recognize that address as legal in the sense that was required by the "Patriot" Act. Has anyone else encountered this blockade? Curious is anyone has found a solution to the issue. With thousands of Escapees and other full timers out on the road, it would seem to be a fairly large problem for many of us.
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    Hi, I have just checked in to Rainbow's End in Livingston, TX after a 3 month shake down trip. There are a handful of issues I want to have checked, and I am wondering if there is a mobile RV repair service in the Livingston area? Any news would be appreciated. Many thanks B. Travis