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  1. Does anyone live near, "Inver Grove Heights" Minnesota?

    Thanks! I am glad I was able to help out.
  2. Does anyone live near, "Inver Grove Heights" Minnesota?

    It was my pleasure to be able to help. Give me a call when you get to Minnesota and we'll get together.
  3. Does anyone live near, "Inver Grove Heights" Minnesota?

    PM sent, I am 5 miles from Inver Grove Heights, MN.
  4. Insurance

    I'll be checking with them on whether they will be continuing coverage in 2018.
  5. Insurance

    I am insured through RLI Insurance Company (via BlueSky), and I pay about $900 per year for the truck.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving

    We are thankful for the HDT community, and the people how willingly share their knowledge and experience.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving. We are thankful for the HDT community, and the people how willingly share their knowledge and experience.
  8. Mpg

    For my DD15 engine, according to the driver's book, I get the best MPG at 1350rpm and best power at 1450rpm. When I cruise over 1500rpm, my mileage starts to go down again. My fuel log bears that out.
  9. Hitching up

    There are a few things which I find help... 1) make sure the clutch is warmed up, I find it will want to grab more (not when I like it to) when it is cold; 2) Be feather light on the accelerator, my Ultrashift starts to move the truck as low as 700rpm, you will need to find the spot yours will start to move; 3) left foot over the brake, this is helpful in two ways, faster response time if I jerk the truck, and can add a little brake if I need to add a little resistance to moving (esp with a cold clutch); 4) a good spotter or camera to see where the pin and head are in relation to the other; Lastly, and I'm assuming you are doing this, make sure your pin height is at head height when you hook up, and not lifting your coach when you do. Hope this helps.
  10. UltraShift issue

    I did, they won't, the issue is the centrifugal clutch, and keeping the RPM high enough to keep it engaged. I can get it to skip shift going down, but I have to slow down really fast. I even asked about getting a higher starting gear (3rd), and they won't do that, they claim it would burn out the clutch faster as it would slip more when starting from a stop.
  11. X6 for Steve and Gail Dixon, it was a great rally. I want to also thank Chet for all his help that week, going above and beyond what I originally needed help on.
  12. Getting the band together at the National HDT Rally?

    I'll be bringing my bass, though not sure how much I'll be able to shed with the shoulder in a sling. Rock on!
  13. National HDT Rally Registration

    Does anyone know when will the State Fair Rd entrance to the campground be open?
  14. We will be at the upcoming HDT National Rally in Hutchinson with both our truck and trailer. If you are interested in a test drive or ride along, please PM me and we can setup a time.
  15. My wife and I are non-smokers. We bought our truck from Heavymetal, who did a treatment to eliminate the smoker smell when he bought the truck and did his conversion, including replacing the seats and mattress with new ones. As far as smelling like stale smoker, no, the cab & sleeper doesn't smell like stale smoker. We try to keep the truck's smells as neutral as we can due to my allergies.