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  1. I also pulled a 38' travel trailer with my HDT, and like Steve said, you don't need weight distribution, but you should have an air hitch. It really helps the trailer ride better behind the truck. I bought Steve's AirSafe hitch last year, it worked great for my setup, and it is now for sale. Please PM me if you are interested in buying it.
  2. DanBree


    Will depend on the timing. We are heading up to Alaska right after the ECR in Crossville, TN.
  3. My wife and I are going to be leaving for Alaska right after the 2019 HDT ECR at the end of April beginning of May. Plan on taking our time to get up there and spend a few months exploring.
  4. We found a 2014 Fleetwood Discovery 40G for a good price. Thanks to all for your input.
  5. Lowered the price. We found our replacement RV and we must still our trailer.
  6. My trailer is also posted on the Grand Design For Sale forum on Facebook. I am also on the Grand Design Owners Forum on Facebook, but not one on this site. If you can send me the link, I'll ask post this there as well.
  7. Now that we have our HDT sold, we now need to get our travel trailer sold. You can find our ad at https://www.rvt.com/Grand-Design-Reflection-308BHTS-2016-Rosemount-MN-ID7572075-UX225865.
  8. DanBree

    cali registration

    Glad you had a safe drive home, and glad you were able to get it registered in CA.
  9. I am looking for used, at least 5 years old, but fine with older if is well taken care of and well built. A lot of the coaches I am currently considering are 10-15 yrs old. All coaches which I am considering are 40' or shorter, and I am not considering anything longer. Budget wise, under $150,000.
  10. I am working towards purchasing a Class A Diesel Pusher, and I was wondering if there are any specific brands or models which I should avoid outright. Thank you for any information you can share.
  11. DanBree

    Alfa Leisure 1007

    If there is someone in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, please feel free to PM me. I'm going to be there in March to look over the one I am considering, if it is still available by then. But having another set of eyes would always be appreciated.
  12. DanBree

    Alfa Leisure 1007

    Thank you for the information and the groups, I plan on reaching out to them for more information. The 1007 I referenced is the floor plan, and it is a See Ya with a CAT engine.
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