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  1. I called escapees to inquire about their roadside assistance program. I currently have AAA which is about to be up for renewal and wanted to change to escapees. My question was about what vehicles were covered, with AAA any vehicle my wife or myself is in is covered and wanted to make sure that stayed the same. I have a 5th wheel trailer and a ford F350 dually as a tow vehicle. I was told the F350 would not be covered I would have to buy a separate policy for it. on the web page describing the coverage it states a heavy duty truck would be covered if it did not have sleeping quarters in it. why would a heavy duty truck be covered and a light duty truck not is what has me confused. the reason they gave me is it was a dually.
  2. different counties must assign numbers differently, my DL and my CCP bear no resemblance.
  3. there are several options that fit the ford factory mounts I have a B&W hitch in mine. Pull-Rite and Curt also offer them. The Reese hitch looks nice but its almost 2X's as expensive as my B&W. My B&W is rated for 20K.
  4. Be sure and read this carefully, Ive been pulling 5th wheel RV's for over 20 yrs and what I see a lot of in campgrounds is people only look at towing capacity and completely forget (or ignore) payload capacity's. It took me to my second 5th wheel to figure that one out myself. A 10,000 lb (dry weight) 5th wheel can easily go over the payload capacity of a 3/4 ton pickup. As trailer traveler said figure your gross vehicle trailer weight times .25, plus hitch weight, plus anything else you put in the truck including passengers and you get the payload weight.
  5. Really wish we could join in on this group but realistically we will have to wait for a 2020 group to form lol
  6. finally03gt, we are kinda in same boat as you are only we are already empty nesters. hanging out on forums and mostly reading every now and then asking for some clarification. i feel like right now we are about 5 to 6 years away from going full time. just purchased a new f350 with the max tow package this year, plan is to have it payed for before putting house up for sale. weve been camping for several years about 35, myself i have been all my life. i have found the people that actually do it offer the best information seek them out when you go camping. they love to not only tell you how they do it but invite you into their campers and show you also. We were bouncing back and forth on the motor home vs 5th wheel for several years the information that we got from alot of folks that made up our mind was when a motor home breaks down it has to go to a large truck shop, when a f350 or 3500 breaks down only the tv goes in the shop, and not a specialty truck shop but a normal car dealership type shop, and your home can be in a nearby camp ground. only you can make the right decision for whats right for you so keep doing your homework.
  7. not sure where your located but there is a place in Denver NC that specializes in refurbish/remodel RV's. I had a 5th wheel camper in there for water damage a couple years ago and they do fantastic work. saw some other rigs in their shop that they wer working on too. I was thinking about remodeling our 2004 terry quantum 5th wheel and found out if you ask if they can do it the answer is usually yes. decided to trade in for new 5th wheel last year instead but i would definitly take anything to them for work.
  8. never been told to mind my own business but was told that they knew about the problem that particular time I saw water coming out of camper the people were gone so I just valved out their water, I told them when they drove back up he got out of car when he told me he knew and opened the water valve and they went inside, wasn't long he was back outside closing water off and went to town for parts. a dirty look is all I got from him. I just chalk that up to it takes all kinds. every other time the folks were very thankful. I will only tell you once you have an issue if you dont listen shame on you.
  9. Thank you all for the responses I guess I should of included some information about myself in my question but didn't know that that was the main difference in the question I was asking, lol. Anyway I am still working in my career but in my late fifty's and looking at retirement in the next 5 to 7 years. my wife just turned 55 this year and we are officially empty nesters as of about a year ago. We have always camped and I grew up in a camping family. It was always my dream when I retire to do so in an RV of some type and my wife shares my dream with me as she enjoys the travel and adventure. Since we were married we progressed from a sears tent that I was camping in through 2 different pop ups then on to 5th wheels. We are on our 3rd 5th wheel now a heartland elkridge. We spend about 5 to 6 weeks a year camping at present, sometimes a couple weeks at a time to just a couple days others. From what I gathered from Kirks explanation we fall into the Xscapers category but maybe bleeding into the escapees some too may even be about half and half since empty nesters. Our main goal is to get as much information as we can before we become full timers even though we are seasoned campers there is so much unknown about the full time part of it. it looks to me like the escapees is where to find it. when camping I always try to talk to different people that obviously live in their campers to gain more information and mostly have been welcomed with tons of information only ran into a couple of folks over the years that appeared to not be happy with their decision. thanks again and looking forward to years of learning.
  10. New member and trying to figure it all out but what is the difference in an escapee and an escaper?
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