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  1. Randy, could you please send me some pictures of this hitch?
  2. Tipping

    Ok, here's my thoughts on the subject of tipping, (not that anybody asked不不). Having spent 9 years in the food service industry, I definitely believe in tipping servers who actually serve me for a "sit down", meal or beverage. I base my tip amount on the quality of both the service and food, (as a waiter, I would share a portion of my tips with the cooks). I tip very well, (over 20%), for GREAT service, but not for lousy service. Back in the day, your table was actually cleared of everything you weren't using, (this is still done in Mexico), before a check was ever presented to you, and usually your requested it. Now, your still taking your last bites of the meal and the check appears, or, worse yet, you have a machine, (I'd like to shoot theses things), that all supposedly put there for your convenience, (read "quicker table turnover")! I'm pretty sure that the software that some of the fast food/sandwich shops use is similar to full-service, (this term use very loosely), and this is why you see the tipping option. I was at a burger joint ordering a meal and the girl gave me my receipt to sign after placing my order. It had a place for a tip, so I mentioned to her that I thought that you were to tip AFTER the meal, but she educated me, (read, her tone of voice stank), that you actually tipped to ensure good service不不不不不, I told her that no, that would be called a bribe that, for example, you would slip to a host or hostess to get a better table in, for example, Las Vegas, not Manitou Springs, CO不不不不不不不, (not that I have ever done that). OK, end of rant滕
  3. I also sent you an email Mike
  4. What Type of Ladder do you carry?

    Singwing12, was it a Werner 13 ft.multi-position ladder?
  5. EMS-PT50C

    Do you know if the lifetime warranty is transferable?
  6. How old is too old?

    Thanks everyone for your input!
  7. How old is too old?

    I'm looking at DVR Mobile Suites and am wondering how old is too old. Any thoughts?
  8. 2007 Elite Suite 38RL3 for sale

    Please send pics and info to racquetballfreq@gmail.com
  9. Please send pics and info to: racquetballfreq@gmail.com
  10. 2010, Excel Limited

    Model number?, more details? Thanks!?
  11. removed no longer for sale

    Bradley, When I follow your instructions to view photos, it just takes me to the photo bucket home page. Help please.