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  1. Questions about: Toyota Sunrader

    I'm looking for advice on the pros/cons of going with a solid fiberglass shell, about this particular model year, etc...
  2. Questions about: Toyota Sunrader

    I just came upon a Toyota Sunrader for sale, but do not have a lot of information yet. (Literally came upon it less than 10 minutes ago just by happenstance.) No, it's not the coveted 4x4... sadly. It's a '91 .v6 and I'll be getting more pictures tomorrow. I didn't come up with many resources in a quick google search and I need to get back to doing actual work, so I thought I would come here to ask for help! Please & Thank you.
  3. Induction Cooking vs. Gas ?

    Chris n Dennis basically nailed it for me. I'd prefer to cook outside myself and expect that it will likely be over flames or in a solar oven. Thanks for everyone's input!
  4. Induction Cooking vs. Gas ?

    I suppose the gas stove could remain in place for backup. Especially if that extra heat while cooking it good for heating up your interior (and that's what you want).
  5. Induction Cooking vs. Gas ?

    Depending on your chosen surroundings, this prevents the addition of extra/wasted heat into your space that has to be compensated for. With pets, the extra safety seems nice. Also, from my understanding - it's not going to be so big a strain as to make boondocking that much more difficult? Less energy is wasted than both using gas or electric.
  6. Induction Cooking vs. Gas ?

    Hello! I couldn't find any discussions about induction cooking, so I thought I would ask! It's not very popular in the states, but induction cooking is very popular around the world - and I wonder why anyone would chose gas over it in an RV specifically? Thanks for your help!