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  1. I just can't thank you all enough for sharing your thoughts with me! I greatly appreciate your time, and you have given me much to consider. Thanks again, David
  2. I bet that most of the crooks assume that if an old goat like me is out roaming around in an RV, I'm probably armed. So far, it seems that most trouble happens at busy campgrounds (bored kids with lots of places to blend in) and truck stops (there seems to be an entire sub-culture dedicated to robbing from truckers). Can't you just see some punk trying to get away quick after carjacking a monster class A? David
  3. Hi, If you are, or are considering, fulltiming in an RV, how did you select your particular RV? Of course, it all depends on how one intends to use it, number of occupants, hot/cold weather, etc. I wouldn't ask you to tell me which rig to get, I'm just asking to hear the story of how you selected yours. Thanks for sharing! David
  4. If you have a LED lamp that you're going to trash, you might want to dissect that little beast and let us know what you find inside. You might find a little chip with numbers like one of these: NCV7691 ASL1010 TPS9260 Not that there's much to do with that information, other than impress folks at happy hour. If you tell the manufacturer/seller why you're trashing it, they might be less likely to fob this kind of thing off on an unsuspecting public, too. Anyway, it's not you, it's them. David
  5. LED lights are not simple glowy things like incandescent light bulbs. To get the benefits of LED, you have to be pretty smart. Smart, in this case, usually means pulse width modulation: http://www.eetimes.com/document.asp?doc_id=1281013 http://www.k0bg.com/rfi.html Even if you don't get a "dimmer" knob to play with, does not mean that the factory did not implement the PWM dimmer circuit and simply nail down the knob's value with a single-value resistor. Want to set PWM in action? Next time you are behind a car at night, shake your head back and forth as fast as you can while keeping your eyes open. Standard incandescent bulbs in the vehicle in front of you will appear as the smudges of light that you'd expect. LEDs driven with PWM will appear as discrete dots of light. In effect, you are engaging in stop-motion stroboscopic vision as the LEDs flash ON OFF ON OFF ON OFF ON faster than you can detect (like a TV or movie being too fast for you to see the individual picture elements change). Even funner? Bite a popcicle stick between your teeth and pluck it like a guitar string. As it vibrates your skull, you might see the secret morse-code message that those crafty EEs are embedding in brake lights! Anyway, PWM, as implemented by lazy ignorant trolls, is a generous provider of all sorts of bad radio frequency interference. All the best, David
  6. Credit scores are often the major contributor to your vehicle insurance rates: http://www.clarkhoward.com/how-credit-score-affects-insur
  7. Pretty sweet rigs! It seems that the US does not have the amount of roadless land that allows vehicular use to support a robust market for such wild, beautiful beasts.
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