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  1. what is the best kind of induction cookware that is reasonably priced?
  2. What is the best brand of stackable w/d for a MH??
  3. I have absolutely no credibility on this topic as we are future wannabee's. However, as we are in making the transition - we've sold the house, most of our stuff and are renting a much smaller place as I get ready to retire in a few months - we have discussed the what-if's that have been written about here. Bottom line - nothing has to last forever, and if we don't like it, or of circumstances change, we'll change with them! If we remain unable to make the move toward this life because of fear of the unknown, I KNOW when we are older and unable to travel for whatever reason, we will both ask ourselves 'I wonder what would have happened...' I dont want a regret. Faith requires that we step off into the darkness a couple steps before the light appears to show the rest of the way. I'm willing to do that, and if it doesn't work out, then ok, we'll go to plan B....or C. Heaven knows, having to go to plan B can happen regardless of circumstances - death, divorce, loss of health, loss of a job, problems with parents or children, and on and on. All would require to go to plan B. We can do that - and will - but only after giving it a try!!!!!!
  4. Thanks so much Jack - finally a little info to go on: an OFF exchange plan available in Polk County!
  5. Thanks - but since i will be using the Escapees mail forwarding service, my address will be either Polk County, TX or Sumter County, FL. Since I will be a resident of either of those counties, I don't believe I will get a choice of another county to obtain my insurance. I will not qualify for subsidies, so I won't need an on-exchange plan. That being the case, are there off-exchange plans in Texas that would work?
  6. I know the topic of health insurance for those under 65 is a hot topic. We were planning to establish a domicile in Texas, but lately I've heard that health insurance from Texas (especially Polk County) is a mess. Should we go to Florida instead?
  7. So the Kiplinger Report does not even have Texas on their list of tax-friendly retiree states. Why is that? It has Florida in there at #10, and some you'd never think of, but no Texas. Just curious if anyone knows the 'counter-argument' of why Texas is NOT as favorable as I had thought?
  8. Sign me (us) up!! We'll be ready to go somewhere between Spring and Fall, 2018. Looking at a different rigs, attending shows, visiting dealers, etc. I'm sure the RV sales guys hate us because we aren't immediate buyers and are just wasting their time, but I can't do my homework without wasting someone's time, so it will continue!!
  9. OK it's done!! Registered for both the BC and the Escapade! Flying to Boston and renting a Class C and heading to the big event. looking forward to it!
  10. Thanks Kirk! I appreciate your input and from reading your responses on these forums, I know you know what you are talking about! Your answer makes the most sense - I was not aware of the history, nor the content of the others. I have been reading the seminar list and we plan on attending both the escapade and the boot camp - I just wish it wasn't so far. We do not have an RV yet, but as the information clearly points out, no RV is required, so we will rent one!
  11. This is probably the wrong place to ask - but there are several different RV education rally's - Escapade, RV-Dreamers, iRV2, and probably more. Clearly, everyone hear will vote Escapade (no surprise there!), but really, what makes one better than the other?
  12. How would I get a military ID card?
  13. Is parking at a military base park ever open to family members on a space available basis? I am not ex-military but my son-in-law is active duty AF. Can we stay at the base where they live when we start traveling?
  14. My wife and I will be going to a rally of some sort to get educated on the FT life. The question is (and this may be the wrong place to ask it!) which rally is better? Ecapade, RV-Dreams, iRV2? There are probably more, but what makes one better than the other?
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