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  1. There is so many new parts on this project that's it's a nightmare. I inspect parts and I stayed buried on this launch. This was opened yesterday also.
  2. I still have the seats for sale.
  3. Please contact me directly 540-357-1023 call or text Mike
  4. I'm going to turn loose of them. Is there any intrest here?
  5. Here was a size chart off of Yellowbullet
  6. Look I run less than 1500 miles a year. My truck isn't an RV so I'm not messing it up for you. We make several longer trips during the year and that's why we have a 46'LQT We take it camping also. MY whole family and some friends are in law enforcement. Not all cops are pricks but I've meet some of them over the years. I'm always nice but sometimes they're in a bad mood or pissed off. Thats the point I was referring to There is noway that I would ever want to be in law enforcement dangerous, bad hours, low pay, high divorce rate, and have to take crap from road side lawyers. Be nice, you would be surprised how often that you'll get a warning. PS you make my .......... get out of his car in the rain because you're being stupid enough he has to pull you over. I promise you're getting a Ticket
  7. You mean bolted to the wall with toe clamps and (6) 3/8-16 bolts. Several fire extinguishers (foam) in the the truck and trailer. Triangles check, Yes I keep my brakes in adjustment and a very small loss of air. ACP insurance policey.I'll wait for the officer to calulate to shear strenght for the bolts, wt of the cars and all the other factors in determing whats acceptable. But all of this is a moot point If the prick wants to give you a ticket you're getting it regardless. The clamps are not on in these photos
  8. I have truck insurance (not RV) and a CDL so feel i'm not skirting any laws yet. Other than log books
  9. This was on our homepage this moring. Safest Volvo ever
  10. I don't open the door of the trailer so they won't know what is inside. It has full living quarters in the front so we are always going camping not racing.
  11. I use my truck to pull my sons Jr Dragster's to the races. Commerical NOT even close. Can we win money a little bit yes, but according to the IRS it's a hobby.