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  1. Pulled the triger

    Pat, More than likey that where the seats are going. I picked up the trunck at Va Truck Center in Hollins.
  2. Pulled the triger

    Here's your chance. Right now we are hiring several hundred people. They will give you 8 hrs a day to "practice" building trucks. We can hone those skills !!! LOL
  3. Pulled the triger

    I'd tell you what I paid for it but why make people mad or be a bragger.
  4. Pulled the triger

    Last night a friend and his brother was helping me bring it back. I was cleaning the inside and believe it or not but it's coming around. There was more junk and trash not so much nasty.
  5. Pulled the triger

    This truck was in an accident the local dealership did the repairs. The insurance sent the first check to the dealership and the next to the owner. He cashed the check and never paid the bill. This caused the truck to sit in limbo for 3 years before they could get the out of state title. They got it last week. Lets say they wanted it gone.
  6. Pulled the triger

    None, only reason I bought it.
  7. Pulled the triger

    because I work at the factory and your job cycle is 6 mins long. No kidding I've done every job on the sleeper line many times. I went to a new job every day. If you where out I take your place. tomorrow someone else is out and off I go to do that job.
  8. Pulled the triger

    570,000 miles
  9. Pulled the triger

    NO , it's terrible. I plan on gutting it and I'll get all new interior for it. ( I can take everything out of the cab except for the dash in less 2 hours)
  10. Pulled the triger

    I found this last week sitting at a dealership. I went and made a offer and came home with a title. It's a '07 pre emissions truck w/ a Volvo 465 hp 10 speed
  11. Selling my 4900 for a Volvo

    $15000 obo
  12. Selling my 4900 for a Volvo

    PM me
  13. Selling my 4900 for a Volvo

  14. Selling my 4900 for a Volvo

  15. Selling my 4900 for a Volvo