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  1. I bought it in the summer of 2016.
  2. I'm selling my RadRover electric bicycle if anyone is interested. While it stored nicely in the 5th wheel when we were traveling, I don't have room for it in the Airstream. I've put 109 miles on the bike and stored it in our casita for the last year while we were traveling. $950. We are currently located in Southeast New Mexico at the Escapee Ranch in Lakewood (between Artesia and Carlsbad). If I don't sell it here I'm taking it with us to Wichita Falls, TX, then NTAC in Hillsboro and then onto Los Fresnos, TX where we'll be over wintering. I can send you more pictures if needed. https://www.radpowerbikes.com/products/radrover-electric-fat-bike
  3. For everyones information...all the lots at the Ranch have sold and we now have a waiting list. If anyone is interested on putting your name on the wait list, call our office at 575.457.2303.
  4. I found the asking lease price for the lots. Lot 15 = $13,491.36, and lot 60 = $17,000. If you want to know more information about lot 15 you can call the "agent", Marilyn, at 432-770-5134. You'll need to call the office for more info on lot 60 or me (940-232-0846).
  5. Sorry that I did not see your post earlier. Yes, there are currently two lots up for lease...60 and 15. You may want to call the office for the exact prices, but I believe lot 15 is between 12-15K and Lot 60 is between 17-18K. Of course these prices are negotiable.
  6. An update for you...two lots have become available, 60 and 15.
  7. Family is always first...when you're ready, I'm sure there will be a lot available.
  8. Yes, almost all lots have sold. I believe lot 31 and 84 are still on the market and soon lot 17 will be for lease, but I'm away from the Ranch and I don't know if that's 100 percent fact. I predict by the end of this year there will be a waiting list and that list will continue to grow for the next few years due to several factors. I feel fortunate that I was able to "buy" in when I did.
  9. Cathy, just to let you know, we're down to five lots for sale. I predict that sometime in 2019 we'll have a waiting list.
  10. Thanks, it is a good video. A leaseholder did the video and it was posted by the webmaster, also a leaseholder.
  11. There are several other roads from I-20 that will connect to US HWY 180/62 into Carlsbad, NM. It's a little longer, but we usually travel through Odessa to Seminole to Carlsbad. Ft Stockton to Pecos is even worse.
  12. Also, Todd, DON'T, what every you do, take 285 from Pecos, TX to Carlsbad, NM. The road is EXTREMELY rough and just about takes an off road vehicle to navigate it.
  13. You'll be getting here when most of the leaseholders have returned and the park will be quite full. Call just before you arrive to make sure there's a spot for you. If not, the boondock area is available or KOA is three miles down the road. Our semi-annual meeting is on 7 November...that's when some new board of directors are elected and voting by the membership happens for any changes or big expenditures. Safe travels.
  14. Cathy, this area is livable all year. It does get hot in the summer, but it has that famous "dry" heat and while it does freeze, most winters are very mild, but I have heard some of the old-timers talk about that "one" winter that had snow and temperatures in the teens for several days. If that ever happens again, I hope I'm not here but lounging South Texas.
  15. There are some good deals. The lower priced lots have no or very little improvements, while there is one lot going up for sale, because the owners are quitting the RV lifestyle, that has a large casita and will be priced over 20K.
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