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  1. RV Mattress Best Choices

    We've bought two of these and love them: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JJZ1AZG/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  2. Kirk, 

    If you want, I may be able to help locate the water system, in Water Watch, if you let me know what RV park you want to check.



  3. Hair Stylist or Barber or Other

    I've been cutting my own hair for the last three years. I got tired of trying to find someone who really cared to do a good job and was sanitary. After watching a couple of Youtube videos, researching a little on the web, investing in an Andis clipper and buying a few blades, I was learning on my own head. I use my setup outside because hair, like sand, gets everywhere. And I must say, I've gotten pretty darn good...even do my own neck and get a straight line. What really put me off from going to barbers (call me a germaphobe) is that NONE of them sanitize like the state laws dictate and I know of one that spread Hep B that way.
  4. Drinking Water System Questions

    Sometimes the name is a little different from the city. You can call them up and see what name they use. For example, a city may be named Rover City, but use "Red Rover" for the water name. Also, sometimes it helps to use only part of the name in the search area.
  5. Drinking Water System Questions

    Type in the name of the town or if the RV park has its own system, the name of the RV park.
  6. Drinking Water System Questions

    I believe every state has their own drinking water watch. For example, Google Texas drinking water watch and it will take you to the website. Then type in the name of the town or RV park if it has its own system.
  7. Drinking Water System Questions

    If you look at the Drinking Water Watch website, there are several RV parks that are on a boil water notice due to E-coli contamination. I've been to one of the RV parks, but was never informed about the water issue and did not see the notice posted. RV parks are not monitored very well due to the transitory nature of its residents.
  8. Drinking Water System Questions

    An On-the-Go combined with a Berkey is cheaper than an RO system because they last longer (both filter media lasts about 7 years). Less parts to maintain, smaller foot print, less leak potential, and can be used while boondocking (an RO system wastes half of the water filtered).
  9. Drinking Water System Questions

    We've been full-timing for over four years and have gone through various filter configurations, but it wasn't until I took a New Mexico state class on water sampling to follow state and federal laws so I could help an RV park maintain their water system, that I fully appreciate how hard it is to remove harmful bacteria from water. E.coli is one of the most difficult bacteria to remove--your filter will have to filter down to .1 micron to remove it. Knowing that, think about RV parks that use a frost-free water faucet. Those tall pipes have a tiny valve at the bottom to drain out water when it's turned off--it also sucks up a small amount of dirt when turned back on. Most of the stand-pipes are near the sewer systems where we've all had accidents with leaked sewage and where people rinse out the sewer hoses. Spray your RV water connection points with a 90% alcohol solution and let it evaporate before connecting your hose or use a spray that's a FULL bleach solution. Here's what I use--one-micron filter (removes sediment), water softener (removes magnesium and calcium), then a 5 micron block charcoal filter (removes chlorine and other bad tastes/odors). These filters sit outside. We then use the Berkey for our drinking water. You'd be surprised how many RV parks use wells for their water and how badly they're maintained.
  10. Big Bend

    We stayed at the Lost Alaskan RV Park in Alpine, TX---a really nice park. We always use an On-the-Go water softener, which you'll especially need in West Texas and New Mexico--it drastically improves the taste of the water. Filters will not remove dissolved minerals.
  11. New MORryde Entry Steps

    While I have not auto-leveled with the steps deployed, I have slightly adjusted the level and the steps still pivot future out or in. We've had the steps for a couple of years and have had no problems.
  12. Best Heated Water Hose

    I would not recommend dripping/running water to prevent freezing water lines. The low temperatures can slowly start to freeze water in the sewer hose or outside plumbing lines and create a dam--water will start to fill you waste tank and overflow inside the RV. At our current location we turn off the water at night, during freezing temperatures, because of people running water. It was wasting 3,000 gallons of water a night that was going straight into the evaporation lagoon. With low evaporation rates it was starting to fill up fast due to 90,000 gallons a month of wasted water. Water is a precious resource everywhere.
  13. Wheel Torque Indicators

    Neat...thanks for posting.
  14. RV Lots The Original SKP Ranch

    Carlsbad KOA is closer to us than the town it's named after. Here are the GPS coordinates: 32.586918, -104.416365 I hope you find a place that works for your family. Safe travels. Rex
  15. RV Lots The Original SKP Ranch

    Warmth is great...I want those 65-70 degrees on a Jan morning.