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  1. RV Lots The Original SKP Ranch

    Carlsbad KOA is closer to us than the town it's named after. Here are the GPS coordinates: 32.586918, -104.416365 I hope you find a place that works for your family. Safe travels. Rex
  2. RV Lots The Original SKP Ranch

    Warmth is great...I want those 65-70 degrees on a Jan morning.
  3. RV Lots The Original SKP Ranch

    Hi SnowGypsy, What "gray" areas are you talking about, maybe I can help clarify them for you. I did find your comment about the crime in the cities interesting, but remember The Ranch is 16 miles from one and 20 miles from the other and we're out in the middle of "nowhere". Of all my travels, I feel safer here at The Ranch than anyplace I've ever lived. KOA is only 3 miles from The Ranch.
  4. Cast iron cookware - Repairable?

    #7 is a nice size. I just bought a #6 Wagner (circa. 1950s) off Ebay...it's about the largest size that will fit on the Weber Q 1200. It should be in soon and then I'll make sure it's seasoned properly. I'll let you know if I get the Stargazer.
  5. Cast iron cookware - Repairable?

    Wow, yours is fancy--I feel inadequate. Mine... -Preheat the Weber Q to about 350 degrees. I also have a Weber roasting rack (which they don't manufacture anymore) that I put aluminum foil around that's on the grill grates preheating. This provides a heat diffuser to prevent hot spots and cuts down the intensity of the heat on the bottom of the cast iron skillet. -Mix the cornbread mixture as per instructions. -I use shortening in the skillet and preheat it for about 3-5 minutes. -Pour the mixture into the hot skillet. -Peak under the lid and monitor the progress keeping the temperature below 400 degrees. I know, through experience, when to stick a toothpick into the cornbread to make sure it's cooked--about 20 to 25 minutes. The trick is to get it at the right moment...still moist, not over done with a slightly crisp bottom. I love my old 1930's #5 cast iron skillet...they don't make them like that anymore. There are a few modern makers of CI skillets that make a smooth cooking surface. I'm thinking about ordering a #8 from Stargazer.
  6. Cast iron cookware - Repairable?

    Also, the #5 is the perfect size for cornbread. I use a #5 to make cornbread on the Weber Q...developed a technique where it comes out perfect.
  7. RV Lots The Original SKP Ranch

    The Ranch has just changed their Escapee membership requirement to NO waiting time between becoming an Escapee member and the eligibility to lease a lot. Previous to this change one had to be an Escapee member for at least six months.
  8. From the time we get up and take care of everything (breakfast, dogs, tear down, and hook-up) to the time we literally pull out is usually about two hours. Other tasks that may have to be accomplished like tire pressures, lubrication, torques, etc., are performed the day before.
  9. RV Lots The Original SKP Ranch

    Cable is not available here at The Ranch. For your needs, based on my limited knowledge, I believe your best bet is a basic satellite service (Dish or DTV). I use Dish, Verizon and The Ranch's WiFi, but I don't stream very much. "Streamers" seem to isolate themselves to larger communities where they can have access to fiber or have lots of money for large data plans.
  10. RV Lots The Original SKP Ranch

    Call before you get here to make sure there is a spot available...rental lots are filling up fast for the winter.
  11. RV Lots The Original SKP Ranch

    If your RV has some insulation your fresh tank should be OK, but it is always advisable to keep your tank full while stationary because you never know what might happen. The WiFi is one of the best I've ever seen at an RV park...I'm using it right now. No cable. We use Dish Tailgater while on the road, but have a permanent antenna mounted on our casita that we use while staying here. I know some use their Verizon data for streaming. I have seen some with their RV antennas up, but I'm not sure what local stations are available.
  12. RV Lots The Original SKP Ranch

    The Ranch's water outlet pipes are protected by heat tape--then most of us use heated hoses and lights. In the past I would disconnect at night and just use my fresh water tank.
  13. RV Lots The Original SKP Ranch

    Look forward to your visit. We have another artist at The Ranch.
  14. RV Lots The Original SKP Ranch

    We don't sell propane at The Ranch, but there are several ways to get it. - Go to Artesia (nearest town) and they have a propane business there (Cortez Gas). - Cortez Gas sends a propane truck to The Ranch monthly during the winter months (starting in Oct) for anyone needing a fill. - KOA (three miles down the road) sells propane. Some of us have a large tank that we rent from Cortez Gas that they fill. Some use an "extended stay" connection to hook-up to a larger propane tank so they can easily take it into town and fill it at Cortez Gas.
  15. Cast iron cookware - Repairable?

    How 'bout upgrading to a new cast iron skillet...upgraded design and smooth interior...cheaper than getting one re-furbished. http://www.stargazercastiron.com/products/