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  1. BigTexRex

    RV Lots The Original SKP Ranch

    Cathy, just to let you know, we're down to five lots for sale. I predict that sometime in 2019 we'll have a waiting list.
  2. BigTexRex

    RV Lots The Original SKP Ranch

    Thanks, it is a good video. A leaseholder did the video and it was posted by the webmaster, also a leaseholder.
  3. BigTexRex

    RV Lots The Original SKP Ranch

    There are several other roads from I-20 that will connect to US HWY 180/62 into Carlsbad, NM. It's a little longer, but we usually travel through Odessa to Seminole to Carlsbad. Ft Stockton to Pecos is even worse.
  4. BigTexRex

    RV Lots The Original SKP Ranch

    Also, Todd, DON'T, what every you do, take 285 from Pecos, TX to Carlsbad, NM. The road is EXTREMELY rough and just about takes an off road vehicle to navigate it.
  5. BigTexRex

    RV Lots The Original SKP Ranch

    You'll be getting here when most of the leaseholders have returned and the park will be quite full. Call just before you arrive to make sure there's a spot for you. If not, the boondock area is available or KOA is three miles down the road. Our semi-annual meeting is on 7 November...that's when some new board of directors are elected and voting by the membership happens for any changes or big expenditures. Safe travels.
  6. BigTexRex

    RV Lots The Original SKP Ranch

    Cathy, this area is livable all year. It does get hot in the summer, but it has that famous "dry" heat and while it does freeze, most winters are very mild, but I have heard some of the old-timers talk about that "one" winter that had snow and temperatures in the teens for several days. If that ever happens again, I hope I'm not here but lounging South Texas.
  7. BigTexRex

    RV Lots The Original SKP Ranch

    There are some good deals. The lower priced lots have no or very little improvements, while there is one lot going up for sale, because the owners are quitting the RV lifestyle, that has a large casita and will be priced over 20K.
  8. BigTexRex

    RV Lots The Original SKP Ranch

    If you get here, make sure you drop by our lot, #5.
  9. BigTexRex

    RV Lots The Original SKP Ranch

    Todd, I don't know if you visited the Ranch this last year, but we're down to 12 lots and we're getting frequent inquiries.
  10. BigTexRex


    It's a fun history to read how The Original Ranch was built. The "first peoples" were a tough determined group.
  11. BigTexRex


    Kirk, this whole thread is about the North Ranch at Congress...NOT the original Ranch at Lakewood in New Mexico.
  12. BigTexRex

    RV Lots The Original SKP Ranch

    I agree, I've heard this several times this year.
  13. BigTexRex

    The Ranch SKP Co-Op

    Captain Happy, here's a LINK to lot pictures and a LINK to available lots and prices. I believe there are 15 lots currently for sale and we've sold several this year. I know three individuals that are currently looking at lots. Yes, we've had at least four individuals put their lots up for sale this year, but it was due to health or death. I see that you've posted in the "RV Lots The Original SKP Ranch" thread. If you haven't had the opportunity to read the whole thread, it will provide lots of information about lots and infrastructure of The Ranch. If you have any questions feel free to PM me.
  14. BigTexRex

    Coach-Net Crashed on me

    If you received a complementary CoachNet membership with the purchase of you RV, it would not cover your TOAD unless it was being towed at the time--you'd have to upgrade.
  15. Ultimately, for most of us, we can only vote by where we spend our money. I understand because there are companies I won't buy from, but I find Andersen RV products innovative. Very few other companies seem to be willing to invest in research and development and I, for one, will continue to buy their products.