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  1. I am not looking to commit fraud at all. I am trying to work out if I can continue to use my Escapees address as my legal address. Those who submitted helpful comments, thanks.
  2. We already have a doctor in Livingston, no not near home base.
  3. Being full time most full timers may never actually park in Livingston at all. We come to Livingston to go to the doctor just one week a year and we may or may not stay at Rainbows End Park. Sometimes we stay in a different county during our stay and drive to Livingston. So vehicles are registered in a Polk Co but are never garaged there which could be the case for many full timers. With having a house in TX we would not have a domicile issue as far as Texas is concerned. This is more about can we continue to use our legal Escapees address and not our new home address for Health Ins, licenses, etc. My wife seems to believe because Escapees is a legal address why would we ever have to even use the home address for anything (utilities would be home address but mailing address would be Escapees). If we were to stay in the new home for less than 6 months a year could this then classed as a second residence?
  4. Thanks for the replies. I meant to say (and have edited it) that the insurance is $200 cheaper in Polk Co than where we bought the house. At present our legal address is (licenses etc.) Escapees. We would continue to use Escapees as our mail service on the road, then have our mail forwarded to the new house when home. Just wasn’t sure if this would be an issue.
  5. Hi, Weird question.... We have our mailing address (legal address) in Livingston (Escapees Mail Service). We have been traveling full time, my wife decided we needed a 'home base' so we purchased a small (really small) house in another county in Texas than Polk. My question is can I still use my Escapees address as our legal address instead of our house address? One reason is, I checked Health Ins for 2018 and the same plan is about $200 less a month in Polk county than where our house is located. I know we would have to travel to Polk etc for medical etc. Can we keep the Escapees address on our driving licenses, etc????? thanks
  6. My only concern is that if I receive interest from my Tinker savings account would I still have to file a non-resident OK State Tax return, that is what I am trying to avoid, doe anyone one know?
  7. I will read the article thanks. Well I guess my question would be, are there others here whom have their domicile as Texas (Escapees Rainbow Dr address) and use CapitlalOne360 as their bank?
  8. So the bank will accept the Escapees Rainbow Dr address my permanent address?
  9. Okay, I am leaning toward opening another account now and closing that account (Tinker) when we actually move, seems less chance things could get messy. A question, I have the 'ESCAPEES Domicile Step-by-Step Guide' but what it doesn't give you is a time frame of what can be done (if anything) before you actually travel to your new domicile state. What 'steps' can be done while still having your recidency (i.e. before my house has sold) in another state? thanks
  10. Okay good to know...I was thinking the domicile police would throw a red flag because I chose to keep my bank in my previous state of domicile. Talking of domicile, the Texas Residency Affidavit required to obtain a Texas drivers license states 'The following are acceptable as long as they include the name of the applicant and their Texas residential address and show the applicant has lived in Texas for at least 30 days prior to application' Does that mean we as fulltimers and haven chosen Texas as our domicile, have to phyisically live in Texas for at least 30 days before we can get a drivers license??
  11. Thanks for the comment. I am unsure of the tax (and domicle) implications of having my bank account in a different state?
  12. Hi, We are in the process of moving into fulltime rving. One question. In our current state (Oklahoma -sticks and bricks) we have banked with Tinker FCU for years. They have online apps to deposit, etc. Our new domicile will be Texas. Do we need to change to a bank or CU in Texas? If Tinker is not acceptable, I see some people using CapitalOne360, do they not have a 'phyisical' branch and therefore ok to use as opposed to Tinker FCU? If we used CapitalOne360, do they accept our Excapees address or should we open the account now while still living in Oklahoma (as we have a sticks and bricks) and then just change our address to the Escapees address later? thanks
  13. Hi, My wife and I are aiming for mid-2016 to go fulltime. We are both under 65, but hey life is too short! We just purchased a 2007 Tiffin Alegro Open Road 32BA and a 2013 Honda CR-V for our toad, so we have the MH/TOAD part We are working on fixing up the house to sell and getting rid of our 'stuff'. We are in Oklahoma and will domicile in Texas.
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