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  1. I have a question for all you experts. Where and how do you store your sewer hoses? Do you get a plastic container and keep them in the storage area or do you have a tube attached to your rear bumper. I order a Camco RhinoExtreme sewer hose. One 20' and one 10' section. If I were to get something to attach to the rear bumper how long would it need to be? Thanks for all your advise.
  2. Well I finally pulled the trigger and bought my first RV - a travel trailer. After researching RV's for quite sometime I decided to go ahead and get one. Purchased a 2018 Prime Time Tracer 253AIR. Had the floor plan and storage that I really liked. I will be using it for weekends and longer vacations. Would like to full when I retire so this is a perfect one to start out with to see if I like it. It's 28' long with 1 slide, rear kitchen. After some serious negotiating they ended up taking off $2,500.00 off the total price. Also got a Weight Distribution/Anti-sway hitch. Got an Equalizer 4 Point, 10,000 lb, 1,000 lb hitch weight. Little nervous about towing it and backing it up but with practice I am sure I will get good at it. Of course now I have to turn around and get everything needed to use it. Ordered a lot of stuff yesterday so it will all be delivered right to me. I am sure there will be something I forgot the first time I take it out and get it set up. I am excited to start my camping adventures.
  3. I had thought about renting one, but I don't think renting one for a short period would really give me an idea if I would like it or not. It would probably take me a while to really find out.
  4. Thank you $ Spot. I do like it. I am new to all of this so wanted to get people's opinions. This would be my first RV so I don't want to get anything huge to start out. As stated I would be using it weekends and vacations. When I retire I would like to full time in "something". I thought that getting something now to try would be a better option than waiting until I retire, buying something to live in and then discover that I don't like it. This way if I don't like RV'ing I could sell this and make different plans when I retire.
  5. I know about dry and gross weight. I don't remember what they said the gross weight but it is far under what I can tow. The question is not about towing. I am wondering if people think this TT is priced fairly or not. I did a search on RVTrader for the same exact TT to compare prices and this is the only one that came up within 400 miles of my zip code. Just did a nationwide search. Here is what I found: 2019 - $17,795 2017 $15,998 2017 $19,995 Only these 3 came up that are the same exact model.
  6. Yes, I have a 2019 F150 with the Ecoboost and max tow package. Dry weight of this TT is 4,750 lbs.
  7. Have been looking at this TT. I have not owned an RV before. Is this priced fair? Priced at $17,993.00 reduced to $14,993.00. They are willing to take another $1,000.00 off. It is in good shape, have not done a thorough walk through yet. Wondering what your thoughts are. It will be used for weekends and week or so long vacations. It's is only me, no other people, dogs, etc. I like the floor plan of this TT. https://www.rvt.com/Forest-River-Salem-Cruise-Lite-232RBXL-2016-Dover-FL-ID8810313-UX198178
  8. Not one of them mentioned any thing about a compliance issue. One dealer told me that the security deposit ties the VIN of the TT to my credit, which made no sense to me. I would think my name and SS number would do that when they send it to banks.
  9. It was not a fee that they were charging me to run my credit. They wanted a security deposit down on an RV before they ran my credit. I had never heard such a thing, but it seems that they all follow the same rule. I went to another RV dealer on Sunday, found one I liked. Talked price back in the office and the sales woman said same thing to me, "We need a security deposit put down before we run your credit." I got up and walked out. She text me on Monday and said they would be more than happy to again run my credit with a security deposit. I responded with a not very nice answer. She kept persisting and said she could talk with her manager to see if they could do it without the security deposit. I finally stopped responding to her.
  10. Well I didn't want to be that rude when I left....LOL. I have initially told them that I won't qualify for the interest rate that they advertise their monthly payments for. I know what my credit score is and they tell me they can work with it.......HA, HA, HA. So I"m not the crazy one then!
  11. I have been looking for a TT for a little over a month now. I am going to pay 1/2 and finance the other 1/2. I have been to 2 National RV dealers in the central Florida area, which is where I live. After spending hours looking at TT's, picking one out, going back in the office and negotiating a price, I am then told that the security deposit needs to be paid before they can run my credit. Has anyone else been told this? Is this a normal practice for RV dealers? I just bought a $55,000 truck and they never required a security deposit before they ran my credit. I told both dealers they were crazy and I walked out. Today the dealer told me that is how they tie my name to the VIN number when they send it to the banks. Am I crazy or are they?
  12. Even if you don't plan on boon docking do you still have a generator in case of emergencies? Where do you keep it if you have one, in the back of the truck? I am planning on full timing and was wondering if one is really needed.
  13. Congratulations! What size is your truck? I just got a 2019 F150 with the Ecoboost.
  14. OK. This will be MY final post to this subject. Over the weekend I called numerous other Ford dealers. Gave them the details on the truck and asked what it could tow. ALL said it can tow up to 10,700 lbs. I then asked "if" I were to tow something within what Ford says it can two and something happens would Ford be liable and they told me yes. So a 5th is out, but a TT is certainly an option for me. The other option is that it is a 4x4 and can be towed 4 down. So a motorhome towing it behind is another option. Thanks for all your replies, I think.........lol
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