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  1. I had thought about renting one, but I don't think renting one for a short period would really give me an idea if I would like it or not. It would probably take me a while to really find out.
  2. Thank you $ Spot. I do like it. I am new to all of this so wanted to get people's opinions. This would be my first RV so I don't want to get anything huge to start out. As stated I would be using it weekends and vacations. When I retire I would like to full time in "something". I thought that getting something now to try would be a better option than waiting until I retire, buying something to live in and then discover that I don't like it. This way if I don't like RV'ing I could sell this and make different plans when I retire.
  3. I know about dry and gross weight. I don't remember what they said the gross weight but it is far under what I can tow. The question is not about towing. I am wondering if people think this TT is priced fairly or not. I did a search on RVTrader for the same exact TT to compare prices and this is the only one that came up within 400 miles of my zip code. Just did a nationwide search. Here is what I found: 2019 - $17,795 2017 $15,998 2017 $19,995 Only these 3 came up that are the same exact model.
  4. Yes, I have a 2019 F150 with the Ecoboost and max tow package. Dry weight of this TT is 4,750 lbs.
  5. Have been looking at this TT. I have not owned an RV before. Is this priced fair? Priced at $17,993.00 reduced to $14,993.00. They are willing to take another $1,000.00 off. It is in good shape, have not done a thorough walk through yet. Wondering what your thoughts are. It will be used for weekends and week or so long vacations. It's is only me, no other people, dogs, etc. I like the floor plan of this TT. https://www.rvt.com/Forest-River-Salem-Cruise-Lite-232RBXL-2016-Dover-FL-ID8810313-UX198178
  6. Not one of them mentioned any thing about a compliance issue. One dealer told me that the security deposit ties the VIN of the TT to my credit, which made no sense to me. I would think my name and SS number would do that when they send it to banks.
  7. It was not a fee that they were charging me to run my credit. They wanted a security deposit down on an RV before they ran my credit. I had never heard such a thing, but it seems that they all follow the same rule. I went to another RV dealer on Sunday, found one I liked. Talked price back in the office and the sales woman said same thing to me, "We need a security deposit put down before we run your credit." I got up and walked out. She text me on Monday and said they would be more than happy to again run my credit with a security deposit. I responded with a not very nice answer. She kept persisting and said she could talk with her manager to see if they could do it without the security deposit. I finally stopped responding to her.
  8. Well I didn't want to be that rude when I left....LOL. I have initially told them that I won't qualify for the interest rate that they advertise their monthly payments for. I know what my credit score is and they tell me they can work with it.......HA, HA, HA. So I"m not the crazy one then!
  9. I have been looking for a TT for a little over a month now. I am going to pay 1/2 and finance the other 1/2. I have been to 2 National RV dealers in the central Florida area, which is where I live. After spending hours looking at TT's, picking one out, going back in the office and negotiating a price, I am then told that the security deposit needs to be paid before they can run my credit. Has anyone else been told this? Is this a normal practice for RV dealers? I just bought a $55,000 truck and they never required a security deposit before they ran my credit. I told both dealers they were crazy and I walked out. Today the dealer told me that is how they tie my name to the VIN number when they send it to the banks. Am I crazy or are they?
  10. Even if you don't plan on boon docking do you still have a generator in case of emergencies? Where do you keep it if you have one, in the back of the truck? I am planning on full timing and was wondering if one is really needed.
  11. Congratulations! What size is your truck? I just got a 2019 F150 with the Ecoboost.
  12. OK. This will be MY final post to this subject. Over the weekend I called numerous other Ford dealers. Gave them the details on the truck and asked what it could tow. ALL said it can tow up to 10,700 lbs. I then asked "if" I were to tow something within what Ford says it can two and something happens would Ford be liable and they told me yes. So a 5th is out, but a TT is certainly an option for me. The other option is that it is a 4x4 and can be towed 4 down. So a motorhome towing it behind is another option. Thanks for all your replies, I think.........lol
  13. It would be even nicer if truck manufacturers wouldn't be so misleading with all the numbers. I understand that the most I could safely tow is 7,000 lbs with this truck. Don't think is going to work for me. Guess I'm going to have to come up with another plan.
  14. I also found a Ford Truck website that you can look up individual truck information according to the VIN number. I called, got the VIN number and plugged that in. According to this site says max towing is 7,000 lbs. Every website, every person, even different Ford websites say something different. Don't know who or what to believe. Regarding GCWR: According to the Ford Truck VIN site is says that it is 10,200 min. to 12,400 max. Using these numbers as an example GCWR 10,200 - 7,000 = 3,200 lb. At the max 12,400 - 7,000 = 5,400 lbs. Doesn't seem like a whole lot, when they advertise in their brochure that with this particular truck I should be able to tow a little over 10,000 lbs. The more I look the more I get confused. About to forget the whole idea of trucks and RV'ing!
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