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  1. That is good to here bcs that opens up mroe options as far as if we find one that is suitable for our needs.
  2. The 12k is for a down payment. we can make payments in order to get a better unit, however we arent sure we can get financing. We are not being "picking", we do not want to throw money down the drain as we have heard RV's can fall apart after 3 years. Has this been Y'all's experience?
  3. If we do get an older one, how do you get around the policy of RV parks not allowing any units in that are over 10 years old
  4. We looked at one travel trailer but when I walked over to the stove to see why it was much lower than the stoves in the fifth wheels; I hit my head on the top of the slide out for the kitchen, thats how short they are.
  5. Thank you. I did look at Kansas RV; I didn't see any that had a bunkhouse in it. We need a bunkhouse as we have two teenagers. We had kicked around rather than getting a big one, we could get one big enough for my wife , daughter and I and get a smaller one for my soon to be 18 year old. However, we are hoping to avoid that as that would mean we would have two space rents to pay every month. Unless they would give a discount on the second space.
  6. Its seems many of the fulltime fifth wheels do not have a bunkhouse and we definitely need one of those as we have two teenagers. Also, from what we have been told, many rv parks will not allow you to bring in your RV if it is over 10 years old, how to you get around that?
  7. Hi ladies and Gentleman, My daughter has a rare genetic condition that gets worse as the weather gets cold. She was just diagnosed this past February and the doctors told us we need to look to warmer climates for her and her specialists are in a state in the south. So we have been in a scramble to try to find the best fifth wheel to facilitate this. Naturally this caught us off guard and we do not have a ton of money saved up $12,000, We can make payments but our credit is not the best so not sure how to get financed. We had one dealer tells us they might be able to but only on one unit,The Heartland Gateway, but the unit has alot of customer complaints on them). Some said they wont even last 3 years. We are trying to determine which fifth wheel is the best value. We dont want to have to deal with a bunch of leaks and poor insulation or construction as we will be spending our time taking our daughter back and forth to her doctors. However, we also can not afford to buy "the best". There are 4 of us, two teenagers and my wife and I so we need a bunkhouse. We have heard that the DRV and New Horizones are good but even the used ones are out of our prices range. Any suggestions or information would be great
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