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  1. pethier

    RV Mattress Best Choices

    We had a great experience with The Original Mattress Factory for our short queen innerspring. Only 50 bucks extra for the custom size. No extra charge for the "hinge", which is not detectable when you are sleeping on it, but allows you to fold the mattress top to bottom for ease of entry to the MH, and is also a help when you flip the mattress. The hinge was a no-charge extra on the queen, but the salesman said they routinely include it on king.
  2. Sometimes I am not sure whether it is a good thing or not that I have no mortgage on either my fixed home or my motorhome.
  3. pethier

    Texas Border Check Points?

    I always carry my passport card in my wallet. In 2009, a California inspector searched all of my trailer and the TR4 it contained. She showed no interest at all in the Coachmen Freelander that was towing it. We could have had a hundred watermelons in there....
  4. pethier

    Did you watch the eclipse?

    Absolutely worth taking the vacation time for. I know that on your last year on the job you may get paid in cash or kind for unused vacation, but this is worth the exchange.
  5. pethier

    Overnight parking at Costco?

    Thanks for the quick and courteous info, BlueLgtning and sandsys. To many fora on the internet are populated by jerks who will denigrate you for asking what they perceive to be a stupid question. Great to be on a forum with nice folks! The joke I have often used is "Please don't use TLAs".
  6. pethier

    Flying Js and other truck stops

    Generally a field office for a project is plastered with the advertizing for the contractor.
  7. Hamilton Loomis told me that one of the old bluesmen in Houston used to hide Hamilton's compressor. "Your tone is in your fingers, Kid."
  8. pethier

    5er toy hauler or DP & Trailer?

    One of our toy cars is a 1973 Triumph Stag. And tires still smell. Especially a fresh set of Hoosiers for my Lotus. I take your point. A garage separated by a doorless wall with a vapor barrier ought to be enough, but arguments are futile when her mind is set.
  9. pethier

    Senior Paas and the Great Outdoors

    Absolutely nothing wrong with camping out in a tent, if that's what you are into. But it is not the same as living in an RV. If one is planning on living in a tent, as was stated in the original post, one is better-advised to spend one's Internet time on tent-camping fora.
  10. The pickup also has a fifth-wheel trailer crashing into it from behind...
  11. pethier

    Type of Truck required to pull Travel Trailer

    I regularly tow a trailer in the 6000# area. I like my 2500 Suburban big-block, but they are kind of hard to find, and the fuel cost is an issue. In any case, I think 3/4 ton is a good idea.
  12. pethier

    5er toy hauler or DP & Trailer?

    Wife refuses to sleep in a trailer that also houses a car. Says she will smell the gasoline and tires regardless of the construction of the barrier wall. So I bought a diesel pusher. Good news is that I don't have to re-do the E-track since I keep my present trailer. Bad news is that the motorhme/trailer combination does not tow nor bend in the middle as well as pickup/5er combination. And we are short one vehicle to drive separate from the living area also.
  13. pethier


    I would think that a spray that has an effective UV filter would be a good idea. No idea if such a thing exists.
  14. pethier

    Senior Paas and the Great Outdoors

    Just curious. Why does a tent-camper post on an RV forum?