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  1. We are finding the water in the Southwest, especially Texas, to be very hard. We are looking at portable water softeners and would like to know what brand and model number water softener folks are using, and why. Have you had success, or any problems, with the water softener you are using?
  2. Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions on getting our windows repaired/replaced. You guys are the best!
  3. We are full-timers and are staying most of the winter in the Georgetown, Texas area and I need to get two fogged-up windows on the driver's side of our 2015 Newmar Dutch Star 3736 replaced. I have several questions: 1. Is there somewhere I can purchase the fixed driver's side window and the glass above the driver's side windows, other than Newmar? Got a price from them (I have to buy the complete window assembly - glass not sold separately) and it will cost an arm and a leg with shipping. 2. Can anyone recommend a quality RV technician in the Georgetown/Austin area that can complete the replacement of the windows at a reasonable price, without tying up our rig for more than a day? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. My wife and I will begin full time RVing in July of 2019 and we could use some advice on insurance and roadside assistance. 1. Which insurance companies offer the best coverage and pricing for full time RVers, including coverage of all the contents? 2. Comparing "apples to apples," which companies offer the best roadside service and pricing for full time RVers?
  5. Thank you, everyone, for all the useful information. It never occurred to us that we would want to keep the second transponder for when we are using the tow vehicle separately.
  6. We currently have two cars and each has an EZ Pass transponder. We plan on selling one of the cars and transferring its transponder to our Class A RV. We will be purchasing a new vehicle to tow behind the RV and want to know if we need to put the second transponder on the windshield of the new tow vehicle?
  7. Yes, federal income tax only, since we will be domiciled in Texas where there is no personal income tax. We discovered we can claim that "category" on the IRS form and it all becomes personal income, less any allowable expenses related to the "hobby."
  8. Thank you all for your input and suggestions. We have done some additional research, and since we will only be offering services and products on an intermittent basis, from which we will recognize only a small income, and will only deduct the allowable expenses up to the profit level, we have discovered that what we intend to do falls into the IRS category of a "Hobby."
  9. We will be making our domicile in Texas, with an address from Escapees.
  10. Thanks, Kirk. I emailed Loring & Associates on October 26th with this same question and am still waiting to hear back from them.
  11. I recently read in informative article in the July/August issue of the Escapees magazine on “Legal Advice for RVers Starting a Business” but it did not address the specific situation that my wife and I will be in when we begin full time RVing in the spring of 2019. I am looking for someone who can shed some light on our situation and answer some vital questions. I currently have an S-Corporation licensed in the state of Maryland, but I will be shutting down this business as of December 31, 2018 in anticipation of our move to Texas to set up our domicile with an address through Escapees. Through this current company, I am running all income and expenses related to my live Native American flute performances, sale of my Native American flute CDs, three (3) self-published books, and my wife’s photos. Each month, the company also receives royalties on the sale of the books and CDs, through distributors and online sales, as well as royalties for the download and internet streaming of my music; all of which are deposited directly into the business bank account. Once the current company is shut down, I will be having all these income streams deposited into an account at a new bank that has branches nationwide. I plan on continuing to perform on a periodic basis as we travel around the country in our RV and we will continue to sell our books, CDs and photos online and at performances. We will also continue to receive royalties on CD and book sales. Since we will not be permanently living in Texas, and will not have an “office” there, (we will only have an internet presence with our website, “RMGH Adventures”), we are unsure as to what category our business will fall under, based on the article in the Escapees magazine. What we will be doing does not fit into any of the business categories mentioned in the article. I have read where our type of business, due to its projected minimal income and expenses, could fall under the category of a “hobby business.” However, I have been unable to find information on this business category that spells out the specific legal criteria in Texas for such a business. Can anyone shed any light on our predicament?
  12. Thanks, everyone, for your responses. I will consider all your suggestions. I already have a YouTube website, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrIANT0ckOm2MSYXMBjOMPA, so that will be helpful. See you all down the road in a few years.
  13. My wife and I are planning to live in a Class A motor home, beginning in a few years, so we are working on a budget. In order to do this, we are looking for information on three separate items: 1. Average annual cost for RV insurance in the state of Texas for a 40 ft diesel pusher and a 38 ft gas model. We also plan on towing a Jeep Grand Cherokee which will also need insurance. 2. Average annual cost of both diesel and gas for the units mentioned above. We plan on using RV parks as base camps for 30 days at a time while we sight-see using our tow vehicle. We expect to put 350-500 miles a month on the RV. (4,200 to 6,000 miles/year) 3. Average annual RV park costs if we stay at a park 30 days at a time. (12 RV parks/year) Any information and insight you veteran RVers can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. "Windtalker & Mom"
  14. My wife and I plan on living full time in a Class A motor home beginning in about 3 years. I currently give Native American flute performances 1-2 times a week to supplement our income. These concerts are not only music. As a backdrop to the music, I show my wife's photos from our travels/adventures on a large screen. I am considering continuing these performances once we are in our RV and could use some information/advice as to how many RV parks around the U.S. regularly provide musical entertainment at their parks for their guests? Is there a database somewhere that lists all the RV parks in the country that provide musical entertainment, and that has contact information so I can contact those responsible for booking the entertainment? My wife and I also give 1-hour multimedia presentations about some of our adventures, such as thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail. We would also like to find RV parks that would be interested in having us provide this as entertainment for it's park guests. Any advice or insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated. "Windtalker & Mom"
  15. My wife and I are looking at various Class A RV's to live full time. We are aware that air bag suspensions are the preferred systems for Class A motor homes. By manufacturer, what are the best suspension systems on the market for a 40' plus Class A?
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