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  1. Thanks for all the info. Things to think about.
  2. I'm in the process of doing research in preparation for selling my 24' TT and upgrading to a larger trailer for our year on the road. There will be three of us on the road trip and I'm looking for more room for us. I'm going to upgrade to a 3/4 or one ton diesel truck. My plan is to see most of the US during our year on the road. I'm looking at a TT approx 34' and GVWR approx 10K or a 30' - 33' 5th wheel toy box with GVWR approx 13K. With the TT I will be carrying a 530lbs MC in the bed of the truck. With the 5th wheel the MC will be inside the toy box. I have never towed a 5th wheel my question is what would perform better on the road i.e. easier to tow? The longer lighter TT or the slightly shorter and heavier 5th wheel? Thanks
  3. I have had good luck with my Coachman Apex. I also like the Freedom Express line.
  4. Good advice - I have almost 40 years of riding MCs and your are correct about high quality tie downs. I currently use and 10 foot long and extra wide loading ramp. But like you said he can be a little hairy unloading. I try to find a sloped area to make it easier. When I buy the 3/4 ton truck I will get an even bigger ramp
  5. I'm looking to upgrade my TT and truck for our long trip next year. I would like to take one of my motorcycles with me which I plan to put in the bed of the Diesel Pickup truck I'm going to buy. The trailers were are interested in are between 33' to 37' total length and GVWR of 8,500 to 9,800lbs. I plan to use an equalizer sway control hitch. My question is how will a newer model 3/4 diesel truck due pulling a TT like this? The reason I'm not going to a 5th wheel is that I want to be able to carry my MC which has a total weight of approx 530 lbs. I have looked at 5th wheel toy boxes but momma bear doesn't like the toy box layouts. Another question is it better to get an 8' or 6 3/4' length bed for toying?
  6. Thanks Jay I will check out your website
  7. Still working on it Got sidetracked with some other projects
  8. A friend of mine just bought this motorhome. He was thinking of putting a rack on the rear and carrying his BMW motorcycle (500lbs). His hitch says max tongue weight 350lbs. Are there any modifications he could do to the hitch to accommodate the extra weight? Or is the safest route just to put the motorcycle on a trailer? Thanks
  9. I'm looking to add some LED lights brake and turn signals to the upper rear of my TT for added visibility. Any suggestions on wiring? My bike rack reduces the visibility of my stock lights Also thinking of adding a rear camera any suggestions on model and mounting would be appreciated my TT is a Apex RBS thanks
  10. I bought a Predator 3500 from Harbor Frieght $649 it works great, very quiet 57 Dbs and has no problem powering my 13,500 A/C
  11. I thought about that but would need to run something under the rear tire to support the motorcycle
  12. I have a 27' TT(loaded weight of 6,100 lbs) which I tow with a 2018 Tundra (5.7 engine) I want to be able to tow with my tailgate down so I can carry a 500lb motorcycle in the bed of my trunk. I'm looking to increase my turning radius when the tailgate is lowered. I was thinking about extending the ball shaft or the receiving hitch about 6"-8". Is this a good idea? Will it create any other issues such as putting too much stress on my rear bumper by increasing the tongue weight? thanks for reading and I welcome any suggestions Mark
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