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  1. I have heard good things about the SolidRF RV Pro kit
  2. Looking to improve our cell coverage when we are using our 5iver. Thanks Mark
  3. My sister had good success keeping mice out with using peppermint oil - spray and on cotton balls
  4. I have only unhooked a couple times and and on two occasions when I open the lever the jaws didn't open that is what concerned me. I had to take some weight off the truck for the jaws start to open?
  5. This is my first 5th wheel - when disconnecting from the hitch do the jaws have to be open? Do you take all of the weight off the truck before you open the hitch lever?
  6. The front landing gear has leg extension with several different holes as far as the length of the ext. I guess I could just extended one leg shorter or longer than the other?
  7. Thanks I will have one motorcycle in the garage area
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