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  1. My sister had good success keeping mice out with using peppermint oil - spray and on cotton balls
  2. I have only unhooked a couple times and and on two occasions when I open the lever the jaws didn't open that is what concerned me. I had to take some weight off the truck for the jaws start to open?
  3. This is my first 5th wheel - when disconnecting from the hitch do the jaws have to be open? Do you take all of the weight off the truck before you open the hitch lever?
  4. The front landing gear has leg extension with several different holes as far as the length of the ext. I guess I could just extended one leg shorter or longer than the other?
  5. Thanks I will have one motorcycle in the garage area
  6. Any suggestions on putting a tandem bike and a single bike into the garage area of a toy box?
  7. I have another question re leveling my new to me 5iver The front landing gear is electric and one toggle button activates both legs at the same time. Do I need to level each leg independently? I.E put block under the shorter one if the ground was uneven at the front of the rig? or does the front landing gear self level? There is nothing in my owner's manual? Thanks
  8. 38 foot 5iver with double axle When I need to raise one side for leveling should I put boards/blocks on both tires are only one? Also where is the best location to place the level? Any suggestions for type of level? Thanks
  9. Trailer is in excellent condition and has been keep in climate controlled storage I'm not that familiar with this brand. Any input would be appreciated. Quality? Thanks
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