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  1. School Shootings - The New Generation

    Times are a Changing. Back in 50's kid's raced their cars. Then came the 60's rock an roll an war. The new world brought upon a different life an mindset to all. As with all upgrades come's issue's. (upgrades i mean by a huge difference in ways thing use to be an they way they are). 70's the free love age along with residue of war. 80's more war an so on. Humans have not recovered from this. The effects just keep on piling up without getting resolved. These effects are the stone's that build us. technology brought a relief (a mind cool off period). But with that how the mind handles this is different from each other. But what one person see's as a child playing a video game ( well they not taking drugs, ) another see's it as involved in another world, each mind is different an what is happening today is all of the above. We have progressed so far an so fast the good's an the bads are both mixed within each other. as many decades ago. everything was at a slow paced. s
  2. RV Mattress Best Choices

    when we bought our rv it had a "low priced" mattress. what we bought was a 3 in egg crate gel pad. felt like a $1000 mattress.
  3. Progressive bait and switch.

    I use GEICO for my bike. seems to always be cheaper. few yrs ago RV ins went thru roof with no claims. I started calling around every year for new quote. They all same just the names of the Companys have been changed.
  4. Connecting Samsung smart TV to park wifi

    the roku stick is better to get the wifi on. but getting back to the tv. it should have a menu. an a setting for wifi. which you input the info. via the remote control.
  5. Renting to try out

    Askwines, In a Class A you can pack any/everything you need. Food. Clothes ect.. 5th is great for full timing in one spot for long periods of time. as main thing that comes into play is Walking Room. Class C great to get in drive away, but space is not always there. But a lot depends on your rv plans. Weekends away or trips that would take weeks. My experience is Class A. i pack it up, everything i could possibly want. food snacks, ect..And i bring extra of everything. If long term camping i would lean to the 5th.
  6. Alexa

    Wonder how many Congressman/woman have one lol
  7. Wifi booster? or antenna? help!

    Hey Pete, Is this guy related to the original Mcgyver
  8. Alexa

    Ask Alexa if she has any pets. ya going to love the response. Linda >>>>> Good One. lol At least now their is a piece of Technology that is actually enjoying. Helps, an Not to much to worry about it either. Thanks to all who responded.
  9. Alexa

    For Xmas a good friend got me the Echo Plus. At first (to myself) what the h am i going to do with this. Turns out i'm actually enjoying the ole gal. lol Set up the Free Pandora acct. Plays my kind of music when i want, an shuts off when i say. (Too bad it can't cook). When i'm away some where i can open up alexa app. send a voice mesg to ppl in my contacts that have one. Ask what the weather is going to be like. An so much more. Any body else have one.
  10. I'm Back.

    I guess looking back i had just about all of those mention above. except for over weight . The part that gets me. Va did stress test all good an blood word. all good. The Heart Dr. Said stress test are only good if you fail them.
  11. Watching TV

    my class a had the TV above the windshield. sitting on couch watching it was a pain in butt, neck. But further away was ok. Newer models with them at close to eye level is great idea. Watching TV is usually considered relaxation time. So if your not relaxed then it's not enjoying. Any an all times we went camping i ended up watching TV much less than i normally do.
  12. WOW. What an ordeal. i'm surprised it did not puncture anything prior to this.
  13. That list of Av's pretty much is about 99.9 % of what everyone use's.
  14. Gas or Diesel

    For me Diesel seems to be the best option. Payload an mpg. PIck a gas station price for reg gas an their price for diesel. Now fig go on a 1000 mile ride. Your prob going to find out that cost less on the over priced diesel. Breakdown cost more expensive for diesel compared to gas jobbers. But on average many less breakdowns on diesels. Initial buy of a vehicle cost more for that diesel. But it probably comes to you either pay now or pay later.
  15. I'm not an apple/mac guy never was, never will be. Their excuse on the software they secretly installed is bs. Many yrs ago having a mac was the safest bet for secure internet browsing. That Road is now history. New virus's an now This.