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  1. Happy Thanksgiving

    Seeing that most of us will be very busy tomorrow. i want to wish Staff, Members a Very Happy Thanksgiving.
  2. Grey Water Dumping

    as usually always used the grey tank to clean line after dumping blk tank. but if your grey tank is almost full i don't see anything wrong with dumping some/all of it. soap would prob kill the ants. an it does seep into ground fast. Altho i WOULDN"T Dump Near a River/Stream.
  3. Samsung S7 won't Forget network

    Settings. On top of list is WiFi. slide button over to left. That will shut off wifi.
  4. NPS Proposes Fee Increase at 17 National Parks

    What is a shocker is the $30 Walk in Fee.
  5. Drop KOA Value club Membership

    I suppose a KOA Card is as good as a BJ's Card. you only get your money's worth if you use it often enough.
  6. Microsoft Surface Pro 4

    some of the reviews for the pro 4 is the battery life not good. i recently worked on one. had a 25gb ssd. less than 3 gb of available space. i would go to a laptop.
  7. I'm Back.

    Well bounder. congrats on the 50th. It's amazing what they can do today. (at a cost). Bill for Stent was $9000. for Medical Equipment, $38,000 for Cardio Dr. +++ other "fee's".
  8. I'm Back.

    just turn 62 in sept. They also Gave me a Stent. on Blood Thinners . Seems i should be carrying a role of paper towels with me. simple cut turns into a mess. i had 2 HA's when i was 30. a week apart from each other. last 30 nothing.Ya just never know.
  9. May Go Class A DP to A 5th

    Tex, yup we actually yesterday looked at an endurance toy/tt. but wife said looks like putting her mom in the "garage" lol
  10. I'm Back.

    Well Folks Back in late March i suffered a Heart Attack. Had a 95% Blockage in my Right Coronary Artery. Life Changing Moment for Sure. Funny Part of it all prior to this Had stress test. passed. After the Attack i asked Dr. I just passed the Stress Test. Said They only good if you Fail. Also my HDL/Cdl was good. So folks Just because your Blood work comes back ok. you Still can be not ok. Hey enough of that now. I wake up in the AM an Wow another Day.
  11. May Go Class A DP to A 5th

    Well let's see where do i start. I held off a bit before actually trading it in. An actually made out in the Deal. My salesman "Hurricane Irma". RV Was just Classified a Total. Now i wait for Insurance Process to Proceed. Been Looking at a Cougar Ultra Lite 29ft. 5th Wheel. Next up is sizing up 5er with Truck. Along with ability to get it into back yard. My Class A was 36.Just about make into back yard because of the Swing an Opening, (Obstructions).
  12. Lowe's expands military discount to all veterans

    at Lowes ya just have to show some sort of Military Card. I use my VA Card. At Home Depot, was always a huge pain in my butt to get the Discount.
  13. Clean n spraying

    As i'm not FT yet. 2 days before i'm heading out i always bomb the rv. Next day Clean it all down. But prior to that i pack up all dish's. Pot's/pans Towels ect. Bring the Box's inside house. Living in Fla There are always bugs, spiders around so playing it safe. When the day comes that i will be FT'img i Suppose my plan of action will be spraying under coat, tires every few days. Or i could head north an freeze the bugs out.
  14. Samsung GAlaxy S8

    Congrats HD.Welcome to the Updated New World. lol It's funny how another company can have it cheaper then the Network company. When i got my S7 Vz had a "Deal" that for 24 months only paid $15 a month for it instead of the 30$ it was charging. 0 interest. I also went down to the 2gb plan with the "rollover". As i'm always connected to some wifi, so the data is barely used.
  15. Samsung GAlaxy S8

    S3 to S4 Would see a huge improvement . Going with the S7 would be well admired. Best of it would be the Picture Quality. As with any new upgrade that just came out the $$ for it just way out there. My idea is get the latest just a short time before the Next Upgrade comes out. It's like buying a left over model yr, save so much more.