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  1. I used to work in a computer retail store back when the first Compaq portable came out with a 10meg hard drive. Price of the hard drive was 5k.
  2. Sounds like fun, cannot wait to start. Remember you're not on vacation, don't go so fast you burn-out.
  3. Or : down shift and accelerate in a curve instead of natural instinct to brake. ( in a car not a big MH)
  4. Download the daily pricing spreadsheet and check for that station.
  5. Wow, so simple. I could just run the board from the bed of the pickup over.
  6. the timing of these two post is funny😁
  7. Great catch. I did look at the spec. I also would not get anything that didn't have 5GHz.
  8. Camp in driveway or very close to home as a test. Only add things as you need them. Almost everybody puts too much in the camper and a year or two later cleans house and dumps a bunch of it.
  9. Agreed on going Docsis 3.1. Have you though about splitting the modem from the WiFi access point and gateway router?
  10. Agreed that being usable and affordable for RVers is a ways off, that being said I wouldn't bet against Musk. Sure he's had failures but he succeeds a lot too. "No one will buy an all electric car outside of CA" "You cannot compete with the big three" "you cannot make that many cars a month" "you can't possible start a rocket company" "You cannot land and reuse a first stage booster"
  11. Each year you will need to renew license plate, fees vary by state. Some states require inspections. Those inspections can be full safety inspection or just exhaust emissions tests. Your big tax hit will be sales tax at time of purchase. Where you buy or register it can have a big impact on this tax. Best case a low state tax, worst case is state tax, county tax and city tax added on. Registering my new tow vehicle and 5th wheel in a small town in Florida vs Chicago saved me over 4000 dollars. Advertised and negotiated pricing never include taxes unless you push for out-the-door pricing.
  12. When it is really slow, load task manager and see what is eating up resources?
  13. Find out what programs are loading in the background, One of them may be looking for a remote connection and hanging when it cannot find. As mentioned that background app might be virus. Have you tried, in your driveway where your notebook can still connect to wifi, or Starbucks or any other location offering free WiFi?
  14. Sorry to hear that. family is important, hope all goes well with the rehab. I few years ago I saw a motor home pulling a travel trailer, I wondered if the TT was for the MIL.😁
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