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  1. For current conditions and great for wind, look at windy.com The menu on the left has a lot things you display. I like the rain, thunder view. Very cool to zoom out and see all the wind patterns.
  2. Lots of trucks still pull trailers around in the snow belt during the winter for work. However, you won't see them on the road during a big snow event. Know your vehicle, know how it will react and only move when you feel 100% comfortable doing it. NEVER brake on a bridge or overpass when slick! My pet peeve
  3. I vape and have been for years. Is it good for me, no, is it better than the 1.5 packs of Kool menthol I used smoke, without a doubt. Should any none smoker ever vape, NO. PG is used for none water soluble medications to make them work in a nebulizer. It not in the same concentration and it it not heated like it is in when vaping. There are two big problems with the vaping fad. First is all these people who want to create big clouds of smoke, they do this by using very high heat, instead of just enough. Which can causing throat and lung damage just from the heat. The 2nd and more dangerous is all the flavor additives. Just because fake apple, cinnamon, and all the other flavors are FDA approved for food does not make them safe to heat and breath. PG is also used in cigar humidors because of it's ability to hold and regulate moisture, so if your vaping it, you better be increasing your water intake or it will suck moisture out of you. I only use a mix of PG/VG and nicotine with no flavors, in hopes of limiting the unknown risks. I'm also a HAM with an Extra class license. The frequency spectrum is well understood along with the effects of different frequencies at different strengths and the effects on the human body. Designing an antenna and how the signal will propagate and at what strengths is also well know. People seem to worry to much about an antenna on a 300ft tower and not enough about the one next their head or in a pocket next to their privates.
  4. IF you want computer control thermostat / Home automation then look at systems that do not rely on a cloud based engine. Here is a thermostat that uses 24v or 4 AA batteries. It uses zigbee to communicate: https://www.centralite.com/products/pearl-thermostat Here is a Home automation hub that is local and can be used to control the thermostat and other things : https://hubitat.com/ Not as simple as Nest or EcoBee but can be a fun little hobby for those that like to mess with stuff.
  5. I was very interested in these for a while. But after reading a few stories of e-collars malfunctioning decided clicker and treat training was the way forward for us.
  6. No permanent residence can scare some lenders.
  7. For things like they all want to chip in and get mom a big gift, I collect and then buy it.
  8. Exactly, I was going to make the point that the OP was in vacation mode.
  9. You might want to create Linked In account if don't already have one. they can be a great help in finding a job and building a network. https://www.linkedin.com
  10. You have to very careful with insurance. Most of them have what's called in network coverage and out of network coverage. When you travel far from the local you get insurance in you'll likely be out of network and they will cover less. You'll be out of pocket to cover the remainder and that can get expensive fast. Some FL insurance plans will cover you nationwide. Older retires who get coverage from our Social Security healthcare don't have to worry as that is nationwide.
  11. I love the look of this dog, our climate is too cold for it. Great caption for this is: I dare you to enter my yard!
  12. The other thing to think about is what are you doing for health insurance? FL might be a better choice.
  13. Since you want go full time, most of your time will be spent living in it, not driving it. Find the floor plan that you want to live in first.
  14. Zelle is how my kids prefer to send and get money, so I have used it a few times.
  15. Just to help in calculations a standard outlet is wired for 15amp, at full 15amps that is 1800 watts. This assumes you are getting a full 120 volts, many camp grounds have voltage lower than that, especially when the park gets full and everybody is running AC. Lower voltages pull more amps for the same load. EMS systems like the Progressive units cut power if the supply voltage drops below 104 volts. This happens to me a couple of times a year.
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