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  1. Ran n Jo

    National HDT Rally

    We will be there later this afternoon!
  2. Ran n Jo

    National HDT Rally

    We will be there with Storm and our 5th wheel! Ran & Jo Rainville
  3. Ran n Jo

    Update on Storm!

    Hello All! As many of you know, we will be getting our truck soon. We just got news that our truck, Storm, is ready and will be delivered in the next few weeks. Thanks so much to those of you in the HDT community who were such a big help especially Jim, Jack, and most importantly, Gregg! Enjoy! https://youtu.be/iqadyRTlMJo
  4. Thanks everyone for the info. We 're thinking in the HDT in their carriers, fastened to the bed harnesses as Bill mentioned. That should give the the smoothest ride. I also liked the suggestion of putting them in their carriers and in the truck before we start moving slides. By mid-spring we should have the coach!
  5. Hi! We were wondering where your kitties ride on travel days, especially those of you with HDTs? I will be driving our chase car and Ran will be driving our Volvo 780. If you put them in the HDT, are they in their carriers? Thanks, Jo
  6. Hello, We've been lurking on here for a while but since we bought a 2011 Volvo 780 recently, I thought I ought to make an introduction. My husband Ran is in the home stretch to retirement and the kids are grown. We plan to put the house on the market in February and hope to be on the road by late spring of next year. We plan on ordering a DRV fifth wheel at the end of this year for our full time home. We will see some of you at the HDT Rally next month and look forward to learning a lot. Thanks!
  7. We sent in our registration for the rally. Gregg has our HDT "Storm" in his shop now. Planning to order a 5th wheel later this year. Hoping to hit the road late Spring 2016. We're really looking forward to the rally, since we won't have our rig we'll be in a hotel this time.
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