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  1. When i was young and skinny i used to load my trials bike like this;
  2. I have loaded both hooked up and not. I do try to raise the front of the trailer as high as possible either with the air hitch or the front trailer jacks. Reasoning for that is to reduce ramp angle and breakover angle at the top of the ramp. I see no reason to put rear jacks down because my trailer is so heavy that rear jacks have no effect on stabilizing the trailer. When loading my bikes into my 16' enclosed cargo i used the same procedure hooked up or not.
  3. I know this should go without saying but i have made this mistake myself!! Make sure the valve on the full tank is open when you switch tanks! 😮
  4. I started to look for the ignore button too! His posts were bordering on narcissistic (had to look that one up to stay politicaly correct) and long winded.
  5. Thanks DreamersandTravelers that is the kind of info we need here.....the facts and nothing but the facts!
  6. Dryer sheets do NOT work! We had dryer sheets all around our MH and a mouse collected a bunch and made a nice nest in a drawer out of them. I have no experience with the sonic repellers so keep us informed. The way i am dealing with mice is to have baited traps in the main baggage compartment and check them weekly.
  7. My idea of glamping years ago was to shovel a trail in the snow from the sleeping tent to the kitchen tent. Turning a 5 gallon pail upside down and sitting down to enjoy a bowl of jiffy pop made on a pump up coleman stove! 🤗
  8. They are testy little begers arn't they! If you have a vice, put the axle bolt in the rim and through to the vice. Lotsa lube on tire and rim. The trick is to place the bead of the tire in as deep into center of the rim and then roll the opposite side of the bead over the the rim. Sounds real easy but u have to apply cuss words liberaly. The first bead slips in easily but the next bead is the hard one.
  9. Can the water be drained without loosing the resin? Kinda hard to prevent a hard freeze when travelling in -20 unless you bring the unit into the heated cab of the T.V.
  10. I have been looking at water softeners and wonder what one does to winterize the unit when you return to the frozen north?
  11. I used to believe the old wives tale about dryer sheets until i found a nice mouse nest made out of the dryer sheets i spread around my MH! Can't speak to the soap trick but your RV will smell nice.
  12. Short story.....yes, even though it was a full year out of warranty! Long story is it spent 3 months in my local rv repair shop while the factory gave the tech things to try that all failed to fix the problem including a new pump that cost big bucks and did nothing. I complained to DRV and they put me in contact with the Lippert repair and they agreed to replace the jacks, no charge!
  13. My jacks were failing as well. I ended up making an appt. at the lippert repair place. To insure that the legs did not fall during the drive i did the same as GeorgiaHybrid. I did not use the jacks or disconnect the truck till i got to the repair shop. The repair by the way involved stripping the front compartment to the frame and welding new mounts for the new cylinders to mount to. So far (2 years) the new jacks have worked well!
  14. Thanks Mr Cob, i really have to change my attitude that if i have an urge to go to the gym i just lay down till the urge passes!
  15. Woo Hoo! Today i got my official letter notifying me that i have been accepted to recieve a new knee and have been put on the waiting list. In 8 or 9 short months i will join this exclusive club!! Sometimes our Canadian "free" medical is nothing to be proud of. Its going to be a long wait!
  16. orca

    cold and diesel

    Last January i hooked up the truck to the trailer and pluged in the block heater in order to get an early start the next morning. The temp dropped to -35 overnight but i wasn't worried cause it was plugged in right? Well she started right up and we waited till she (both the truck and my wife) warmed up! Soon we were headed to the open road....woohoo! Once on the highway i found that i could not get more than 25-30 mph! What the?? I had a quart of 911 that is supposed to thaw frozen fuel in a few minutes but no joy! I had to limp 8 miles to my local truck shop. Had to drop the trailer in his yard and pull into his shop where it was at least warm. After changing the fuel filters i bobtailed to the nearest fuel station and topped up the half full tanks with winter fuel. No more problems. But i did buy a full gallon of 911 in case i ever freeze up again! And Hemsteadc just an FYI 20F is NOT brutally cold! When you are trying to talk to your buddy who is only 10 feet away and he dosn't hear you cause your words froze in mid air and fell to the ground....now that is brutally cold!
  17. My first "RV" was a pop-up slide-in camper that i built for my new 1980 Toyota 4/4. My wife sewed the canves for popup part. We took it to Alaska that year and to the East coast the following year...good times!
  18. I had CAA when i first bought my MH. They wanted nearly double the money to cover the RV but the kicker was that they would tow the MH but not the trailer with my motorcycles. They said i would have to leave that trailer on the side of the road or hire another tow truck! I went with Good Sam because they said that they would send and pay for as many tow trucks as needed! They are not without problems though as i once needed a tow for my Freightliner and the operator looked for my truck on line and found a picture of an M2 Freightliner dump truck. She refused the tow till i demanded a supervisor!
  19. Just curious....why the door on the drivers side?
  20. More accurately sous vide means under vacuum rather than pressure. If you have a vacuum bagger(dosn't everybody ?) you put your steak in the bag along with any spices and vacuum seal the bag and drop it in the water and wait! I have seen a propane torch used to brown and carmalize the outside of the steak and make it look more appetizing.
  21. I did not write my post to be called a liar nor to be told i should stay on my side of the border! The lawyer who relayed the story is a family member and the "guilty" party was a client of his. I made my post to hopefully help forum members have a smoother border crossing going either way but instead got flamed by the trolls! WOW
  22. Well it could have been made up but it was told to me by my liar...er..lawyer cause he knew i was going south for the winter! The guilty person was also one of his clients and contacted him for help.😥
  23. Last year i was told a story about crossing from Canada into the US. A couple was traveling to their winter home in AZ when they stopped at the border crossing. After the normal questions the agent asked one last question....."what do you think of our president"! When the man replied with some not so flattering comments the agent returned their passports stamped, "inadmissable for five years"!!! That ment they could not go their AZ home for 5 years with no appeal! The border agents have more power than people think so keep answers short and to the point and opinions (good or bad)to yourself and you will breese through borders going either way.
  24. I agree that frivolus or stupid (i spilled hot coffee) should be stopped BUT this was not a frivolus or stupid lawsuit. Finally somebody has stood up to the manufactures shoddy work practices and lack of quality control. I had the misfortune to speak with a representive of a major manufacture about an issue and he admitted to me that he brought that very issue to a quality control meeting and was rebuked because was too much "work" to rectify the issue! If there were more successful lawsuits we would no doubt have better and safer RVs because it would be cheaper to do it right the first time!
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